Where to Donate Clothing & More in Dallas Fort Worth

In the New Year, and with spring cleaning season upon us, consider donating your gently-used items to charity. The next question is: Where can I donate clothes and other items in Dallas that will make a real difference? Our comprehensive guide answers just that, highlighting where to donate your gently-used clothes, small household items, and more in DFW! 

Charities often have specific needs. We’ve included a curated list of acceptable items, along with relevant links and their locations, to make your donations count. Your contributions could directly help an individual in need within the Dallas community, free of charge, or they might be sold to support a great cause, with all proceeds reinvested into the non-profit and its mission.

Whether you’re motivated to support a local cause or you’re seeking an organization that’s addressing a societal issue you’re passionate about, this guide features non-profits that combat everything from domestic violence and poverty to providing medical services and more to underserved communities in the Dallas area.

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Where to Donate Clothes & More in Dallas: Non-Profits with Multiple Locations

The Salvation Army – Sobriety Services

The Salvation Army’s Thrift Stores have multiple drop-off locations that accept gently-used clothing, furniture, cars, household goods, and appliances.

If you have larger items, they make it easy for you by offering a free pick-up service. This not only saves you the hassle of transportation but also ensures that your generous contributions support their mission of rehabilitation and recovery.

By choosing to donate to The Salvation Army, you’re not just clearing space in your home—you’re also playing an important role in funding sobriety services and supporting the broader Dallas community in tangible, life-changing ways.

Trusted World – Schools, Police, & Local Non-Profits

They’re on the lookout for folks like you to donate food items, clothing, and personal care essentials or hygiene products.

What’s cool about them is they assemble meal boxes that pack enough food to cover three meals a day for an entire week. That means your donation of canned goods, pasta, rice, or any non-perishable food can fill someone’s tummy (and their heart) for days.

For a full list, see their website. You’ll find multiple drop-off locations across North Texas.

Donate 2 Impact – Financial Support for Local Charities

With several locations for drop-off all across the Metroplex, you can donate clothing, shoes, blankets, electronics, and more.

Check their website for a full list of items they accept. All funds go to local charities, like Christian Community Action. Visit their website to schedule a pick-up via phone.

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Where to Donate Clothes & More in Allen

All Community Outreach – Hunger & Homelessness

All in one place, you can find ACO’s resale shop and boutique. They are looking for high-quality donations, including furniture, clothing, kitchen appliances, and toys. However, they cannot accept baby furniture. The full list can be found on their website.

Note: ACO asks that you bag or box all items, wash all donated clothing, and sanitize all larger items prior to donation. Staff can only remove items from your trunk but are unable to enter your car for items you may have in your backseat. You can schedule pickup of larger items for a $25 donation.

Location: The ACO Donation & Processing Center can be found at 2 Butler Dr Allen. Donation hours are between 9am to 4pm, Mondays through Saturdays

Where to Donate Clothes & More in Carrollton

Metrocrest Services – Local Families & Seniors in Crisis

When you’re thinking about where to drop off item donations, consider Metrocrest Services.

Their resale store turns every sale into nutritious meals for local families and seniors who need a helping hand. They welcome a variety of donations in good condition, such as gently-loved furniture, home decor, housewares, wearable clothes, and working appliances, both big and small. Footwear that’s still got some miles left in them is also great!

But keep in mind that there are a few things they can’t take. Items such as baby gates, cribs, mattress/box springs, any TVs that are more than 5 years old, and used underwear or socks are not acceptable.

To make sure your donation hits the mark, check their website for the full list of acceptable donations and pick-up/drop off areas.

Location: 2661 Midway Road, Suite 207 Carrollton, TX 75006

Where to Donate Clothes & More in Dallas

Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support – Victims of Domestic Violence

Genesis’ Benefit Thrift Store is a place where your donations can make a real difference for victims of domestic violence.

They accept a wide range of gently-used items. These includes men’s and women’s clothing, various furniture pieces, housewares, unopened cosmetics, children’s clothing, baby and toddler essentials, electronics, toys, books, shoes, purses, and accessories.

If you have a larger item like furniture that you’d like to donate, Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support might be able to send a truck for pick-up, depending on where you live. Check their website for the full list of items you can donate.

Location: 3419 Knight St, Dallas; donations are accepted during store hours before 4pm.

The Family Place – Victims of Domestic Violence

The Family Place opens its doors to a variety of common, gently-used items. Those items can offer comfort and support to victims of domestic violence.

From clothes to kitchenware, your donations are welcome. Remember to check out the list on their website before you donate, as there are certain things they can’t take, like mattresses, old-style tube televisions, and used bed pillows.

And there’s an even easier way to help out—by visiting their Amazon Wish List! You can purchase an item to donate, and it will be shipped directly to them. This makes it a hassle-free way to contribute.

Whether you’re giving something you no longer need or buying something new, your donation is a powerful way to support those in need!

Location: 11722 Marsh Lane, Suite 354, Dallas. Drop-off days and hours are currently Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 10am to 4:30pm. Furniture drop-offs are only on Wednesdays from 10am to 1pm.

Deliberate – Refugee Families & Victims of Domestic Violence

When you have furniture that’s still in good shape and you want it to make a difference, Deliberate is there to help it find a new home. DELIBERATE concentrates on gathering and sharing gently-used, quality furniture with newly arriving refugees, asylum seekers, and other individuals who find themselves in times of crisis.

Your well-loved pieces can furnish a fresh start for a family rebuilding their lives in unfamiliar surroundings or someone escaping a dangerous situation. You must fill out the form on their website to schedule a pickup of larger items or to coordinate a drop-off of smaller furniture items.

Location: 6333 Mockingbird Lane, Suite 147, PMB 828, Dallas

Mosaic Family Services – Victims of Sex Trafficking & Domestic Violence

Mosaic Family Services is a beacon of hope for victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, providing crucial support in their time of need.

And there’s an incredibly convenient way to help out—you can donate items right from your computer. Mosaic Family Services has specific needs for their Mosaic House and Transitional Housing Program. You can directly purchase these needed items to support their incredibly important work. 

You can also donate technology, household items, children’s books, toys, and vehicles, among other things.

Please note that while they welcome many items, they do not accept books, used clothing, or furniture.

If you’re looking to donate clothing, Mosaic Family Services has teamed up with partners at Trusted World, which specializes in clothing donations. This collaboration ensures that your contributions go exactly where they’re needed most.

Location: 12225 Greenville Ave, Suite 800, Dallas

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Where to Donate Clothes & More in Denton

Denton County Friends of the Family – Victims of Sexual & Domestic Violence

If you’re looking to pass on gently-worn clothes, toys, furniture, and more, Denton County Friends of the Family’s Upscale Resale Thrift Shop is the place. But it’s not just another thrift store. Upscale Resale goes the extra mile by offering a special program where clients and their families can come in and shop for what they need, both for themselves and their homes, without having to worry about the price tags.

Through the voucher program, they can pick out essentials and a few comforts, giving them a sense of normalcy and dignity during challenging times.

As a result, when you donate your items here, you’re doing more than just clearing out your space; you’re also giving someone the chance to start over and experience community support.

Location: 920 Dallas Dr, Denton; donation hours are Monday through Saturday, 11am to 4pm.

Where to Donate Clothes & More in Fort Worth

SafeHaven – Victims of Domestic Violence

Help out at SafeHaven by donating your gently-used clothing and household items to their resale store, Berry Good Buys. They’re always open to accepting donations and could really use items like clothing, housewares, baby items, and furniture, among other things. Check their website for the list of things they accept.

Location: 1701 W. Berry St, Fort Worth; donations can be dropped off during store hours (Mon-Fri, 9:30am to 5:30pm; Sat. 10am to 5pm).

Center for Transforming Lives – Women & Children of Tarrant County

This resale shop accepts donation items, including clothing and household items.

Note: Please bag or box items, remove hangers, and wrap breakables in newspaper or tissue. It’s preferred that clothing and household items are separated from each other.

Location: 512 West 4th Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Community Enrichment Center – Comprehensive Services for Struggling Families

At the Second Glance Thrift Shop, part of the Community Enrichment Center, your donations can go a long way in supporting families in need.

They take pride in offering a selection of middle- to high-end home decor, adult and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, kitchen items, books, games, and even antiques. They make sure every item on their shelves is clean and gently-used, ready for its second chance in a new home.

If you’ve got large furniture pieces you’d like to donate, just give them a call, and they’ll schedule a pick-up that fits your schedule. For all other donations, their back door is open for drop-offs Monday through Saturday. Check their website to learn more.

Location: 6308 Rufe Snow Dr, Fort Worth; donations are accepted at the back door Monday through Saturday, between 9am and 4:30pm, and on Sundays between noon and 4:30pm.

Community Storehouse Upscale Resale – Children in NE Tarrant County

The Community Storehouse Upscale Resale shop is a great spot for your contributions of clothing, furniture, and household items. If you’re looking to donate larger items like furniture, you can conveniently schedule a pick-up right from their website.

But it’s not just about decluttering your home. Sales from the resale shop do something pretty special: they fund essential programs and services that help local kids and families. Plus, the money made helps cover the day-to-day costs of running the shop.

Location: 12001 Katy Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76244

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Where to Donate Clothes & More in Frisco

Frisco Family Services – Human Services for Families of Frisco & Frisco ISD

Their resale shop, Frisco Resale, asks that clothing donations be placed inside a bag, box, tote, or on a hanger. Donations of household goods and decor should also be placed in a box or tote.

You can schedule pickup of large items on their website, like furniture, in certain zip codes. See their donation policy for a full list of the donations they accept.

Location: 9125 Dogwood St, Frisco with donations accepted at the rear of the store between 10am and 4pm, Monday through Saturday.

Where to Donate Clothes & More in Grapevine

GRACE – Human Services + Medical Assistance

With two separate donation centers, GRACE Donation Station and GRACEful Buys, you can donate an array of gently-used items.

GRACEful Buys is where you can take your furniture for donation while the Donation Station takes all sorts of things, except mattresses, computers/monitors, car seats, and baby cribs.

For more information and where you can donate food, medical-related donations, and more, see their list of current needs.

Locations: GRACE Donation Station – 1060 Texan Trail, Grapevine; GRACEful Buys – 418 E. Northwest Hwy, Grapevine

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Where to Donate Clothes & More in Plano

Hope’s Door New Beginning Center – Survivors of Domestic Violence

This resale store takes clothing donations (men’s, women’s, children), small electronics (cell phones, computers, tablets, monitors, keyboards), personal accessories (belts, jewelry, handbags/purses, scarves), luggage, shoes, household items, decorative accessories, and furniture.

Note: clothing donations should be packed without hangers into boxes or white trash bags that do not exceed 30 pounds. They are not accepting donations that are inside large, black trash bags or leaf bags. Ring the bell next to the purple doors on the side of the building, and someone will come out to assist you.

Location: 2129 W Parker Rd, #300, Plano; donations are accepted Tuesday-Saturday between 11am and 4pm.

The Plaid Tag – Victims of Domestic Violence

This resale thrift store accepts donations of clothing and household items on behalf of Emily’s Place. Let them know when you arrive that you are dropping off in honor of Emily’s Place and the owner will provide credit to the organization to be used by the women and children they serve, which allows them to shop for free.

Location: 2436 K Avenue, Plano TX 75074

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Where to Donate Clothes & More in Richardson

LifeSavers Foundation – Free Medical Care for Women & Children

The LifeSavers Foundation invites you to donate your gently-used furniture, home decor, housewares, countertop appliances, clothing, small appliances, shoes, handbags, jewelry, linens, books, DVDs, and CDs to their upscale resale store.

Each item you give helps in a big way. The proceeds from the store don’t just keep the lights on; they actually help fuel The Doctor Spot, which is LifeSavers Foundation’s mobile pediatric unit. This amazing service provides free medical care to women and children.

Location: 561 W. Campbell Rd. Ste. 101 Richardson, TX 75080. Donation hours are 11am to 6pm, Monday through Saturday.

Where to Donate Clothes & More in Richland Hills

I Can Still Shine – Women & Children in Tarrant County

This non-profit is not able to accept furniture, used pillows, toys, or car seats. They take winter clothes from October through March, summer clothes from April through September, and Christmas items are only collected in December.

If interested, you can also donate new items. Check their website for a full list.

Note: Please put all donations in black or white plastic bags without hangers.

Location: 3313 Crites St, Richland Hills, TX 76118 

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Where to Donate Clothes & More in Rockwall

Rockwall Helping Hands – Human Services + Medical Care in Rockwall County

Rockwall County’s Thrift Store & Boutique of Helping Hands takes donations of household goods, furniture, clothing (new and used), jewelry, kitchen accessories, antiques, books, records, CDs, DVDs, video games, and more! See their website for donation guidelines and drop-offs and pickups.

Location: 950 Williams Street Rockwall, Texas 75087; drop-off hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9am to 3pm.

Where to Donate Clothes & More in Rowlett

Life Message – Human Services for Veterans, Seniors & Families

Before you gather your bags of treasures, remember that Life Message is dedicated to quality donations that can truly benefit others. This means taking a moment to sort through your belongings and ensuring your items are in good condition.

While they welcome a wide range of clothing, furniture, and household goods, they kindly request refraining from donating broken or soiled furniture, used mattresses, or built-in appliances.

Think of it as decluttering with a purpose. Every item you donate in good condition finds a new home while helping Life Message continue their impactful work.

Location: 4501 Rowlett Rd, Suite 100, Rowlett. Drop-offs are accepted from 8am to 4pm everyday on the North side of the parking lot. You’ll find a fenced area with an awning.

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Where to Donate Clothes & More in Dallas Fort Worth: Final Thoughts

Ready to clear out your closet? Remember, those old clothes and other items you don’t need anymore could really help someone else out.

Every local organization we’ve mentioned here in Dallas isn’t just a drop-off spot; it’s part of a bigger picture for a great cause. By donating, you’re helping folks in the Dallas community who are facing tough times—like families who need a little extra support or people working to rebuild their lives.

It’s always good to double-check what each charity needs before you donate. Think of it this way: Your old jeans could end up being exactly what someone else is looking for.

Donating is a simple act, but it means a lot. It’s about being a good neighbor and lending a hand. So, go ahead and give those items a second chance to make a difference. It’s a small step for you, but it can mean the world to someone in Dallas.

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where to donate clothes dallas
where to donate clothes dallas

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