Jessica: I started blogging shortly after landing my first official 9-5. I wanted to travel the world, but soon realized I wasn’t able to hop on a plane every weekend and return home on Monday for work. I loved my job, so I started looking for weekend getaways close to home to help cure that travel bug. With so many amazing places in Texas and international influence, my husband and I quickly found our way to go sandsurfing in Monahans, visiting the Texas wine country, exploring the English gardens in Weatherford, and so much more! We posted on social media for fun like most people our age and soon our friends were asking all about our trips. They were so amazed at all there was to do in Texas. 

I realized there was a need for local travel resources and after some encouragement started MyCurlyAdventures. 

I poured over marketing podcasts and books, read every blog post on blogging I could, joined blogging Facebook groups, and went to blogging networking groups. I was obsessive in learning everything I possibly could. Fortunately, I had a background in photography thanks to interning under a wedding photographer in college as well as taking to college photography courses.

More about my journey.

Still, I continue to constantly learn. Part of it is pulling random nuggets of info from everywhere. Part of it is talking with other people and learning from them. No matter what, a lot of it is going to be trial and error. That’s because, in order to create a successful business you have to create something new or create a new spin on something that’s not there. 

If you want to get started blogging, we have many blog posts below to help you get started or join our course.

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I primarily shoot with a Sony A7iii, but you can read our full list of all the camera equipment we use and how

I cannot emphasize enough how honored I am that you are interested in learning from me! I appreciate your interest and desire to learn. You are taking initiative and that is amazing! I wish I had time for everyone who asked me and we get requests quite often. That is why I try my best to provide as many resources in our free blogging tips as well as our course that benefit our entire community. We will have official consultations available soon.

Until then, if you are still interested in a consultation, please feel free to reach out at jessica@mycurlyadventures.com. Consultation rates start at $200/hr based on need. If you ever run into me, feel free to ask questions! We sometimes host group events or just see people out and about and I’m more than happy to answer brief questions. If you send me a question on Instagram, I might not always be able to answer, but I often use them as inspiration to write new blog posts so that they help out our entire community. 

Our team will be hiring soon. We will primarily be looking for people with experience in social media marketing. However, if you think you have a valuable asset that would be great for our team please email mca@mycurlyadventures.com with your resume. If you are a college student who would like to intern, we do offer paid writing internships with opportunities to grow within the company. Please email your resume to blog@mycurlyadventures.com

My products for my curly hair are always changing and so is my routine. I find that what works for me sometimes doesn’t work 3 months later and some things that work for other people don’t work for me. That’s why instead of a routine that works for everyone, my biggest emphasis is finding the right hairstylist who can analyze your hair texture and determine the best method for you. 

 If you’re in Dallas, I highly recommend Erica at Cross Co Salon. It can be a bit of investment, but the way she looks at all curly hair types and accommodates her cuts and styling to their individuality makes all the difference. She also does curl coaching during the cut so you can leave confident and informed with the knowledge you need. 

If you don’t live in Dallas, my biggest suggestions are these. Find someone who:

  • Mostly specializes in curly hair 
  • Isn’t just deva curl certified, but also who is constantly getting new training (I love that Erica never stops her education, has multiple certifications, and learns from other curly hair experts)
  • Will teach how to maintain your curls
  • Someone who can be understanding of your financial situation. A cut and coach will be an investment, but a good stylist will also help you choose the right products for your budget. Of course higher end products produce better results, but that’s not to say that drugstore products aren’t still effective. 

We love and value small businesses! Anytime we can be a part, even a small part, of your success, we want to help support your dream that you’ve put so much work into. We tailor each project to match what is best for the business. Please email johanna@johannavoss.com and we will set something up! Projects based on timing and availability, but we try to accommodate supporting small businesses as best as we can! Please reference our work with me to see how we’ve helped other local businesses.