Where to Stay in College Station, Texas: 7F Lodge

Conveniently located in the heart of College Station, Texas (click here to read about things to do nearby), 7F Lodge is a popular family-run wedding venue and retreat that has been helping couples connect and create lasting memories for the past 25 years. Imagine planning your dream wedding at 7F Lodge surrounded by loved ones celebrating your special day—it’s truly the best place to say “I do.”

And if you’re seeking the perfect weekend getaway, their uniquely-themed cabins offer an experience like no other, making it the best destination for a relaxing and enchanting escape.

Since it’s designed to foster connection and create lasting memories for couples, you won’t find any TVs or Wi-Fi on-site, but you’re compensated with indulgent jacuzzi tubs in nearly all of its rooms. Alongside the cozy accommodations, the lodge provides board games, question cards, and books, encouraging deep bonding moments between its guests.

Continue reading below to check out some of the cabins we visited and other features at 7F Lodge!

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How 7F Lodge Started: A Brief History of the Original Cabin

The Hill Country Lodge has a rich history dating back to the Great Depression, during which it was first built by the three Frierson brothers. This secluded cabin became a sanctuary for their hunting adventures, a “No Women Allowed” zone.

Many years later, Carol stumbled upon the cabin, finding a lost doll’s bottle that rekindled her connection to the land. As the first woman in over a century to inherit the family brand, she lovingly renovated the lodge, infusing it with her own special touch. Now, the original cabin, AHA the Hill Country Lodge, is a cherished place, radiating a healing and sacred energy, ready to welcome you and other guests with open arms.

The Amenities at 7F Lodge

The Little White Chapel

The Little White Chapel is the heart of 7F Lodge. This cozy chapel is adored by many couples, and it can become the perfect backdrop for your special moments – from vows to engagement parties and bridal sessions. No matter your wedding style—be it rustic or a garden party—this quaint chapel will be the best venue for your wedding.

The Covered Pavilion

The Covered Pavilion at 7F Lodge is the perfect place to enjoy your special day without any worries. Even for more intimate weddings, they’ve got you covered.

Their indoor area is ready to welcome your guests, providing comfort throughout the event. No matter the size, they will try their best to accommodate you. With plenty of room, you can have your live band and photo booth here too!

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The Unique, Themed Cabins at 7F Lodge

If you want to stay at a unique Texas Bed and Breakfast place, there are 8 uniquely-themed cabins at 7F Lodge. Discover the cabin that suits your unique style and preferences.

Hill Country

This is the first and oldest cabin at 7F Lodge. Once you step into this charming wooden cabin surrounded by lush trees in a peaceful grassy area, you can relax on the inviting porch, where two comfy chairs await, a great spot to enjoy the shade of the towering trees.

Inside you’ll find a cozy room with warm brown walls, a soft carpeted floor, and a wooden table surrounded by leather couches. The room features a queen-sized bed crafted from four peeled and twisted cedars, adding a unique touch to your stay.

The cabin comes with a full kitchen and a dining area for two, making sure you have everything you need for a comfy stay. The private bathroom has a relaxing soaking tub with a chaise lounger for some added serenity. Meanwhile, the wooden porch boasts a luxurious jacuzzi tub and a chair, and you can relax here while enjoying the beautiful outdoor view.

Sully’s Place

Sully’s Place at 7F Lodge is a charming cabin that offers a blend of college nostalgia and country luxury. As you enter the cabin, you’ll see a front porch with a relaxing swing and vintage G. Rollie White Stadium seating.

Inside, the cabin boasts a spacious couch and even a wooden dance floor with neon bar signs reminiscent of popular Aggie hangouts. There’s also a jukebox that can transport you back to the golden days of music and good times.

The bedroom features a cozy, queen-size bed with Aggie memorabilia and a private bathroom that includes a rustic two-person shower and a separate stall. Meanwhile, the adjacent kitchenette is stocked with snacks, various drinks, and a gourmet pastry box, perfect for cravings.

There’s also a back porch and a screened-in area with a private two-person, heart-shaped jacuzzi tub and two rocking chairs.

The Barn

The Barn at 7F Lodge is a cozy haven crafted from barn wood where rustic charm meets modern comfort. Once you step inside, you’ll see a comfortable, queen-size bed with a headboard crafted from an actual aluminum pasture gate, adding to its rustic charm. There’s also a two-person, heart-shaped jacuzzi tub inside, enveloped by burlap drapes for a touch of intimacy.

Once you step out onto the back porch, you can take a seat on the rocking chairs, enjoy the oversized shower stall for two tucked away for added privacy. Afterward, you can pick a captivating Western novel and relax on the ranch chairs. 


The France Cabin at 7F Lodge is a sophisticated and romantic haven, perfect for a dreamy honeymoon. You’ll definitely be charmed by the vaulted ceiling, vintage oak armoire, and cozy seating area adorned with French antiques, tapestries, and gold gilded mirrors. Inside, you can relish in the luxury of a king-size, four-poster canopy bed with intricate bed coverings.

The cabin also has an open, airy French kitchen with warm honey-toned tiles and a decorative wallpaper on its open shelves. But what makes the cabin unique is its two-person jacuzzi tub, nestled in an alcove with a star-studded ceiling above it for a touch of enchantment.

Once you step outside onto the small back porch, you’ll see a quaint wrought iron bistro set where you can have an early morning cup of coffee or a late night drink.


Step into the Mexico cabin at 7F Lodge, where you’ll feel like you’re staying in an aristocratic Mexican bungalow. The unique decor includes weeping plaster walls and a latilla ceiling, giving it an authentic touch. As you enter, you’ll notice a queen-size bed with a headboard made from a lion’s cage door turned sideways and walls speckled with paintings, adding some creative flair.

The highlight of the room is a red, two-person, heart-shaped jacuzzi tub tucked in the corner beneath a Virgin of Guadalupe Shrine and concealed by draperies. You’ll also find a hand-painted, Mexican-style sink and customized Mexican tiles. And when it’s time to relax, you can head to the large back porch where a hammock awaits. 


When you book the Spain Cabin at 7F Lodge, you’ll feel like royalty in a mini castle with its beautiful blue and rose-colored walls. As you open the cabin door, you’ll be greeted by an antique carved Conquistador’s foyer. Sleep like a king or queen in the hand-carved, queen-size bed. It overlooks the largest two-person jacuzzi tub, creating a truly regal bathing experience.

Aside from the old-fashioned style kitchenette, there’s also a private, walled courtyard with a fountain and cozy seating area. It’s the perfect place to relax in this Spanish hacienda.

As you explore the cabin, you’ll discover a fascinating piece of history—a vintage wedding gown worn by the very first bride who was not only married in the charming little white chapel, but was also the original proprietress of 7F Lodge.

Batts Ferry

Batts Ferry Cabin at 7F Lodge is a modern take on a log cabin that pays homage to the historic Batts family and their ferry at the Brazos River. Once you step inside, you’ll see a raised ceiling with log walls and a spacious, king-size bed in the middle. There’s also a round, two-person jacuzzi tub nestled in a wooden water cistern you can enjoy with your loved one.

The kitchen at Batts Ferry has quaint and earthy vibes, adding to the cabin’s charm. Take a seat on the screened-in front porch, where you’ll see two rocking chairs and a domino table with chairs. It’s the perfect spot to savor a cool evening and have a meaningful time.