50+ Best Places to Take Pictures in Dallas Texas

Whether you’re trying to take prom pictures, cute couples pictures, engagement photos, family portraits, wedding portraits, quinceañeras photos, or something else, there are so many great places to take pictures in Dallas. The great thing is that most of these are also free! We, of course, made sure to share how you can take the best rooftop pictures for a view of Downtown Dallas.

While you’re taking pictures, don’t forget to also check out some of the best things to do in Dallas. Some of these places are places of business, so if you plan on taking something more than some iPhone pictures, make sure to contact them about their photo policies, and of course, be sure to purchase something.

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What qualities make a location in Dallas Photo-worthy?

Ever wondered what makes a spot in Dallas photo-worthy? It’s not just about the aesthetics (though, Dallas has plenty of that!). It’s about capturing the essence, the vibe, and the soul of this stunning city, Dallas is a canvas painted with bold murals, eccentric art installations, and colorful districts.

From Deep Ellum’s street vibes to the sophistication of the Arts District, capturing Dallas’s cultural richness is key. Show the world that Dallas’s heart beats in its diverse and dynamic communities.

Best Places to Take Pictures in Dallas

White Rock Lake

Especially at sunset, you’ll be able to take some amazing pictures at this great spot in Dallas! You’ll have sailboats in the background, pretty places for picnics, open spaces, and flowers with lush greenery in the spring. Because of how expansive it is, there’s plenty of space for people all around to take pictures. You may want to scout ahead of time since there are miles of trails. My favorite is this little spot with a dock that goes out to the water.

Dallas Truckyard

While you’ll probably have to ask for permission to take more professional photos or do an actual photo shoot, the Dallas Truckyard is great for casual photos. Outside, they have so many fun spots for a picture, including funny signs, a helicopter, and cool backdrops. The inside is even more fun!

A woamn in winter coatenjoying the snow with a truck yard on the background


Teddy Bear Statues in Lakeside Park

Not only is the lake beautiful, but you also get these cute teddy bears that happen to be one of my favorite spots in Dallas for pictures. It’s a little tucked away and along the bridge and water, it’s a popular spot for prom pictures, quinceañeras, wedding photos, and more! You may be sharing your space with other photographers so make sure to be respectful.

A woman mocking a giant teddy bear statue

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Frontiers of Flight Museum

This Frontiers of Flight Museum itself is cute, but there’s a fun gem that we think makes perfect for pictures. Right outside of the museum, you’ll find this cool plane that will make people think you managed to sneak onto one at the airport.

Dallas Design District

There are so many fun photo opps here with cool interactive murals! There’s a huge tire swing, a car sticking out of the ground, and fun paintings. Head to 1313 Riverfront Boulevard for these Dallas photos.

A woman on a toy pony ride eating burger

XOXO Dining

Whenever we drive past this Dallas restaurant, there are always people taking photos! It’s just so fun with the pink walls and the perfect place to get an insta-worthy snap.

A woman in jeans and black top and a handy bag happily making a pose on an pink building

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Crape Myrtle Trails of Mckinney

From late spring to summer, this park is filled with beautiful, pink crape myrtles perfect for a photo session! This all depends on the year and the season, but if you can time your photoshoot perfectly, you’re more than certain to get some incredible pictures!

A woman in blue stripe jump suit enjoying the colorfull flowers in bloom

The Theatre at Lakewood

The shopping center is fun, and what’s also great is they have this beautiful theater that makes for fun photos. The interplay of light and shadow, the intricate designs, and the sophisticated ambiance create a picture-perfect setting for any photo enthusiast.

Downtown McKinney

McKinney is such a cute town and the downtown square has so many photo opportunities. The downtown charm makes for a popular spot for couples photos!

A lovely couple enjoying a stroll on a downtown area.

Picole Pops

This popsicle spot in Bishop Arts is so great for photos! The colors are fun, and the pops make for good props. Plus, they have giant popsicles for fun photos. Of course, make sure to support the busienss and buy a popsicle if you plan on shooting here!

A woman outside a popsicle store

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Prairie Creek Park

This cute Plano park has this waterfall and is a popular spot for photographers! We always see quinceañeras, prom, and wedding photos here! Sunset is the best, but also when you’ll find a large group of people here. Make sure to be respectful and share the space with everyone around.

A woman in pink leggings taking a hike on a waterfalls

Adriatica Village

Inspired by a Croatian village, this is a beautiful photo spot that makes you think you’re far away while only being in Mckinney TX. With a little wedding chapel nearby, it’s no wonder so many people take beautiful prom, quinceañeras, and wedding pictures here. Luckily, it’s pretty spread out so it doesn’t get quite as packed as other places do even when there are a lot of photographers about.

A woman in purple blue dress strolling on a river bank with a church on the backround

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Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

This spot is pretty any time of year, but I especially love it in the spring when you get these beautiful pictures depending on what wildflowers are blooming. There’s lots of hiking trails with beautiful greenery and a little creek that runs by.

A beautiful woman in yellow top enjoying a field on yellow wild flowers

Harwood Arms Dallas

Outside of this restaurant, you’ll get super cute pictures with the flowers all around. Since it is a restaurant, try to go before it opens so you are not disturbing anyone.

Harwood Arms Dallas

Davis Street Espresso

Next to the coffee shop there is this cool bus that you can go in! It’s such a popular spot for photos so you may encounter other people here! This iconic bus adds a touch of nostalgia and character to your pictures.

A woman inside a vintage bus.


Enter a botanical wonderland at Ruibal’s with its colorful array of plants, flowers, and unique garden decor. This plant shop in Dallas right next to the Dallas Farmers market is so picture perfect, and you even get a pretty good Dallas skyline photo in some spots.

A woman in maxi dress strolling on a farmers market

Deep Ellum

If you want all the murals your heart can desire, head to Deep Ellum. You can take so many different photos. This place truly is the photographers dream and you will find so many people going around and taking fun photos!

A woman in black pants and shirt standing infront of a mural

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Winspear Opera House

I think this photo shares why this is a great Dallas photo area. You get the beautiful opera house in the background. While the water is not there, it is still a fun place to check out and since it’s in the Dallas Arts District you will get lots of great photos.

A lovely couple hugging each other

Selena Mural

Right next to Xaman cafe is this beautiful Selena mural! It’s the perfect spot for photo ops. Strike a pose, channel your inner Selena, and let the mural’s energy inspire your photography creativity.

Selena mural

Highland Park Village

I love Highland Park Village because of all the greenery and also the Moroccan spots, like these stairs. This historic shopping center’s stunning architecture, and upscale boutiques create a sophisticated backdrop for capturing beautiful photos. Pose next to the pretty fountain surrounded by flowers just outside of the building.