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5 Day Ubud Itinerary

Ubud is one of the most popular destinations in Bali and it is easy to see why. It has a lot of local offerings while also serving the expat community. A lot of tours also start in Ubud and it’s a popular place to take day trips from. We spent some days local and other ...

Mara River Safari Lodge Review

After doing research on Bali, I kept coming across Mara River Safari lodge as a top place to stay. The main charm was that you had a room overlooking zebra, rhinos, ostriches, and other animals and admissions included entrance to the Bali Safari & Marine park. Basically you had activities and lodging in one! Mara River ...

Affordable Hotels in Bali- Hotels in Bali under $100

One things that is extremely exciting, and also extremely overwhelming, are the amount of affordable hotels in Bali! Living in luxury on a budget or staying somewhere unique is not hard. I honestly spent hours trying to find places that were unique, met my luxury fantasy dreams, and could be done for $100. Below are a list of places that are unique in their own way! Most of the hotels are in the Ubud area except for the first one.

Best Food To Try In Bali

While in Bali we were constantly surrounded by some of the best foods imaginable! We ate in small warungs and enjoyed extravagant meals (without the extravagant prices). Honestly, there are so many options for eating and it’s hard to say where specifically to go. However, I can share some of the dishes you have to ...

Things To Know Before Going to Bali

Before heading out for two weeks in Bali I thought I had read everything to be prepared for our trip! But there were still things to know before going to Bali that no one told me, such as what to dress, the truth about taxis, and things not to bring along.