Xcaret’s Luxury Hotel: La Casa de la Playa Review

From the moment we arrived, we felt the weight of the world lifting off our shoulders in the most serene way. The luxury you get of having some of the top cuisine in Mexico just feet away, a butler who takes care of everything you could need, and exclusive experiences that make you a true VIP, make this a resort that I will forever dream about going back to!

La Casa de la Playa indeed lived up to its name as a luxury resort in Mexico. As a sister hotel of the Hotel Xcaret Arte (Read my review here) and Hotel Xcaret México, this boutique hotel offers a variety of amenities and unique experience. 

If you’re craving pure indulgence, an experience where you will feel like royalty while basking in the sun and wading through clear blue waters while eating from the top gourmet meals and having a fresh latte or cocktail delivered to you whenever you want, I have the ultimate experience to share with you. I’ll warn you though, after feeling this amount of luxury, it’s hard to go back to reality. 

La Casa de la Playa: An All-Inclusive Hotel 

La Casa de la Playa is an all-inclusive boutique hotel in Riviera Maya, with only 63 ocean view suites boasting king-size beds, top-notch bathrooms, and balconies with private pools. This boutique hotel offers top-tier customer service, a spa, fitness center, swimming pools, butler service, and diverse activities like yoga and exclusive tours. They provide a relaxing and luxurious experience, perfect for guests seeking a beach escape.

La Casa de la Playa is a member of the Grupo Xcaret chain of inclusive resorts. Grupo Xcaret is a sustainable tourism company based in Mexico. Along the Riviera Maya, the company owns and runs a variety of hotels, eco-parks, and other tourist destinations.

What is Included at Casa De La Playa?

La Casa de la Playa makes sure that you’ll spend every minute of your getaway with the utmost relaxation and enjoyment. When I say they take care of everything, they truly take care of everything! 

The experience happens before you even check in! As soon as you arrive at the airport, a private driver is there to pick you up in a private Mercedes Benz Sprinter that will take you 45 minutes to the resort in comfort! No more being jam-packed in a bus or having to deal with the hassle of finding your own transportation. 

Then you actually arrive at the resort and you’re in this huge open air building where you can see out to the ocean as you rest on the couches, sipping complimentary cocktails, as they get you all checked in! There’s no lifting a finger to grab your bags or anything.

Personal Butler Service

One of the top things that stood out to me was the personal butler service you receive. We met our butler at check-in, who then walked us around the resort and explained everything to us. You actually get 2 butlers available by WhatsApp, so that whenever one isn’t working, someone else is! 

They are there to take care of so many needs, including setting up reservations, helping you get to parks, and almost anything you can think of. I’ve read stories of people who asked their butler to bring sunscreen to them at the beach since they didn’t want to go up to their room. My favorite thing was that every morning I could text and within 10 minutes there would be a latte at my door (and a very specific butterscotch latte). As a coffee lover, I loved that wherever and whenever I wanted, I could have the perfect coffee for me!

Rooms at Casa de La Playa

The rooms themselves were incredible! Each room came with its own private plunge pool and outdoor stone tub! The balcony overlooked some of the bluest water! But, it didn’t stop there! The pool was even temperature controlled, and you could adjust it to whatever you wanted, so even if it was a cold day (although rare here), you could still enjoy a heated pool! 

The tub takes a while to fill up, but if you’re out and want the tub filled while you’re out, they can have someone draw the water. And the stone it’s made from keeps the water hot for a long time, so no worries if you end up staying out a little longer.

A woman in a hammock in a room with infinity pool and stone bath tub.

Then we move inside! As you roam around the suite, you’ll be surrounded by handmade artworks made by Mexican artists, such as the massive angel wings, a Huichol-style 3D heart, and a gigantic seashell nightlight. Enjoy a good night’s sleep on the King sized bed, savor your mornings using the Nespresso machine while resting on your terrace, and embrace modernity with its state-of-the-art technology.

The minibar offers non-alcoholic drinks and snacks, including dried beans and chocolate. These complementary items are restocked daily. No worries, you’ll love this one as you read along!

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The highlight for me was the little jellyfish aquarium! I loved staring at them all night and day as they would float around! This is part of Grupo Xcaret’s sustainability and conservation practices, wherein the baby jellyfishes will be returned to the Caribbean Sea once they reach maturity. Until then, we get to enjoy the beauty. 

Throughout your stay, they also leave little gifts that make it extra special! When we first arrived, they had a bottle of Moet waiting for us. Depending on your stay, they may space out the bottles they give you or might give you a bottle daily. The following day, we received another bottle of champagne and a tequila (as if we didn’t have alcohol freely flowing from the rest of the resort, lol!). 

Nightly, they left us little woven baskets with Mexican candies inside. One night, we also got a beautiful box with a book about the resort inside. It was always so fun to come to our room at night and see what little surprise was waiting for us!

Onsite Amenities 

Throughout the resort, there are a few amenities that make this place extra special. They have a chocolate shop that honors cacao as a Mayan treasure. The resort also has a huge wine cellar that is open 24/7 and encourages you to take a bottle of wine and drink it in your own room.

Not only can you enjoy unlimited wines, you can also enjoy Mezcal and Tequila tasting! No worries, I got your back on this one! You’ll discover more of these as you read.


The Chocolatería at La Casa de la Playa is a chocolate shop run by renowned chocolatier Mao Montiel. It offers a wide variety of chocolates, from truffles and bonbons to more unusual creations, along with chocolate-based drinks. This candy boutique pays tribute to one of the most valued treasures of the Maya: cacao.

What’s so cool is that you can visit this artisanal chocolate shop at any time of the day and pick up the chocolates and candies. They even rotate between churros in the morning and ice cream in the afternoon. It’s all free so come in and take as you please. 

Cava Wine Cellar

Cava is a wine cellar that offers a curated selection of Mexican and international wines, chosen by sommelier Sandra Fernández, including La Casa de la Playa’s own label. Explore local vintages or established favorites, guided by the knowledgeable staff. Savor your choice and enjoy a memorable wine experience. This place is open 24/7, and you can take any wine and enjoy it in your hotel room complimentary. It felt so wild just going into this wine cellar and choosing whatever wine we wanted!

For an additional cost, you can set up a wine tasting experience. 

Bodega – Tequila and Mezcal Room

As if the wine wasn’t enough, there is also a room dedicated to tequila and mezcal, the best Mexican spirits from around the country! They have a large selection, including Don Julio Reposado Tequila, Tequila Herradura Silver, and Gracias a Dios Mezcal that you can grab a shot of any of the drinks that you choose! The way that it’s set up in a dark and moody room, really is a cool change from the hot Mexico heat! 

And don’t worry, the other bartender also have this available to you if you 

Unlimited Access to Xcaret Parks & Amenities

Just like in sister hotels, Hotel Xcaret Arte and Hotel Xcaret Mexico, guests can also have unlimited access to the Xcaret Parks! No worries, you can go back and forth as many times as you want! Check out the details about the Xcaret Parks here

However, Casa de La Playa takes it a little further! Instead of waiting for a bus, you get a private transfer whenever you would like. 

There are certain parks where you are able to get special treatment.

At Xplor, you are given a guide who will take you through the park and help you skip the lines. I don’t know how long it would have been without that help, but we were able to do most of the activities in 2 hours and it was just so nice to go straight from activity to activity without any wait time. We were able to go on the atv tours, zipline, and go through this amazing paddle tour in a cave! We could’ve even gone multiple times, never waiting for a line. 

At Xcaret Park, there is an experience you can book where you get to go behind the scenes and get a tour to see all of the different costumes and then be raised in the middle of the stage before taking an upfront seat while enjoying a dinner throughout the show.