60+ Best Things to Do & Places to Visit in Comfort TX

Nothing in America is cozier than Comfort, Texas – an idyllic small town nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. It was first settled by German emigrants in 1854 and today, its rich history and German heritage are still very much celebrated. However, this isn’t the only thing Comfort is known for.

Often called “Cozy in Comfort” by the locals due to its rustic Bavarian charm and cold weather, Comfort is a perfect go-to gateway for travelers seeking both relaxation and excitement. 

Whether you want to access various activities like shopping at antique stores, wine tastings, or planning a short (or long) getaway near San Antonio, Comfort provides all this and much more!

To help you out, we’ve curated a fantastic list of things to do and places to visit that will surely give you and your family a taste of its art, culture, and outdoor activities, whether you’re staying there for one day, one weekend, or one week!

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Table of Contents

Things to Do in Comfort TX

Catch a Live Show at Comfort Little Theater

Experience live entertainment at the Comfort Little Theater, a small, historic home that has been converted into a local venue.

Their annual spring show runs for four nights – from the last weekend in April through the first weekend in May. The cast and crew is entirely made up of volunteers and their performances are largely influenced by input from locals. As such, their shows focus on adult topics and humor.

If you aren’t able to make it to Comfort during this time, the theater itself is a unique photo op!

A unique exterior view of a little theater.

Learn About Knitting, Needlepoint, & More at the Tinsmith’s Wife

If you’re into needlecraft, The Tinsmith’s Wife is a paradise with multiple rooms filled with different items. It’s home to fine materials and supplies for crocheting, cross-stitching, and knitting. 

We even took their needlework classes and learned various embroidery stitches like Bullion Knot, Colonial Knot, and Ladder Stitch. 

Don’t forget to say hi to their cat ambassador as you learn stitching and enjoy a cup of tea.

Visit the Old Tunnel State Park

Curious to see a colony of bats? Visit the Old Tunnel State Park – the smallest state park in Texas with millions of bats May through October. 

Red state park signage

Bats roost in the tunnel during these months, and you can watch their nightly emergence for free from the upper viewing area. The lower viewing area is open Thursday to Sunday evenings for a $2 fee per person, regardless of age. 

Bats often come out after 7pm, but it depends on how they feel. Remember to arrive early, and if you have time, dine at Alamo Springs Café for a wonderful added treat. 

Along with bat-watching, you can picnic, bird-watch, hike, stargaze, and spot wildlife. The nature trail is open daily from sunrise to 5pm, and there’s no entrance fee!

Go Swimming at James Kiehl Natural Area

James Kiehl River Bend Park is a 25-acre park with diverse habitats, wildlife, and recreational activities. You can go fishing and kayaking in surrounding waters or picnic with your loved ones under shaded canopies. 

If you love hiking, there are multi-use trails, and you can swim freely at the James Kiehl Natural Area and other crossings for more aquatic adventures. 

It’s also great for birdwatching and even has a bat house!

James Kiehl River Bend Park

Take Pictures at Cartoon Saloon

Visit the quirky Cartoon Saloon, an unusual Texas roadside attraction that harks back to the Old West. 

Though it’s not a working saloon, it offers unique photo opportunities and an art gallery of cowboy cartoonist artwork. There’s even a beer fridge where you can snag a cold one (for a cash donation). If you’re lucky, you may even catch an impromptu live performance!

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Visit Magnolia Gasoline Company

Explore the charming Magnolia Gasoline Company building on Avenue A & Highway Business 87. While it’s currently for sale, it’s still worth a visit to admire the vintage gas pumps and nostalgic atmosphere.

Vintage gas pumps.

Create Art at Studio Comfort Texas

Discover a unique art experience in Comfort at Studio Comfort Texas. This local art studio downtown features contemporary Texas art and offers special events such as Wisdom Wednesdays, a three-month class on intuitive teachings. 

They provide regular classes that go beyond traditional art galleries to enhance your life. You can explore curated art, take encaustic painting classes, and find the perfect gifts or souvenirs to take home. 

Get ready for a warm welcome when you visit this all-encompassing art studio with professional artists and high-quality art.

Get Your Favorite Chocolate from Alley On High

Alley on High is a charming, local, woman-led gift shop that offers chocolates, apparel, faith souvenirs, and sweet treats. 

Wall full of jam displays.

You can also find honey, jams, bath products, and a delightful selection of gourmet foods. Their chocolate is sourced from Sweet Shop USA in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

Visit Marquardt Garage

Located near Sister Creek Vineyard, Marquardt Garage is a former auto repair shop that closed in 2019, with a history dating all the way back to 1942! Now, it’s a really cool, rustic photo op.

Vintage auto repair shop from 1942

See the Hygieostatic Bat Roost

The Hygieostatic Bat Roost is a shingle-style structure built in Comfort in 1918, standing over 30 feet tall. Its purpose was to attract and house bats as a means to combat the spread of malaria by reducing the mosquito population.

This structure is the only one of 16 built across the country that still remains, but you can still watch a colony of bats take flight from it at dusk!

Visit Hill Country Pottery 

In the quaint, picturesque town of Comfort, Hill Country Pottery provides an art gallery and studio in a beautifully restored historic barn from West Texas.

Their collection includes pottery by Brian Burckhardt and regional artists, including sculptors and painters. The use of local cedar ash creates a unique glaze.

Hill Country Pottery prioritizes environmental stewardship with a rainwater collection system and locally sourced clay to reduce their carbon footprint.

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Where to Eat in Comfort TX

Flamingo Street Gourmet Fusion Cuisine

If fine dining and good food are what you crave, we recommend Flamingo Street Gourmet Fusion Cuisine. From mouthwatering stuffed mushrooms and juicy steak to classic burgers and pasta, you can easily satisfy your taste buds. 

Not to mention, the restaurant’s cute tropical interior complements the fusion cuisine for a memorable dining experience. It’s a great place to dine in Comfort’s downtown area!

Toucan Jim’s                                         

Take a short scenic drive to Center Point and visit Toucan Jim’s – a colorful beach bar-inspired spot with funky signs and vibrant island-themed tables. 

It offers a nice selection of contemporary art, live music, and a great atmosphere, for a memorable dining experience.