The Perfect Bachelorette Party Weekend in Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg, Texas, is the ultimate spot for a bachelorette party weekend! It’s got a little bit of everything: cozy small-town vibes mixed with big-city excitement. You can explore the beautiful Texas Hill Country, sip on delicious wines at top-notch wineries, shop for cute stuff in unique stores, and chow down on amazing food at local restaurants.

And when the sun sets, the party doesn’t stop! Fredericksburg’s nightlife is buzzing with lively bars and cool music spots. Whether you’re chilling out or getting active, Fredericksburg has everything you need for a fantastic bachelorette bash full of fun and unforgettable memories!

So if you’re currently party planning for a bridal party, use this guide to help you have the perfect bachelorette weekend in Fredericksburg!

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Tips For Your Bachelorette Party in Fredericksburg Trip

Discover the 290 Wine Trail

While many travelers plan a trip to “Fredericksburg,” they may not realize that they are actually visiting several cities along the 290 wine trail. Starting from Johnson City and passing through Hye, Stonewall, and finally ending in Fredericksburg, this trail offers more than just the main destination.

Take the time to explore the surrounding areas too and get to know your surroundings a little bit.

A woman wearing a floral dress and straw hat

Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

The choice of accommodation can greatly impact your wine trip experience on your girls’ weekend. Opting for a stay in the heart of Fredericksburg or near the 290 wine trail provides convenient access to multiple wineries, saving travel time and allowing the whole group to visit more tasting rooms.

If you’re staying further out, consider selecting different wineries closer to your accommodation for your first or last stop. Additionally, check if your accommodation offers wine tour packages or partnerships with local wineries to enhance your experience.

Off-Season and Weekdays Are Ideal

To secure reservations and save money on this special occasion, consider visiting on weekdays instead of weekends. When exploring Fredericksburg, we love engaging with winemakers, learning from sommeliers, and discussing tasting notes.

Weekdays offer a more personalized experience as there are fewer crowds compared to weekends. Moreover, you can take advantage of lower prices for accommodations during weekdays.

A wooden pergola with a stone pathway underneath

Respect the Atmosphere

If you’re looking for a wild night, that’s great! However, it’s important to be considerate of others visiting Fredericksburg. While lively and vibrant environments like Fat Ass Winery may welcome louder and rowdier behavior, it’s best to maintain a quieter tone in smaller tasting rooms where people are seeking intimate conversations.

So, be sure to remind your party guests to keep it chilled. 

What To Do For Your Bachelorette Party

Felt Boutique and Hat Bar

At Felt Boutique and Hat Bar,  you can create your own custom hat. Their boutique and hat bar provide a wide range of high-quality felts and materials for you to choose from and help guide you through the process, helping you select the perfect style, shape, and color for your custom hat.

They have different packages so you can decide if you want a couple of additions or unlimited additions including feathers, flowers, gems, and custom branding.

A woman standing in front of a wall display of various hats

Brooke’s Bubble Bus

I’m pretty sure every girl goes to Fredericksburg for the winery tours and while we list some of our favorite wineries for a bachelorette trip below, we wanted to specifically highlight some great tours perfect for a girls trip. For the ultimate bachelorette party tour we love Brooke’s Bubble Bus.

A woman sitting in the back seat of a pink limousine.

They have a selection of pretty in pink limos and buses for all different sizes of groups with options where you can either rent our the whole tour bus/limo or pay a per person fee for a pre-chosen itinerary. Brooke’s is extremely popular so you want to plan out months ahead for a weekend trip although there tends to be more flexibility on weekdays.

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Absolute Charm Tours

Another tour we recommend is the Absolute Charm Tours where you can try their safari wine tour which includes a stop at Longneck Manor to see the giraffes before enjoying hitting up several other great Fredericksburg wineries. Click here to book your tour!

Enchanted Rock

If you’re looking for a little outdoor adventure, then we highly recommend Enchanted Rock for some hiking!  The pink granite rock formations date back 1.2 billion years and are a great spot for camping, picnicking, bird watching, and stargazing. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can even do the 4 hour summit hike or stick to something more manageable like hiking the Loop Trail which is only about two-thirds of a mile long.

Most people opt to hike to the top for amazing views all around. Just make sure to bring lots of water. It’s usually preferred to do this in cooler weather since the hike doesn’t offer any shade. It does also get packed so get there early and reserve your spot online so you don’t drive out far and miss out on the experience.

A woman with a backpack standing on a rocky hilltop

Das Peach Haus

At Das Peach Haus, cooking enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a delightful culinary experience. The cooking classes offered here provide a unique opportunity to learn from skilled chefs and explore the art of creating delicious dishes with fresh, local ingredients.  

You can also  unwind by the serene pond, enjoying the peaceful ambiance and taking in the beauty of nature.

Luckenbach or Bankersmith

Doing a little two-steppin is a favorite for people visiting Fredericksburg. While I think a country bar in Austin might be a little more welcoming, there are still some great spots. I’m not saying this to say a bachelorette group won’t be welcomed, but it’s less of a common occurence where you have people of all ages trying to enjoy music with a sometimes negative opinion of Fredericksburg.

All of this to say, be respectful and you will have a good time. Luckenbach or Bankersmith are both popular country dance spots with live music to enjoy.

A person in denim and a pink cowboy hat playing a large wooden guitar

Wildseed Farms

For a good girls photo spot, Wildseed Farms makes for a great spot mostly in the Spring and Summer. As the largest working wildflower farm you can see all sorts of beautiful blooms that change with whats in season. It’s a free spot to visit and enjoy the flowers.

A woman with curly hair wearing a straw hat

Windmill Meadow Farm

If you’re looking for a more interactive floral experience, Windmill Meadow Farm does a tour of the farm with a flower workshop so you can literally pick out the flowers you want right from the stem and then make something special.

A woman wearing a large straw hat stands among a field of tall red flowers

Bit & Bridle Stables

Bit & Bridle Stables is a great place to go horseback riding in Fredericksburg. They offer guided trail rides for all levels of experience, so whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced rider, you can enjoy the beautiful Hill Country scenery on horseback.

Fred Moped

Explore Fredericksburg in style with Fred Moped. This way you get to explore the charming backroads with your gal pals. They deliver it to your airbnb or hotel and don’t require a motorcycle license to drive.

Where To Eat For Your Bachelorette Party


Dining at Ottos is a fantastic option if you’re looking for an upscale dining option. They serve modern twists on German cuisine and source local quality meat. You can have different schnitzels, chicken paprikash, and even flammkuchen (a housemade flatbread). We’re also big fans of their brunch with a great selection of typical favorites and unique mixes.

Three pancakes with cream on top


When people talk about experiential fine dining in Fredericksburg, Vaudeville is what most often comes to their lips. Known for it’s cozy atmosphere, they are a great option for lunch or dinner where you can enjoy items like duck confit, braised akaushi beef, and wood-fired artisanal pizzas. They also have a prix-fixe menu available and required for groups of 6 or more.

Eaker BBQ

I know a girls trip is all about cute, but I’m also a big fan of ordering and sharing a sizeable plate of Texas bbq especially at Eaker BBQ. BBQ is better with big groups anyways because you get to try more.  Eaker BBQ is a well-deserved Texas monthly top 50 pick which part of why you know it’s so good. It’s a mix of Texas Korean fusion thanks to the duo couple Lance and Boo.

Here you get mesquite smoked meats served with a side of kimchi made my Boo’s mom who you might wandering around as it’s made fresh daily. In addition to the typical bbq favorites like moist brisket, and jalapeno cheese sausage, you can also get gochujang glazed pork ribs, kimchi fried rice, loread cucumber salad, creamed corn, mac n cheese. They even have Texas twinkies and beef bulgolgi on some days so make sure to check their socials.

Of course, dessert can’t be missed here either. We’re partial the boozy bourbon banana pudding but the peach cobbler is also a winner.