Where to Eat in Waco TX This Weekend

Waco is filled to the brim with culture, art, and outdoor wonders, making it the perfect place for a getaway this weekend. While visiting the Heart of Texas, you’ll find a variety of amazing eateries and dining establishments that will leave you wanting more. If you’re overwhelmed with all the intriguing options to choose from, we’ve curated a list of where to eat in Waco to provide some guidance and recommendations. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to tackle every restaurant on our list of where to eat this weekend; there is so much to do in Waco anyway that you’ll have to come back again to this up-and-coming town in Central Texas.

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Where to Eat in Waco for Authentic Jamaican Food

We added an early dinner to our list of where to eat in Waco and we can’t recommend TruJamaica enough! TruJamaica is a Jamaican restaurant serving authentic flavors from the island. Jamaican music livens the restaurant and gives guests a true feel for the island paradise. Murals and art from Jamaica adorn the walls, including some made by the owner’s very own uncle. By the bathroom, there’s a wall listing unique facts about Jamaica and its beautiful history and culture. There’s also a cool Texas-shaped mirror, perfect for selfies to help you capture the moment.

Yellow painted Tru Jamaican Restaurant

The food at TruJamaica was absolutely mouthwatering! The menu looked so good, we just had to try out a couple of different options. The Curry Goat was moist and tender, with a texture similar to your favorite brisket. It was well seasoned with a little kick. The Jerk Chicken was just as tender, with skin so thin, we didn’t even need to take it off. There were 16 different spices, including Scotch Bonnet Pepper, and a Jerk BBQ sauce made from scratch. It was sweet, also with a small kick that made it so flavorful. If you love sauce like me, I was happy to see there was plenty of extra glaze that I mixed into my rice.

Make sure to also order their Coco Bread, made with coconut butter sugar. Its sweetness was reminiscent of a Hawaiian roll. Get it with a beef patty and make a sandwich using the Coco Bread. We loved the crunch of the outside of the beef patty and how it was followed by the soft and slightly spicy interior. All in all, the food was so incredible, it felt like we were being transported to the beaches of Jamaica.

Where to Eat in Waco for Diner-Style Southern Food

The first stop on our list of great places to eat in Waco was Jake’s Texas Tea House. This retro diner brings a whole new look to Southern cuisine. When you first hear the words “tea house,” a diner probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. In the 1960’s, the term “Texas Tea” became a popular term to describe crude oil. Since the theme of Jake’s Texas Tea House revolves around cars and gas stations, the name is fitting. The restaurant is also filled with vintage decor and antiques that will take you back to the 1950s. The whole place is bright and colorful, giving off a fun and laid-back vibe, reminiscent of simpler times. Old school signs and car parts are scattered throughout the restaurant, making for the perfect photo op or the automotive lover in your travel group. 

The diner serves classic Southern meals made from scratch. With hearty burgers, steaks, and sandwiches, the menu really gives you the best spread of traditional American cuisine. The Hubcap Burgers come with several options, all absolutely delicious and mouthwatering. I tried the Cadillac Melt, and I can guarantee that it will take you for the culinary ride of your life. The Pepper Jack cheese, bacon, and onions made for the perfect combination and the jalapeños and poblanos gave it an extra kick of flavor. To top it off, it’s served on grilled jalapeño bread! They also have a wide range of desserts baked fresh daily.

On the first Saturday of the month, the coolest Elvis impersonator pays a visit and gives the most amazing performance. On second Saturdays, Marilyn Monroe puts on a show to complement the 50’s vibes. 

Where to Eat in Waco for Breakfast & Board Games

Delve into the universe of one of your favorite games at Butter My Biscuit. The cafe is incorporated into King’s Landing, a game store filled with board games, themed merchandise, and decor from all sorts of video games and items from your favorite pop culture franchises, including Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Pokémon. You’ll also notice they have retro games, collectibles, and RPG games like Overwatch.

Pinball Machines With Pacman Neon Lights on the wall

Some of their menu items are themed and based on fan favorites, like Princess Zelda and PacMan, and their coffee menu is just as fun! Try themed drinks like the Princess Zelda, a mocha and lavender latte, or a Coffee Sunrise. Made with orange juice and espresso, I was definitely intrigued by the Coffee Sunrise. Drink it while it’s still layered, your first few sips will consist of mostly orange juice with a little bit of a nutty flavor. Mix it up and the nutty flavor of the espresso becomes more distributed, and you’ll end up feeling like you’re drinking an iced latte with a hint of orange. Then, take home their unique coffee blends, made in partnership with Bridge City Waco, to remember your weekend trip!

Lee’s Breakfast Tacos and the Biscuit French Toast

We tried the Lee’s Breakfast Tacos and the Biscuit French Toast, made to taste just like banana pudding! It was hearty and appetizing, making for the perfect breakfast to start off our long day. For those arriving later in the day, they also have an evening menu with equally delicious options. Butter My Biscuit hosts fun game nights and tournaments in the backroom throughout the week, but the room is also available if you just want to hang out and play games with your friends and family. Indulge in some Pac-Man and try your hand at beating the high score.

@mycurlyadventures Biscuits and board games end up being the perfect combo with a little bit of Harry Potter theme ?? #texas ♬ Fame – Irene Cara

Where to Eat in Waco for Lunch with Afternoon Tea

Serving some of the best comfort food in Texas, Sironia Cafe is a charming eatery with an atmosphere that’ll remind you of home. Surrounded by a plethora of cute boutiques, the cafe is the perfect place to spend a day of eating and shopping. All items on the menu are made from scratch daily on location, showcasing the best flavors in Waco.

Serving great house specials like hamburger steak and quiche, as well as a variety of burgers and sandwiches, Sironia Cafe takes comfort food to a whole new level. They have three different trio options: the Pick Three Trio, the Uptown Trio, and the Sironia Trio. The Sironia Trio came with a cup of soup, a croissant sandwich, and spinach salad. For my sandwich, I chose the homemade chicken and wasn’t disappointed. It was savory and delicious!

After you’ve finished your meal, you have to order their dessert. From delectable triple layered cakes to meringue pies, the menu is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. I recommend ordering their famous strawberry cake. It’s a simple dish, but the richness and attention to detail in the preparation made it so delicious. It’s the cafe’s top selling dessert for a reason, after all.

Where to Eat in Waco for Homemade Ice Cream

Another fantastic dessert option is Heritage Creamery! Everything is local at this ice cream parlor, including their in-house made ice cream, cones, and jams. The shop has so many flavors to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one. I tried out the Sweet Cream Stracciatella and I can’t recommend it enough! It was sweet and creamy in all the right ways, melting right away in my mouth. The ice cream here is perfect for hot days and nights, or to satisfy a craving. You can also buy pints and ice cream flights with multiple different flavors. Monday through Friday, they have Happy Hour from 2pm to 5pm, where all ice cream is 50 cents off!

Where to Eat in Waco for Cowboy Coffee

Common Grounds is an easygoing coffee shop that doubles as a live music venue. The shop is very welcoming and has some of the best coffee in town! Their Cowboy Coffee is a collection of drinks made from their secret sauce, which is sweet and perfectly caffeinated. We tried out their original “Cowboy Coffee,” which came with the secret sauce, drip coffee, and whole milk. It was just the right amount of sweet and served as the perfect start for our busy day ahead. Common Grounds also has a wide selection of house coffees, traditional espressos, and unique house specialties to try.

You’ll find charming rustic decor and an ideal space for working or hanging out. They have an open outdoor area with a beautiful canopy of trees overhead. They regularly have local and national talent come to perform on their concert stage, so check out their website to see who’s coming to town so you can be sure to add Common Grounds to your list of where to eat in Waco this weekend.

Where to Eat in Waco for Award-Winning Barbecue

It’s not a true Texas trip if you don’t have at least one BBQ joint on your list of where to eat. Helberg BBQ is hands down one of the best places to eat in Waco, so we had to include it on this list. From the moment you enter the restaurant, you can smell the smoking meat. There are shaded picnic tables all around, giving off a great, bona fide Texas barbeque vibe.

Steak and Sausage

We had a meal filled with Cauliflower Steak, Banana Pudding, Mac and Cheese, a corn salad, and Brisket. The brisket was moist with a thick, peppery crust, and it melted right in our mouths. The mac and cheese was so creamy and the corn salad had a kick with a creaminess to it without it being too heavy. We also tried their beef sausage, which was so soft and very flavorful. Overall, the food was fantastic and definitely worth the possible wait.

Corn salad, bread pudding, mac and cheese, and cauliflower steak from Helberg BBQ

Where to Eat in Waco for Bubble Tea

1102 Bubble Tea is the cutest boba spot in town! Whether you’re on the lookout for some good bubble tea or yummy pastries, 1102 Bubble Tea is the place to be. The cafe is decorated with cute pieces that make the place extremely welcoming. There’s a lot of greenery inside that livens up the space, creating the perfect backdrop for your selfies.

They have a menu filled with a variety of different bubble tea and coffee flavors, including organic and caffeine free options. I tried the Lavender Milk Tea and loved that I got to choose the sugar level to make the drink just right for me. I was really impressed by how well the lavender mixed with the tea, creating the perfect balance of flavors. 1102 Bubble Tea also serves desserts like ice cream, flan, and macaroons, along with a menu of small eats. The Chicken Dumplings and Crunchy Crab Meat paired well with our bubble tea and made for a great afternoon snack.

Where to Eat in Waco for Crazy Good Cookies

If you’re like me and love a good dessert, you have to check out Milk Bottle Cookies. Serving some of the best cookies that Waco has to offer, they come in a variety of flavors like Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate Chip. The cookies are absolutely scrumptious, with a slight crunch on the outside and a soft center. We tried out several different options and were impressed by them all, especially the unique flavors like Banana Cream Pie and Citrus. They also serve coffee and bottled milk, which pair great with their cookies! If you happen to have Balcones Distilling on your list of things to do in Waco, it’s right across the street!

Where to Eat in Waco for “Czexan” Food

Pivovar is a Czech inspired hotel with a full-service restaurant that you have to add to your list of where to eat in Waco, with Czech and Texas-inspired dishes. We ordered their Czech Fried Cheese, Pivovar Truffled Gnocchi, and the Czexan Schnitzel. I love to order schnitzel when it shows up on a menu, so I have to say, it was one of the best I’ve had! The seasoning was spot on, and it was as crisp as it was moist.

The interior of the restaurant, as well as the entirety of the hotel, are filled with nods to Czech culture and Pilsner Lager’s conception and roots. Most unique of all, the hotel offers Beer Spa treats and massages, even if you aren’t a guest of the hotel. Read our review of the Pivovar Hotel, then call to book a room or spa experience of your own!

@mycurlyadventures ?Who knew beer could be so good for you!? One of the coolest spa experience we’ve had in Texas #texas ♬ Feel No Ways – Drake

Where to Eat in Waco for Czech Pastries

The Pivovar’s on-site bakery serves authentic Czech delights and treats. From breads to pastries, the bakery has a variety of tasty items to choose from. It wouldn’t be a proper Czech stop if you didn’t try a kolache! They have options with meat or fruit. I tried one of both and was amazed at how delicious they were. You can expect their bread to be baked fresh daily and prepared in accordance with traditional European recipes for an authentic and memorable bakery experience.

Where to Eat in Waco for Coffee & Cocktails on a Rooftop

Another great coffee joint in the Waco area is Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits. It has a chic, modern vibe mixed with vintage touches. The establishment screams sophistication while still maintaining a fun atmosphere, making it a great place to relax, day or night. Local art lines the walls, showcasing some of the best talent in the area. There is also rooftop seating where you can enjoy cocktails with an amazing view of the city courthouse and downtown Waco.

Bar Area

The menu is filled with a wide variety of coffee and cocktail options that you’re sure to enjoy. I tried out the 1885, an iced drink made with Waco’s favorite, Dr. Pepper, and espresso. Ask for it “animal style” and your barista will add vanilla and half and half. It’s definitely something that you have to try, as it was such a unique combination, working wonders on my tastebuds. I also ordered a Bluebonnet Latte, with a balance of bitter and sweet.

Where to Eat in Waco for Phenomenal Fusion

If you’re looking for a place with a variety of options, you have to try out Union Hall. Union Hall is filled with over 20 eateries and an abundance of different foods to try, so you’ll absolutely find something for everyone. The Union Hall brings a sense of community into their establishment, showcasing the best of what Waco has to offer.

 Louisiana wings, Kebab Sticks and Blue Shake drink with Blue whipped cream

We tried out a variety of different things, starting with Cambodian food at Blasian Asian. They serve traditional food with a twist, making this fusion absolutely delicious. We also tried the Churro Latte from Be Kind, a cute coffee shop serving all kinds of unique flavored drinks. At King’s Wings, we got the Louisiana wings, which were served medium hot with fries. We closed out our meal with an elaborate and delicious Purple People Eater Shake from Unshakeable. Everything was so good! We can’t wait to go back to eat at the other vendors we didn’t get a chance to try.

Where to Eat in Waco for Farm-to-Table Southern Food

Straight from the farm to your table, Milo All Day serves amazing Southern fare made entirely from scratch. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the restaurant is adorned with plants, rope wrapped chairs, a beautiful bar with a blue tile backsplash, and aeronautically themed bar stools. There’s even a spacious outdoor patio!

Our server recommended we try the Red Snapper, which proved to be an excellent choice. It was prepared to perfection and was absolutely delectable! We also tried the Elote Corn Ribs, slices of corn with Cotija cheese and ancho aioli. The corn comes on the cob, but it’s not hard to eat at all. You can choose to eat the kernels off the cob or eat the “ribs” whole. The menu also comes with all sorts of spirits, wines, beers, and cocktails to enjoy with your meal, making for a great lunch or dinner out on the town.

Where to Eat in Waco for Chocolates & Small-Batch Ice Cream

At Splendid Oaks Chocolate and Ice Cream, the desserts are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. The dessert shop opened in the fall of 2020, home to an artisan chocolatier who makes their chocolates by hand and in small batches with the finest ingredients. There are so many different and unique chocolates to choose from, so it can make the decision a bit overwhelming. That’s why we got a variety box where we could choose several we wanted to try. Choose from different box sizes and make sure to see if they have any off-menu flavors available for you to try.

Splendid Oaks also sells Graeter’s ice cream, which has a 150-year-old history, making it the oldest family owned and operated ice cream producer in America. The ice cream is crafted in small, 2-gallon batches, making it some of the best ice cream you’ll ever have. You can also order an ice cream flight that comes with 8 different flavors, or a delicious milkshake.

Where to Eat in Waco for Food from Joanna Gaines Herself

Magnolia Table is a Waco staple that you have to add to your list of where to eat this weekend. With a menu based on Joanna Gaines’ recipes, the restaurant also serves specials directly out of her cookbook. From all-day breakfast to amazing brunch and lunch options, Magnolia Table serves a variety of Southern cuisine that are truly the heart of Waco. The meat used at the restaurant is from 44 Farms, a local farm that raises free range pasture cows, making for some of the best meals you’ll ever have. The restaurant is a modern and rustic fusion, with plants and farm style tables adorning the establishment. There’s a beautiful outdoor patio with vines growing within the walls of the covered area, as well as uncovered seating options.

Magnolia Table doesn’t serve alcohol, but their coffee is amazing. They use Press Coffee, a small batch, coffee roastery. If you are seated across from the bar, you can watch as the baristas make fresh coffee drinks. The food is fantastic, especially the biscuits. They were so fluffy and airy and weren’t too thick or too dry. They fell apart easily, attesting to just how good they are. We ordered the French Toast Crunch, served with whipped cream and strawberries covered with a homemade caramel cornflake crunch. Trust me, it tasted even better than it sounds, if that’s possible. Don’t waste any of the butter from the biscuits either! I recommend adding it to the French Toast Crunch for an extra treat.

Where to Eat in Waco for Literature & Literary Coffees

This coffee shop doubles as a bookshop. Their menu consists of your usual coffee drinks and teas, as well as literary-inspired drinks, like the Muggle Mocha. We were surprised when the barista handed it to us with a lightning bolt made with chocolate butterscotch powder on top!

The walls are lined with books of all kinds, covering topics like cooking, home design, fiction, non-fiction, and more! You’ll notice some of the books have notes from the staff about what they thought of the book, so you have a hard time choosing, this is a great way to receive guidance from well-versed readers. There’s also a puzzle table, chess, window seating with natural sunlight, plants, plus comfy chairs, a dim study nook, and even a kid’s room where they host story time on Wednesdays at 10:30am.

Comfy leather couch surrounded by green plants and shelves of books at Fabled Coffee

Where to Eat in Waco for Serenity & Coffee Syrups from Scratch

On-site at Homestead Heritage, Heritage Coffee serves your favorite espresso and coffee drinks made with syrups made from scratch, plus unique drinks like the Dutch Delight, a maple pecan breve cappuccino with a warm stroopwafel, as well as seasonal drinks like the Heirloom, a strawberry cortado with a piece of dark chocolate. Their affogatos are even made with homemade vanilla ice cream! Not one for coffee? Order a match, an earl grey tea, or a chai.

Coffee Shop Bar Area

You’ll be amazed at all of the windows and natural light. There are beautiful wood beams and unique chandeliers overhead. There’s a variety of seating, from tables and booths to couches and outdoor picnic tables under the shade of a big tree.

Where to Eat in Waco TX This Weekend: Final Thoughts

Filled with a mix of up-and-coming thrills and historical destinations, Waco should be one of your top destinations on your next Texas trip, if not for its things to do, but for its restaurants and coffee shops alone. This weekend perhaps? From traditional Southern fare to international cuisine and hip dessert joints, the list of where to eat in Waco is extensive with so many exquisite places to try. If you’re on the lookout for the best places to eat in Waco, our list, along with our list of things to do in Waco, has gotcha covered!

Chicken Wings with Fries on the sides
Jerk Chicken with Plantains, Veggies and Rice on the side
Assorted Mini Ice Creams
Tenderloin with Baby Potatoes and Onion Rings on the side