Best Restaurants and Bars at La Casa de la Playa

Our stay at La Casa de la Playa was nothing short of paradise. The luxury of having someone to help you with everything you need, VIP experiences like dining in a cave, and some of the best views of all Playa Del Carmen, QR, Mexico, make this splurge-worthy trip that once you get a taste of, you dream of going back every year (or month!)

However, it doesn’t stop there! La Casa de la Playa doesn’t just have some of the best restaurants for inclusive resorts, it has some of the best restaurants in all of Mexico! 

Aside from their collection of world-class restaurants, the resort also showcases inviting bars. La Casa de la Playa showcases a line of signature welcome drinks, cocktails, and top of the line luxury. 

We spent 3 glorious nights in La Casa de la Playa and the hardest part was choosing where to eat and drink! I wanted to try all of the restaurants and bars, and also go back to some of its most delicious food!

Ready to take your La Casa de la Playa experience to the next level? I’ve done the legwork to make it easy for you, so sit back, relax, and let me guide you to the best vacation at La Casa de la Playa with these must-read articles:

Authentic Mexican Food at La Casa de la Playa

Explore Mexican history and regional cuisine with these restaurants.

Tuch de Luna

  • Cuisine: Mexican
  • Hours: Everyday; Open for Breakfast from 7:00 AM – 12:00 NN; Lunch from 12:30 PM – 5:30 PM; Dinner from 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Reservation: Required
  • Menu: Tuch de Luna Menu 
  • Location: Map

Visit the highly recognized Mexican restaurant, Tuch de Luna at La Casa de la Playa. Tuch de Luna, created by celebrity female chef Martha Ortiz, is an ode to Mexican culture. This restaurant was awarded the Best Sustainable Restaurant at the Food and Travel Mexico Reader Awards 2023. In Tuch de Luna, each meal is presented like a masterpiece. 

a room with tables and chairs

We came here for breakfast where they have a whole section of artisanal pastries, cheeses, and more! They had some of the most artistic and decadent conchas I’ve ever seen! And for drinks, they had a smoked milk atole and a cafe de olla except with a fresh guava foam. I just love how creative they were!

All of the breakfast was so beautifully plated with black ash bread, pan Mexicano with pinole cream that was so soft, plus cazuelas and more to try! We wanted to try more so they even brought us half orders, which I thought was such a wonderful personalization!

All during this, there is a harpist playing inside (we chose to sit outside for the nice warmth and beautiful view). 

a person playing a harp

While we didn’t get to try dinner, we did get to come back for lunch and were just as delighted! The baked pineapple which sounded so simple was anything but, and I was so happy to dive into their shrimp and fish ceviche. Their short rib taco was so rich!

Of course, you can’t skip dessert on vacation, which includes coconut milk flan and a mixture of different ice cream flavors!


  • Cuisine: Mexican & Peruvian Fusion
  • Hours: Everyday; Open for Breakfast from 7:00 AM – 11:30 AM; Lunch from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM; Dinner from 5:30 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Reservation: Required
  • Menu: Estero Menu
  • Location: Map 

Estero Restaurant takes you on a Latin American journey for a more adventurous palate. At Estero, Chef Virgilio Martinez serves up inventive “market cuisine” combined with the tastes and cultures of Peru and Mexico. His restaurant took center stage as the “Greatest Restaurant in Latin America” since 2013 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. I never thought I’d be eating food from one of the best chefs in all of Latin America at Estero, but here we are! 

Expect creative presentations and surprising combinations of innovative flavors on their menu. Don’t miss their 8-course meal, which combines Mexican and Peruvian flavors on one plate to create a gourmet experience you won’t soon forget. To satisfy everyone’s appetite, they also provide a vegetarian tasting menu.

While we didn’t get to enjoy the 8-course meal (so much food, so little time), we did get to enjoy breakfast and lunch there. 

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I don’t think you could go wrong with anything on the Estero menu. Our favorite was the French bread soaked in a smooth walnut butterscotch sauce with some smoked peaches that was the perfect rounded out flavor burst. I loved that butterscotch sauce so much that I asked if I could have a side of it and I put it in my latte. I even asked my personal butler if I could get that sauce with my lattes delivered to my room several mornings, and they would. It just really goes to show the level of incredible hospitality and VIP treatment you get while here. 

But enough about my love of this butterscotch sauce because the corn and amaranth waffles and the beef jerky with a cocoa sauce and cheese were just as enjoyable. We even came back for that jerky another day!

It is no surprise that lunch is another treat and another example of just how kind and dedicated the staff are to making sure you have a phenomenal experience. With fresh items like lobster and grouper ceviche and wagyu tartare, they really got fancy for lunch. We got the sea bass, and they even had a lobster. I don’t remember how it happened, but they could tell I just wanted plain lobster and butter, and I got it!


  • Cuisine: Northern Mexican
  • Hours: Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; Open for Dinner from 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Reservation: Required
  • Menu: Lumbre Menu
  • Location: Map 

Looking for the smoky appeal of cooking over an open kitchen? Lumbre, La Casa de la Playa’s haven of fire-kissed thrills, is the place to go. Under the leadership of the Rivera-Río brothers, the restaurant honors Northern Mexican culinary heritage. Here, the unique taste of smoke takes the lead, giving depth and aroma to each meal. 

Savor coastal delicacies and the strong tastes of traditional cooking styles as you go on a culinary experience. Don’t miss their special “Goat + Foie,” a unique take on the traditional marinated and roasted kid, or their “King Crab + Wedding Roast,” slow-cooked meat flavored with smoky perfection. Every taste at Lumbre is a tribute to the ancient art of open-flame cooking, providing a really unique dining experience.


  • Cuisine: Southern Mexican
  • Hours: Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday; Open for Dinner from 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM
  • Reservation: Required
  • Menu: Centli Menu
  • Location: Map

Discover the real flavor of southern Mexico’s cuisine at Centli restaurant. A rich mix of southern tastes, Centli pays homage to the “cornfield and its main ingredient: corn, the heartbeat of Mexico.” The Rivera-Rio brothers supervise the restaurant, which has a cuisine that highlights the diversity of corn and the rich culinary heritage of southern Mexico. 

a person behind a counter

They started us out with a small corn croquette served in a smoky presentation to set the mood. From there, we got to dive into our meals, which included options like Tolucan oysters covered in green chorizo and grilled ceviche from Milpa. 

The entrees themselves were insane. As a lover of mole, I had to try their two mole dish with an Oaxacan Black Mole and Bride’s Mole which was the perfect mixture of sweet and savory with rich chocolate flavors. The mole itself is made with over 45 Mexican ingredients and you can taste the complexity of so many flavors blended together. 

The Veracruz style fish was equally delightful in presentation as it was in taste with the wrapped banana leaf that helped keep all of the flavors steaming into the fish. 

Of course, with a restaurant dedicated to corn, we had to get the corn dessert with corn bread, popcorn flan, corn caramel and corn ice cream! However, each dish is truly an artwork, like the cocoa cenote filled with a whole cenote scene made with chocolate, it felt like a Mexican Willy Wonka creation!

Options to Dine at Hotel Xcaret Arte and Mexico

Aside from these restaurants, La Casa de la Playa’s guests can also go on a culinary adventure with the 21 Restaurants and Bars at Hotel Xcaret Arte and Hotel Xcaret México, its sister hotels. It’s nice to have so many additional options, but also HA’ and XAAK are two restaurants that are the only ones that are additional costs when staying at Hotel Xcaret Arte or Mexico but are included if you are staying at La Casa de La Playa. 

There are also certain experiences, like the 13 course omakase at Tah-Xido that is an additional cost, but included if you are staying at Casa de la Playa. The melting pot of cultures was incredible, and you can read more about it on our Hotel Xcaret Arte Restaurants blog. <