Top 16+ Kid Friendly Wineries in Fredericksburg

Welcome to the heart of Texas wine country, where our rolling vineyards are not just for adults to enjoy. In this blog, we’re going to explore some of the top kid-friendly wineries in Fredericksburg that ensure a wonderful time for all, making your family vacation a trip to remember.

Fredericksburg is home to some of the best wineries in the state, offering an array of experiences that cater to the entire family. With breathtaking landscapes, scrumptious wine tastings, and plenty of kid-friendly amenities, these wineries provide the perfect blend of adult sophistication and child-friendly fun.

Whether you’re here for a weekend getaway or an extended family vacation, these wineries promise a memorable journey through the unique flavors and exquisite beauty of Fredericksburg, Texas.

Kuhlman Cellars

Kuhlman Cellars is a great place for wine lovers visiting Fredericksburg, but they don’t allow kids and pets inside the wine tasting rooms. Don’t worry, though; they have a covered patio downstairs that’s just right for families and dogs.

It’s a nice, welcoming spot outdoors where you can try their top-notch wines and hang out with your family and pets. Despite the indoor restrictions, Kuhlman Cellars remains an enjoyable destination for the whole family, serving the highest quality wines.

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Barons Creek Vineyard

Next up on our list of kid friendly wineries is Barons Creek Vineyard. They’ve got lots of covered outdoor seating, which is great for families. If you love both red and white wines, you’re in luck because they have a balanced menu, and they even have a few sweet wines.

The best part? The backyard area is spacious, with plenty of covered seats. It’s a perfect spot for younger kids to hang out while the adults enjoy some wine.

Signor Vineyards

a bottle of wine next to a glass of wine

Signor Vineyards is another well-known Texas hill country spot. They welcome children on their expansive lawn, where parents can relax and enjoy a variety of wines served from their wine barn. It’s an ideal setup where kids can play and adults can unwind with a glass or bottle of wine. However, it’s important to note that access to certain areas of the property, including the tasting section, is reserved for adults only.

Additionally, moving forward, the vineyard has updated its policy—children and dogs on the property will be a privilege reserved for wine club members exclusively. This change ensures a serene environment for wine enthusiasts while still offering a welcoming and enjoyable experience for the whole family in designated areas.

Texas Wine Collective

A hand holding a glass of wine with the Hill Country in the background

The Texas Wine Collective is all about showcasing wines from all over Texas right here in Fredericksburg area wineries. The Collective is a joint venture between three different wineries, so there are a lot of different wines to try. No matter if you’re into red, white, dry, or sweet wines, you’ll find something you like.

The property is big, and both kids and pets are welcome. They also have different special events throughout the year, like live music and special tastings, so make sure to take a look at their event calendar when you plan your visit.

Fat Ass Ranch and Winery

For a unique and family-friendly winery experience, don’t miss Fat Ass Ranch and Winery in Fredericksburg. Known for its fun atmosphere and delicious wines, it’s a hit among visitors of all ages.

The winery prides itself on providing an entertaining and relaxed environment, ideal for families. Kids are welcome, and there’s plenty of outdoor space for them to play.

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Fiesta Winery

Fiesta Winery is another fantastic choice if you’re looking for kid-friendly wineries in Fredericksburg. The winery is known for its festive atmosphere, which draws in wine enthusiasts of all ages. It’s also very welcoming to families, and the kids will love their open space.

While kids enjoy the outdoors, adults can indulge in a variety of wines, from fruity whites to rich reds and everything in between. The winery’s warm, family-friendly vibe makes it an ideal spot when in Fredericksburg.

Das Peach Haus

Das Peach Haus is not just about wine; it’s a wonderful family destination in Fredericksburg. They’re known for their diverse wine selection, including delightful peach-infused varieties. But what truly sets it apart is the enchanting surroundings. You’ll find yourself surrounded by majestic conifer trees, creating a peaceful woodland atmosphere. Plus, there’s a pond on-site where kids can enjoy fishing.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Das Peach Haus also offers cooking classes and hosts live music. So while adults are sampling the Texas wines, the kids, and those young at heart, have plenty to keep them entertained.

Wedding Oak Winery

Don’t let the name fool you; Wedding Oak Winery isn’t just for weddings. Each of their locations is ideal for family outings. Known for their great hospitality, they ensure that both adults and kids have a fantastic time. The winery offers an assortment of wines for adults, while kids can enjoy exploring the outdoors.

At all of their locations, Wedding Oak Winery welcomes both children and leashed dogs as long as they are with their parents and don’t interfere with other guests’ enjoyment. With this family-friendly policy, Wedding Oak Winery promises a fun-filled day for all visitors, ensuring everyone can be part of the enjoyment.

William Chris Vineyard

a large container with grapes juice inside

William Chris Vineyards is another notable spot on our tour of kid-friendly wineries in Fredericksburg. They craft exquisite fine wines using grape juice sourced from across the state, providing a true taste of Texas in every bottle. The vineyard is known for a robust selection of reds, though it does offer a few exceptional whites as well. The grounds are spacious and welcoming, perfect for a family outing.

However, it’s important to note that they require reservations for tastings. When booking, William Chris Vineyards requests that you mention if kids will be part of your group. They do this to ensure they can tailor the tasting experience to suit everyone in your party, making it an enjoyable visit for all.

Pontotoc Vineyard

Pontotoc Vineyard is a family-run winery that’s located in one of the oldest buildings in Fredericksburg. The real gem is their outdoor wine garden, which is a great spot for parents to kick back and enjoy a glass of wine. Kids are more than welcome, and there’s plenty of space for them to play.

So, while you’re sipping on some delicious wines, the little ones can have fun too. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Becker Vineyards

a group of wine glasses on a table

Becker Vineyards is another family-friendly winery worth visiting in Fredericksburg. Kids are definitely welcome here. Just keep in mind that if you have young children, they need to be supervised at all times.

Additionally, please note that while kids are welcome, minors are not permitted to consume alcohol. While you savor the diverse range of wines they have to offer, parents can also appreciate the lovely vineyard surroundings, especially when the flower fields are in full bloom, adding a charming touch to your visit.

Rhinory Winery

Rhinory Winery is another great spot on our list of kid-friendly wineries in Fredericksburg. They definitely say ‘yes’ to kids! Children of all ages are welcome to visit the winery. However, they do have an age restriction for the special rhino experience—you have to be at least 12 years old to participate. Adults can have the opportunity to get up close and pet a rhino.

But don’t worry, there’s plenty for younger kids to enjoy while the older ones get up close with the rhinos.

Pedernales Cellars

Pedernales Cellars is also on our list of kid-friendly wineries in Fredericksburg. They welcome kids, but make sure they stay with their group at all times. The winery has a pretty laid-back vibe, so feel free to bring along lawn chairs or a blanket.

And don’t forget some outdoor toys to keep the little ones entertained. While the adults sip on some quality wines, the kids can have a blast in the beautiful outdoor surroundings of Pedernales Cellars.

Ab Astris Winery

Ab Astris is a family-run winery that loves having kids around. If you’re planning a visit, just make sure to include a headcount for the children when making your reservation, especially if you want them to have a seat.

They’re all for being a kid-friendly winery, but they also ask that parents keep a watchful eye on their children at all times. So, while you’re tasting the range of wines Ab Astris has to offer, your kids can enjoy the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Wildseed Farms Vineyards

a field of flowers with a tree in the background

Wildseed Farms Vineyards is another great spot for families visiting Fredericksburg. They have both indoor and outdoor seating areas, so you can choose what works best for your family.

While there isn’t a specific play area for kids, don’t worry; the nearby store sells ice cream and other treats that the little ones will love. So while you’re sipping on some of their fantastic wines, your kids will be happily munching away.

Grapetown Vineyards

Grapetown Vineyards is a real treat for families visiting Fredericksburg. They’ve made sure there’s something for everyone—a play area for both kids and adults and a game farm path that’s getting bigger all the time.

It’s a great place for everyone to have some active fun. Plus, every day they host a Grape Stomp that’s perfect for some fun photos. So while you’re enjoying their great wine selection, the rest of the family will have plenty to keep them entertained.

Kalasi Cellars

Kalasi Cellars is also a great place to visit with your family when you’re in Fredericksburg. They make sure kids feel welcome too. When you stop by with your little ones, they offer them an Indian mango juice box to enjoy. It’s a thoughtful touch that lets parents know their kids are just as welcome as they are.

However, it’s important to note Kalasi Cellars’ policy: the property is a working farm with heavy equipment and animals, so parents need to supervise their children at all times for safety. With this in mind, a visit to Kalasi Cellars is guaranteed fun for the whole family, with everyone’s wellbeing taken into careful consideration.

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Kid Friendly Wineries in Fredericksburg: Final Thoughts

Fredericksburg provides an unforgettable wine trail experience where the entire family can enjoy the journey. Parents can savor the flavors of some of Texas’s world-class wines while the little ones enjoy the wide open spaces, play areas, and more. This friendly trip through the heart of Texas wine country is not just about wine tasting; it’s about creating cherished memories with your family.

Our guide will take you through some of the best kid-friendly wineries in Fredericksburg, each offering a unique and welcoming environment. Beyond the wine, the breathtaking hill country views and engaging activities make each winery a destination in its own right. So next time you’re planning a family getaway, you can also check out our list of the best things to do in Fredericksburg.

kid friendly wineries in fredericksburg

kid friendly wineries in fredericksburg

kid friendly wineries in fredericksburg

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