Is It Worth It to Upgrade to Casa de Los Artistas?

Hotel Xcaret Arte already has so many incredible amenities and luxuries that are included when staying on property. However, if you’re looking for a little ‘more’ you can upgrade to Casa de Los Artistas that gives you access to your own pool & bar, restaurant, and even a butler service. 

Our experience at Hotel Xcaret Arte was absolutely unforgettable. It’s crazy to think it could get anymore luxurious, but with the extra perks that this suite provides, it just might be worth it.

Ready to take your Hotel Xcaret Arte experience to the next level? I’ve done the legwork to make it easy for you, so sit back, relax, and let me guide you to an extraordinary getaway at Hotel Xcaret Arte with these must-read articles.

What is Casa de los Artistas? 

“House of Artists,” or Casa de los Artistas, is one of the six unique “Casas” of the all-inclusive Hotel Xcaret Arte. Each suite pays homage to the different aspects of Mexican art and culture, and this suite specifically focuses on the visual arts.

Right beside the Caribbean Sea, this Casa gives you the closest access to its magnificent sea views. Staying at this suite also allows the guests to take advantage of all the general amenities and activities provided by Hotel Xcaret Arte, in addition to the advantages. Wanna start your day right? Watch out for the sunrise! 

Scenic Mexican coast with beautiful beach and turquoise water.

What is Included When You Book in Casa de los Artistas? 

When you reserve a stay at Hotel Xcaret Arte’s Casa de los Artistas, you’ll enjoy a number of exclusive features that take your experience above and beyond what’s normally offered.

Exclusive Services and Access:

  • Private rooftop bar: Sip signature cocktails that represent Mexican art while taking in breathtaking views of the ocean. This provides an exceptional sunset experience.
  • Dedicated painting workshop: In a luxurious yet inspiring setting, unleash your inner artist with the help of skilled instructors. You can enjoy the art of colors through the painting workshops that focus on watercolor or landscape, collage, linoleum engraving, Mexican drawing, and mixed technique. 
  • Butler service: Enjoy personal care and support throughout your visit. To ensure a smooth and stress-free visit, your committed butler may assist with anything from unloading your bags to setting up exclusive tours and excursions.
  • Upgraded amenities: Guests staying at this suite have exclusive access to a boutique, gym, and library.
  • Kibi-Kibi: Enjoy Yucatan and Lebanese cuisine. Their breakfast is definitely a must-try!

On Top of the All-Fun Inclusive™ Access:

At Hotel Xcaret Arte, you’ll also get to experience all the advantages of the All-Fun Inclusive™ experience, which include:

  • Unlimited access to the resort’s various fine dining establishments and bars
  • Free admission to over 200 unique experiences in Xcaret Park, Xel-Há Park, Xplor Park, Xplor Fuego Park, Xenses Park, Xoximilco Park, Xavage Park, and Xenotes Park
  • Unlimited transportation within the resort and between the parks
  • Entertainment and activities daily

Choosing Casa de los Artistas allows you to enjoy the advantage of the many services provided by the Hotel Xcaret Arte resort in addition to a world of creative immersion, personal assistance, and exclusive amenities.

What Types of Arts can be seen at Casa de los Artistas? 

The visual arts are honored at Casa de los Artistas, where they are integrated into the entire setting in a variety of ways:

  1. The suite’s decor features original artwork created by Mexican artists, which involves guests in Mexico’s artistic scene.
  2. Special Book: To give guests a chance to learn more about the impact of Mexican art, each suite comes with a specially curated book that highlights well-known Mexican artists.
  3. Dedicated Painting Workshop: Guests have the exclusive opportunity to participate in workshops taught by qualified teachers, giving them the chance to experiment with various artistic mediums and techniques.
  4. Rooftop Bar Design: The interior decor and ambiance of the exclusive rooftop bar may have artistic aspects, either patterned after Mexican art movements or taking cues from well-known artists.

The main goal of this suite is to offer a vibrant and immersive setting that honors the rich diversity of Mexican visual arts. Through a variety of touchpoints, they invite guests to interact with art, which fosters appreciation and may spark artistic exploration.

What Makes Casa de los Artistas Different from Other Casas? 

Aside from the same privileges as the other guests that availed the All-Fun Inclusive™ package, the guests at Casa de los Artistas have an exclusive access to the additional perks, such as:

A Dedicated Art Workshop:

Immersion in Mexican art: Casa de los Artistas introduces guests to the world of Mexican art through a variety of means, including original artwork in the suites, a curated art book, and painting workshops: 

  • Watercolor or landscape: 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
  • Collage: 11:00 AM – 12:00 NN
  • Linoleum engraving: 12:00 NN – 1:30 PM
  • Mexican plastic (drawing): 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
  • Mixed technique: 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Tip: The workshops are limited only to 10 Casa de los Artistas guests per session so make sure to arrive early since you can’t reserve ahead of time. The workshops are available everyday, except on Saturdays. 

Private Rooftop Bar and Pool:

Arguably, one of the best pools at Hotel Xcaret Arte is the one at Casa de Los Artistas which is only for guests of that suite. You have two pool sections with a see through tunnel that is stunning. You also get views of the whole resort and the ocean from this pool and it probably provides one of the best views. 

On top of that it has its own little cabana beds as well as a casa artistas only food and beverage program. While all over the resort they place a strong emphasis on everyone having incredible service and attention, since it’s a more exclusive area, you get almost immediate service!

People enjoying a swim in an infinity pool at a luxurious resort.

Kibi-Kibi Restaurant:

If you read reviews about Hotel Xcaret Arte, one of the most popular restaurants people mention is Kibi-Kibi. This Yucatecan-style Lebanese restaurant stands out for its incredible cuisine including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s such a unique cuisine and fusion that makes it a special perk for staying at Casa de Los Artistas.

Your Own Butler:

Casa de los Artistas offers professional butler service that attends to each guests’ individual needs and requests. This ended up being such a time saver for us. Whenever we wanted to change our reservations for dinner or for a park, we could simply text our butler on Whatsapp instead of having to walk to a help desk. Especially when it came harder to get dinner reservations, it helped to have our butler helping us out.

Additionally, we were able to ask questions about anything we might need. It was such a big convenience that really enhanced our overall experience .

Access to the Other Side of the Resort + Restaurants:

While most guests of Hotel Xcaret Arte can only visit the Arte side of the resort. However, Casa de los Artistas guests get access to both sides. For us this was nice for adding in some extra walking around the resort and seeing more of it’s beauty. I liked all of the different bridges and getting to hike up the giant circular pyramid. 

But this real treat to me was getting to have brunch at Las Cuevas on Sunday! This is an absolutely insane brunch with every time of food imaginable! You ge to dine on high end sushi from fish caught that day, crab legs, all types of Mexican cuisine, and at least 30 different types of desserts (I’m going to write a guide on just the Las Cuevas Brunch because it is so incredible). 

A restuarant on a cave.

We didn’t get the chance to have the other restaurants on the Mexico side, but it was definitely nice to know we could have tried some if we got bored with our current options.

Other Special Features:

  • Private amenities: For a more personalized and private stay, guests have access to a private gym, library, and boutique.
  • Best views: It is the closest suite to the Caribbean Sea, and this suite will surely provide you with the breathtaking ocean views.
  • Special wristband: Guests will receive a special wristband as soon as they arrive! This wristband is made up of gold design with a little hand, and can provide the guests with the exclusive Casa de los Artistas amenities.

Suite Selections:

When booking your room, in order to stay at Casa De los Artistas, you want to make sure you choose a room that has Adults in it (the whole room is for adults 18+ only.) For more information about the suites, take a look at the Casas and Suites at Hotel Xcaret Arte.  

Overall Experience:

With an emphasis on the butler service, better amenities, and a setting centered around art, Casa de los Artistas provides a more luxurious and exclusive stay than other casas.

In general, this suite caters guests looking for an all-inclusive experience at Hotel Xcaret Arte combined with personal service, upgraded amenities, and an artistic immersion.

The ‘Million Dollar’ Question: Is it Worth Upgrading to Casa de los Artistas?

Once you get a taste for the upgrades of Casa de Los Artistas it’s hard to go back. Being able to save time and enjoy more of the resort while your butler handles other tasks made it so we could maximize more of our vacation time. The extra restaurants (especially Las Cuevas brunch) and rooftop pool made for some of our best memories. 

Even if you don’t choose to stay at this suite you’re going to have a luxurious and tasty experience at Hotel Xcaret Arte, but the extra perks really step up the experience.

Upgrading to Casa de los Artistas at Hotel Xcaret Arte could be definitely worth it, especially if you are:

  • In search of personalized care: Take in the height of luxury with committed butler service, which will cater to all of your needs and guarantee a smooth and stress-free stay.
  • Looking for an upgraded experience: Experience upgraded amenities like a private rooftop bar with stunning views of the ocean and innovative cocktail drinks, as well as a private gym, library, and boutique that radiate an air of privacy and luxury.
  • Exploring unique experiences: Casa de los Artistas is more than a place to stay; it’s an artistic adventure. Setting it apart from other areas of the resort, it offers a unique and unforgettable experience with its art-infused environment, premium amenities, and personal service.

Frequently Asked Questions About Casa De Los Artistas

Are there Any Additional Costs associated with staying in Casa de los Artistas aside from the All-Fun Inclusive™?

Even while staying at Casa de los Artistas provides you with All-Fun Inclusive™ privileges, there are still potential extra costs. These might include extra tours, dining at Xaak restaurant, souvenirs, and other resort facilities not included in the package.

Read over your suite package and the All-Fun Inclusive™ information carefully to make sure you know exactly what’s included and what could cost extra. This guarantees a clear view of how much you spend and keeps you from being caught off guard while visiting.

The suite provides a unique experience with luxurious amenities, personal assistance, and an artistic ambiance—though there can be additional costs. To determine whether the upgrade fits within your budget and tastes, compare the possible benefits to the additional expenses.

Is Casa de los Artistas Suitable for Families?

Unfortunately, no. Casa de los Artistas in Hotel Xcaret Arte is not suitable for families because it is an adults-only (16+) property. The hotel welcomes young adults 16 years old or older, if and when they are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. Other hotels, like the Hotel Xcaret Mexico, have a range of different lodging options that are more appropriate for families.

Is there a Private Pool or Beach Area for Casa de los Artistas Guests?

No, Casa de los Artistas guests at Hotel Xcaret Arte do not have exclusive access to a private pool or beach area. Although they have access to a number of exclusive features, such as an in-house painting workshop and private rooftop bar, the resort’s pools and beach areas are open to all visitors.

Are There Any Specific Rules or Guidelines Guests Should Be Aware Of When Staying in the Casas de los Artistas?

Though guests at Casa de los Artistas are not subject to any additional rules, keep in mind that it is an adult-only suite (16+). 

Think about bringing nice clothes for the evenings and behaving respectfully toward other people. Extra fees such as souvenirs and the Xaak restaurant may be charged in addition to the All-Fun Inclusive™ package. Reserve painting workshops well in advance to ensure spaces, especially during busy times. Make use of the butler service to get help. Lastly, respect the creative atmosphere and refrain from touching any on display artwork. 

You may fully appreciate Casa de los Artistas’ luxurious and artistic atmosphere by following these general recommendations.

Is the Casas de los Artistas Accessible to Guests with Disabilities?

Casa de los Artistas is committed to accessibility, providing ramps, accessible rooms, and pathways all over the resort. It is, however, strongly advised to get in touch with the hotel’s accessibility department ahead of time for specific information and guaranteed accessible rooms.

Is the Casas de los Artistas Pet-Friendly?

Yes! Pets are allowed at the Hotel Xcaret Arte. But in order to make sure you have accurate information, you might want to speak with the Hotel Xcaret Arte Guest Service Manager directly to find out about their pet regulations, as well as any possible restrictions or cleaning fees that could apply to Casa de los Artistas. They can provide you with the most recent information and verify if you may bring your pet along for your artistic vacation.

How Many Suites are there in Casa de los Artistas? 

Immerse yourself in artistic luxury at Casa de los Artistas, a dedicated suite within Hotel Xcaret Arte offering 125 unique suites. When booking your room, in order to stay at Casa de los Artistas you want to make sure you choose a room that has Adults in it (the whole room is adults only, but I guess that’s just how they chose to categorize it). You can choose from various options, each catering to different preferences:

  • River Adults Suites (60 sqm) provides you with one of the best views of the river from the Casa. These suites accommodate up to 3 adults.
  • Ocean Front Adults Suites (60 sqm) boast stunning views of the Caribbean Sea, some even extending to the island of Cozumel, blurring the line between infinity pool and endless horizon. These suites accommodate up to 3 adults.
  • Ocean Front Swim Up Adults Suites (60 sqm) offer the added luxury of a private swim-up terrace, allowing you to directly access the refreshing waters from your suite. These accommodate up to 3 adults.
  • For an even more expansive experience, opt for the Ocean Front Adults Junior Suite (124 sqm), featuring the best view of the infinite sea and ample space for up to 3 adults.
  • The height of luxury awaits in the Presidential Ocean Front Adults Suite (430 sqm). This expansive suite effortlessly blends the beauty of the Caribbean with Mexican artistic charm, creating a luxurious and eco-conscious haven for up to 6 adults.

Casa de los Artistas: Final Thoughts

Experience the heights of comfort in creative luxury at Hotel Xcaret Arte’s Casa de los Artistas, an exceptional casa with 125 exclusive suites. Choose from numerous options that suit varying tastes and take advantage of special features like an exclusive painting workshop, a private rooftop bar, butler service, and upgraded amenities. You will also have access to all of the resort’s amenities, such as daily entertainment, free park admission, and endless gourmet dining, as part of the resort’s All-Fun Inclusive package. This suite takes your vacation to a whole new level, whether you’re an art enthusiast looking for an immersive experience or just in the mood for improved comforts and personalized service.

casa de los artistas own pool

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