Mexico’s Best All-Inclusive: The Hotel Xcaret Arte Review

As soon as I came across Hotel Xcaret Arte, I knew it shot up to my #1 dream destination in Mexico. I spent years waiting for the day when I could plan my trip here because of everything that this hotel offers. Take away any preconceived notion you may have of all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, because this place is absolutely none of those. Read my honest review of Hotel Xcare Arte below.

Ready to take your Hotel Xcaret Arte experience to the next level? I’ve done the legwork to make it easy for you, so sit back, relax, and let me guide you to an extraordinary getaway at Hotel Xcaret Arte with these must-read articles.

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What is included at Hotel Xcaret Arte & What Makes it Different Than Other All-Inclusive Hotels?

The things that first drew me to the Hotel Xcaret Arte, an all-inclusive hotel in Playa Del Carmen just outside of Cancun, were the natural beauty of this place that was unlike any other hotel I had seen. While there are certainly plenty of pools, what stands out are the natural elements, like a lagoon of clear blue waters filled with waterfalls, small islands, and hidden coves that make you feel like you could be out in the wild rather than in a hotel. 

A secret lagoon of  a hotel with hammocks

At Hotel Xcaret Arte, indulge in luxury with an ocean view of the Caribbean Sea or jungle-view suite that has a private balcony, exclusive pool, and individual butler service. Enjoy a variety of Mexican cuisine in 10 gourmet restaurants, 10 bars, with 24-hour room service to keep you ready for adventure.

A luxury room hotel with a jungle like view with a private balcony and pool.

Speaking of adventure, your stay includes unlimited access to 8 Xcaret parks, with activities ranging from swimming to jungle zip-lining. Immerse yourself in Mayan culture by taking art classes and attending festivities, then relax with yoga, spa treatments, and live entertainment under the stars.

With roundtrip airport transfers in Cancun Airport, Wi-Fi, and all taxes and gratuities included, this inclusive resort experience is beyond compare. Keep in mind that certain activities may require reservations and dress regulations, and other adventures have age or height limits.

@mycurlyadventures Why this is the worst/best all inclusive in Mexico! The first day I arrived at @hotelxcaretarte I knew I was ruined! This gorgeous all inclusive resort has everything 💦 Natural lagoon like views making it a whole new tropical destination 🌮 Restaurants by the top chefs making actually amazing food 🇲🇽 Mexican Art and culture throughout the resort 🏎️ All excursions included like ziplining, ATVs, snorkeling, cenotes, and more This is definitely a splurge of a hotel, but it’s one where you truly get to experience the best of everything and you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on excursions or anything else Comment ‘link’ for our full review and in-depth guide of this resort #playadelcarmen ♬ original sound – MyCurlyAdventures

The Activities  

Another thing that stands out about the Hotel Xcaret Arte is that rather than a general calendar of activities like pool parties, bingos, and kitschy hotel games, they opt out of your typical all-inclusive itinerary in exchange for all included access to all of their different parks, where you can snorkel with fish, race down epic slides, swim through mangroves, ride ATVs, zipline, and so much more.

Usually those are things you’d have to book as an additional charge at your stay, but for Hotel Xcaret Arte guests, it’s all included. It’s why they refer to it as a fun-clusive hotel. With 8 parks that add up to over 200 experiences, and even sailing included, there is no shortage of fun! Make the most of your stay and enjoy the All-Fun Inclusive Package at Hotel Xcaret Arte.

The Mexican Culture 

One of the things that I really liked about staying at Hotel Xcaret Arte was that it felt like I was actually staying in Mexico with all of its dedication to Mexican artists both through the artwork around the property and in our room, as well as how they had woven that art into the whole stay. Hotel Xcaret Arte honors the finest Mexican artists. 

A wall with  displayed vases.

When you check in, your room is located in one of 6 casas. Each “Casa” at Hotel Xcaret Arte represents a work of art and is named after well-known Mexican artists such as Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Casa del Diseño features modern design, Mexican textiles, and a weaving workshop, while Casa de la Paz promotes relaxation and houses the Muluk Spa. 

As you check into the hotel’s luxurious accommodations, the local artisanship takes center stage with furniture carved from local woods, optical illusions, hand-painted ceramics on shelves, and finely woven carpets on the ground. Every feature hints at Mexican and Mayan ancestry. Take a closer look at my experience at The Casas and the Suites at Hotel Xcaret Arte

A monochrome wall of skulls masks.

The Food

Another thing that really stood out about Hotel Xcaret Arte was the food! When it comes to all-inclusive resorts, you typically prepare yourself for a slightly below average experience. However, that was absolutely not the case here. Each restaurant highlights the distinct flavors of a certain Mexican region, from the spicy Oaxacan cuisine at Xaak to the Yucatan Peninsula’s Mayan-inspired seafood at Kibi-Kibi. It’s like doing a gourmet trip and satisfying your taste buds without leaving the resort. 

Several restaurants are led by renowned chefs, including the Michelin-starred Chef Paco Méndez, who ensure the highest level of technique and creativity. It’s a set of exceptional dining experiences, with creative presentation and meticulous attention to detail.

The resort highlights ecological practices and uses locally sourced foods to provide the freshest seasonal produce and seafood. This offers flavorful recipes that represent the region’s distinct character. I could’ve planned a trip here based on the food alone! Read my post about the restaurants and the bars at Hotel Xcaret Arte.

How to Get to Hotel Xcaret Arte?

This location, only 45 minutes from Cancun International Airport, was more than simply a resort. It was an immersive journey into Mexico’s vibrant heart. When you book your stay, you give them your airport arrival times and flight details. It’s so convenient to be picked up at the airport without having to deal with expensive transportation or the hassle that comes with arriving at Cancun International Airport. 

They are also able to pick you up at Tulum International Airport if that is where you are flying. I will note that these are the only two places they will pick you up from. We flew into the Cozumel airport because we had found cheaper flights and took the ferry to Playa Del Carmen which is about 20 minutes to Hotel Xcaret Arte. However, they do not provide transportation from there, so we ended up getting a taxi, which cost less than $30. 

They do not have car-sharing apps in Playa Del Carmen like Uber or Lyft, so taxis are the best method. They all charge a standard rate based on zones, which isn’t always the most logical, but it does save you from worrying about having to be scammed.

Is Xcaret Arte the Best Resort in the World?

No surprise, it’s been rated as the #1 Best Resort Hotel in Mexico and #4 in the World by Travel + Leisure in 2023. Known for honoring the rich cultural heritage of Mexico, culinary symphony, and outstanding natural playground, it specializes in art integration, eco-friendly design, and proximity to Xcaret parks, catering to unique interests.

The resort nestled amidst vibrant tropical foliage, creating a serene and picturesque ambiance.

There is no 5 Diamond rating for Hotel Xcaret Arte, however, its sister hotel is next door. Hotel Xcaret Mexico, received one in 2019 and I have a feeling Arte will have its time soon! Both Xcaret resorts provide elegance, excellent service, and free access to Xcaret theme parks via the All-Fun Inclusive concept. So, while Xcaret Arte does not have the formal 5 Diamond label, it provides the same degree of luxury as that distinction.

Scenic Mexican coast with beautiful beach and turquoise water.

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Check-In Experience at Hotel Xcaret Arte

I arrived at the Hotel Xcaret Arte around 10 am. While our room wasn’t going to be available until 3pm, I was still able to take advantage of all of the resort’s amenities. When I stepped inside, my travel worries faded right away. The staff members’ kind greeting included cool beverages, refreshing towels, and even a delicious mini paleta, or popsicle in English—a wonderful first impression! 

After providing my name, I was given a complete tour of the hotel, including timetables, suggestions, and, most importantly, the magical all-access bracelet! With this key to easy access to top notch amenities hanging around my wrist, I became instantly excited to explore each corner of this amazing resort. 

What You Need To Pack for Your Hotel Xcaret Arte Trip

Another great thing about Hotel Xcaret is that you don’t need to pack much. Despite being an intense overpacker, I managed to fly carry-on only which is so convenient for saving time once you arrive and going through customs. 

Some things that the hotel provides include sunscreen (although it doesn’t list SPF or ingredients, so use at your discretion), umbrellas, a large tote bag, beach towels, and your other typical hotel amenities. 

I would recommend bringing the following: