Where to Stay in Dallas TX: The Hilton Anatole

We recently had the pleasure of staying at the luxurious Hilton Anatole (click here to book) in Dallas, Texas. For us, we were so excited to experience JadeWaters, a waterpark complete with a lazy river and even an adult-centered area with a swim-up bar! Of course, it was also the perfect opportunity to dine at the top-notch restaurant, SĒR Steak + Spirits, with breathtaking views of the Dallas skyline.

While here, don’t forget to discover all of the fun things to do in Dallas. 

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The Art at the Hilton Anatole

Stepping into the Hilton Anatole feels like entering an art gallery. The hotel proudly showcases over a thousand rare and fascinating art pieces collected by Trammell and Margaret Crow. It’s something so unexpected and you could spend hours learning about everything here.

One of the most unique pieces has to be a living piece of history, a real portion (not a replica) of the Berlin Wall.

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The Downstairs Café

I spent many mornings at the hotel’s delightful café, serving delicious Starbucks coffee and a delectable array of warm breakfast and lunch options. The convenient grab-and-go selection, featuring snacks, drinks, and even alcoholic beverages, ensures you’re always well-satisfied during your stay.

The JadeWaters Resort Pool Complex

The highlight of our stay was undoubtedly JadeWaters, a waterpark on-site at the Hilton Anatole. It offers an array of thrilling water attractions and activities for all ages.

The centerpiece is the 630-foot lazy river, where guests can relax on tubes and float leisurely past cascading waterfalls, sculptures, and lush landscaping.

For those seeking a dose of excitement, JadeWaters offers two, 180-foot waterslides that promise exhilarating rides and adrenaline-pumping fun. 

Families will love the dedicated kids’ splash and play area, where little ones can stay cool and engage in water games, like water basketball, an extra element of fun for both kids and adults.

The waterpark also features a separate swim-up bar, geared towards the adults, allowing you to cool off with a refreshing beverage while still enjoying the water. There’s a hot tub in this area as well as lounging chairs directly in the water for catching all that sun. There’s also a lot of cute daybeds and seating to enjoy for an additional charge.

Overall, you can tell that JadeWaters is geared towards the kids and any family will have a blast. However, we enjoyed the lazy river (with the occasional splash or two from kids) and the general area as two adults.

It’s up to your preference but we found peace on the water (weekends and packed days can impact this). It helped that there was an area geared towards adults to balance out the experience.

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Kid’s Activities

During the summer, there are so many kid centric activities, including movies under the stars, foam & bubble parties, face painting, kid’s crafts, root beer floats, bounce castles, and more. 

Dining at SĒR Steak + Spirits

While staying here, it’s a great time to take advantage of dining at SĒR, an exquisite restaurant located on the 27th floor of the Hilton Anatole.

However, you can visit SĒR even if you’re not staying at the hotel. With its breathtaking views of the Dallas skyline, it sets the stage for a romantic date night or a memorable celebration. The ambiance is elegant and refined, offering an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere.

SĒR is known for its exceptional cuisine, prepared with the utmost attention to detail. The menu showcases a variety of dishes that celebrate the finest ingredients. Indulge in their renowned tomahawk steak sourced from a Texas ranch, savor locally sourced pasta, and explore an array of tantalizing side dishes.

End the evening on a sweet note with a tableside flambé dessert, masterfully crafted by Chef Cristof, a renowned French chocolatier. 

The emphasis on making the dining experience special at SĒR is incredible! If you have special requests (caviar, a particular cocktail or bottle of wine, a certain preference for something, practically anything), as long as you give them enough time, they can provide it!

What We Ate

We savored an array of delectable dishes including the tomahawk steak, their Campanella Mac and Cheese made with locally sourced pasta, and flavorful sides like broccolini with Spanish romesco and mushrooms with a black garlic demi-glace.

To accompany our meal, we indulged in expertly crafted cocktails such as the refreshing Day Dream, the featured Black Cadillac Margarita, and the sophisticated Mayahuel, named after the Aztec goddess of agave. The culinary journey at SĒR was a true delight for the senses.

One of the highlights of dining at SĒR is the opportunity to enjoy dinner and a show with endless cityscapes. The restaurant’s location on the top floor of the Hilton Anatole allows guests to witness stunning sunsets and the sparkling city lights of Dallas at night while savoring their meal.

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The Rooms at the Hilton Anatole

The rooms feature subtle Asian-inspired decor, with pops of vibrant orange adding a touch of character. With the abundance of exciting activities and amenities on-site, you’ll likely find yourself spending more time exploring the hotel’s offerings than staying in your room.

The Hilton Anatole: Final Thoughts

For me, the Hilton Anatole (click here to book) is an all-in-one resort that really has a little bit of everything! You’ve got some of the best dining, multiple swimming options, world class art, and a relaxing spa with a sauna and steam room.

This hotel works well for families or couples wanting a romantic getaway. While the rooms weren’t as exciting, I found them comfortable enough and spent most of my time outside of the room anyways. While there’s not really a reason to leave the hotel because it has so much to offer, I recommend checking out our list of over 150 things to do in Dallas. 

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