29+ Best Fun Date Ideas in Fort Worth

Looking for a date that’s all about laughter and good times? Fort Worth is filled with fun date ideas that are perfect for couples looking to shake off their usual routine. Let your hair down, embrace the fun, and enjoy the lighter side of romance in this vibrant Texas city.

From exploring the rich Western heritage to indulging your inner artist, Fort Worth offers something for every couple. This guide curates a diverse range of date ideas, ensuring you find the perfect adventure together.

Explore our fun date suggestions and let Fort Worth show you a side of dating that’s both exciting and memorable.

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Fun Date Ideas in Fort Worth

Learn About the Cowgirl 

Cowtown is the perfect setting for unique attractions, including the Cowgirl Hall of Fame & Museum. This museum is a particularly cool destination that celebrates women’s contributions to the American West. There’s so much cool history to explore here! Fort Worth’s National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame is a fun destination that celebrates the remarkable achievements of women in the American West. Established in 1975, it’s the only museum in the world dedicated to honoring these trailblazers. 

This museum offers an engaging experience for couples. Beyond the fascinating exhibits showcasing artifacts, clothing, and personal stories, the Cowgirl Hall of Fame boasts interactive galleries and immersive spaces. Step back in time in the “Hitting the Mark: Cowgirls and Wild West Shows” gallery. You can also discover the unique bond between women and horses in the “It’s Never Just a Horse” exhibition.

The museum also features two theaters perfect for catching a thought-provoking documentary or a captivating presentation.

Listen to a Concert While Tubing 

At Panther Island Pavilion, couples can rent out tubes and enjoy time out on the water. Even better are the days when they have live concerts playing. This scenic outdoor venue boasts stunning views of the Trinity River with the downtown skyline as a backdrop.

Beyond its picturesque setting, PIP provides a plethora of activities to keep your date dynamic and engaging. Rent kayaks or paddle boards and explore the calm waters of the Trinity River together, enjoying a peaceful conversation while working as a team to navigate the waterway. 

a group of people in floating rafts - fun date ideas in fort worth

If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could opt for a thrilling inner-tube ride during the summer months, floating down the river to the sounds of live music at the waterfront stage. In the evenings, you can catch a concert or festival under the stars. Sway to the music and create lasting memories in this unique open-air venue.

Watch a Movie in Your Car 

Enjoy the comfort of a movie without having to leave your car with a drive-in movie at Coyote Drive-in. Bring your favorite snacks and cozy up with blankets. It’s the perfect setting for a relaxed, intimate evening with a touch of old-school cool.

Beyond the classic drive-in experience, Coyote offers a variety of amenities to enhance your movie night. Enjoy delicious food and drinks without leaving your car by pre-ordering through their app. Their menu boasts everything from classic burgers and pizzas to gourmet Wagyu sliders and giant pretzels, ensuring there’s something to satisfy every craving. Live music on weekends adds another layer of entertainment, setting a festive mood before the movies begin. For couples with children, the enclosed playground provides a safe space for them to burn off energy before settling in for the movie. 

Take in Nature’s Beauty 

The Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge is filled with different trails through different terrains where you can take in the beauty of nature.

Beyond the serene atmosphere, the FWNC&R provides a variety of activities that can transform your date into an engaging adventure.  You can embark on a guided canoe tour or a romantic kayak ride along the Trinity River, enjoying the tranquility of nature and the opportunity to work together. The center also offers educational programs throughout the year. Experience unique activities like “Bison Feeding Hayrides” or “Butterflies of the Refuge” to learn together and create lasting memories.

Go Two Stepping 

Billy Bob’s Texas is the spot for beginners to get their groove on. They offer dance classes, and there’s always live music to go along with them, so you can practice your new moves.

Beyond the dance floor, Billy Bob’s offers a variety of activities that can transform your date night into an adventurous outing. Experience the excitement as you cheer on courageous bull riders striving to hold on for eight thrilling seconds. Alternatively, test your teamwork with a friendly game of pool at one of their many tables.

See the Art 

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is always bringing in cool and one-of-a-kind exhibits for a new date idea every season.

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, also known as The Modern, is a must-visit for art enthusiasts and anyone seeking a unique and stimulating date experience. Founded in 1892, The Modern boasts a world-class collection of art from the 1940s to the present day. Housing works by iconic figures such as Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, The Modern also features pieces from emerging contemporary artists. This gallery offers a glimpse into the artistic movements that have shaped our time.

Beyond the impressive collection, The Modern itself is a work of art. Designed by renowned architect Tadao Ando, the museum building is a marvel of modern architecture. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls provide stunning views of the reflecting pool and landscaped grounds, creating a serene and inspiring atmosphere. 

Step Back in Time 

The Log Cabin Village brings history to life with reenactments and a look into how life used to be.

For couples seeking a unique and educational date idea, Fort Worth’s Log Cabin Village offers a charming escape into the past. Step back to mid-19th century Texas as you stroll through a meticulously recreated frontier village at Log Cabin Village. Here, costumed actors bring the daily lives of early settlers to life, providing an immersive experience. This living history museum allows visitors to gain a deeper appreciation for Texas’ rich heritage.

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Go for a Trail Ride 

Take in the beautiful scenery of Fort Worth at Benbrook Stables with a horse as your guide.

Benbrook Stables, repeatedly voted Best Trail Ride in Fort Worth by Fort Worth Magazine, provides a unique opportunity for you and your partner to bond over a horseback riding adventure. Enjoy stunning views of Lake Benbrook and the distant Fort Worth skyline as you ride.

With guided tours led by experienced professionals, you can explore the beauty of the Texas landscape with confidence, creating a memorable experience together. Even if horseback riding isn’t your usual activity, Benbrook Stables provides a safe and welcoming environment for you to try something new and potentially discover a shared passion for equestrian adventures.

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Check Out the Dueling Pianos 

If you’ve never been, dueling piano bars are such a fun and unique idea where two pianos duel it out and the crowd gets into it, as well as singing along over at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar.

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar isn’t your typical sit-down dinner affair; it’s an immersive musical experience guaranteed to get you and your partner out of your seats and singing along. Pull your loudest cheer as talented pianists battle it out on baby grand pianos, belting out classic hits and modern chart-toppers. Pete’s is about participating! The energy in the room is contagious, fueled by the crowd’s enthusiastic sing-alongs and the playful banter between the pianists.

Learn About Multicultural Western Heritage

At the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum and Hall of Fame, you can learn about the diversity of cowboys and our rich western heritage from a new lens.

Explore exhibits that honor the contributions of Buffalo Soldiers, Tuskegee Airmen, Black Cowboys, Native American leaders, and the Vaqueros, Mexico’s skilled horsemen. This museum extends beyond the typical Western narrative. It highlights the often-overlooked stories of people of color who played pivotal roles in shaping the unique culture of the West.

See a Bunch of Leather

If leatherworking is your thing or you just like different museums, couples can check out the Tandy Leather Museum, which has an extensive collection of hand-tooled leather articles.

Beyond the museum exhibits, the Tandy Leather experience extends to a fun, hands-on activity. The flagship store, located right next door, offers a variety of leathercraft classes suitable for all skill levels. You and your partner could sign up for a beginner’s class and learn the basics of leatherworking together. 

Watch a Barrel Race

While some people consider the rodeo a special occasion, at the Fort Worth Stockyards, you can catch your favorite rodeo events year-round on the weekends.

The Fort Worth Stockyards caters to more than just sightseeing; it offers a variety of fun activities that can transform your date into an unforgettable adventure. Challenge yourselves to navigate the intricate Cowtown Cattlepen Maze, a fun and lighthearted activity that fosters teamwork and laughter. Afterward, unwind at the Basement Bar, the oldest neighborhood bar in the Stockyards. Don’t miss the iconic Fort Worth Herd cattle drive, featuring Texas Longhorns. 

a group of people walking on a street with a group of cows

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Play Some Bingo

You might get lucky at Texas Bingoplex, and then you can take your winnings to use for another date!

Texas BingoPlex offers a fun and unique experience for couples seeking something out of the ordinary. Bingo halls boast a lively atmosphere, perfect for breaking the ice and sharing laughs with your date. You can chat during breaks, cheer each other on for wins, and enjoy an affordable night out. 

Ride the Train

The Grapevine Vintage Railroad will take you from the Stockyards all the way to Grapevine, and depending on when you go, they even have themed rides, wine rides, and more.

Get yourselves settled in a vintage train car, scenic Texan landscapes unfolding outside your window. The Grapevine Vintage Railroad caters to more than just sightseeing; it offers themed excursions that can transform your date night into an unforgettable experience. You and your partner can participate in the “Great Grapevine Train Heist,” a playful onboard performance. During this experience, you and your partner act as Deputy Maverick’s deputies, working together to foil the plans of mischievous train robbers.