15+ Best Restaurants & Where to Eat in Beaumont TX

One thing I was shocked about when I visited Beaumont was all the good food! There was great Cajun food, an emphasis on local farmers, and so many one-of-a-kind burgers. Beaumont could be the unique burger capital of Texas (I think that should be a thing).

Beaumont has a great bar scene, some of the best restaurants I’ve been to, and great happy hours if you’re looking for cocktails on the cheap.

Plus, don’t forget to check out all of the fun things to do in Beaumont!

Best Restaurants in Beaumont TX: Breakfast & Brunch

Rao’s Bakery

Rao’s Bakery is a popular Beaumont spot for locals and tourists alike! It’s a gathering place where you’ll find regulars coming in to catch up with friends. Also, you’ll see visitors coming in to visit this historic business that’s a part of the heart of Beaumont!

They have so many fun items to try that people often grab a box full of goodies to enjoy later or on their trip back! Plus, don’t skip out on a good cup of coffee here! Rao’s Bakery really knows quality coffee!

rao's bakery Best Restaurants in Beaumont Tx

One of their cakes is never a bad idea either 😉

a group of cakes on a counter

Toasted Yolk Cafe

You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu at Toasted Yolk Cafe!

Start off with some churro doughnuts or the classic French toast to share, and then dive into all the savory dishes! With all the great Cajun food, I decided to dive into the West Coast Arnold with Cajun Turkey, Bacon, and Cholula Ranch.

The great thing about Toasted Yolk is that they have such a vast breakfast and brunch menu. There’s something on the menu for everyone, whether you want classic brunch, waffles, something on the healthier side, or a unique twist on breakfast favorites, like a brisket scramble.

Tacos La Bamba

Tacos La Bamba really hits the spot when it comes to breakfast tacos. Choose from menu options like chorizo and egg tacos, horchata, and huevos rancheros.

More than just a great place for tacos, Tacos La Bamba is a center for community. Each table features artwork from different local artists, and on the walls you can see paintings done by the community!

The food is comforting, and the atmosphere is refreshing!

tacos la bamba Best Restaurants in Beaumont Tx

Best Restaurants in Beaumont TX: Cajun Food

Floyd’s Cajun Seafood

You can’t go to Beaumont without someone talking about Floyd’s Cajun Seafood, one of the most popular restaurants in the area! It is the best Cajun food spot in town! The hardest part is trying not to order the whole menu.

It’s from the people of Beaumont that I learned the importance of a good rue in your gumbo and the rich color needed. And coming to Floyd’s is worth it just for the platters of buttery bread they serve, which you could get full off of alone.

Here you can try fried alligator, learn to peel crawfish, and try some mouth-watering bar trash (the name for a blackened crab, shrimp, and crawfish mixture served alongside even more bread and loaded with Cajun seasoning).

If you’re craving Cajun cuisine, Beaumont is the place to go! See our blog for a complete list of our favorite places to eat Cajun food in Beaumont TX!

Floyd’s Cajun Seafood best restaurants in beaumont tx

Must-Try Mexican Food in Beaumont TX

Tia Juanita’s Fish Camp

If there’s one place in Beaumont that effortlessly marries lively ambiance with a burst of flavors, it’s Tia Juanita’s Fish Camp.

It will transport your taste buds straight to the vibrant coasts of Mexico without having to leave Beaumont! Think mouth-watering seafood with a Cajun-Mex twist!

Their shrimp tacos had me doing a little happy dance in my seat and they had the best gumbo! Every bite and sip at Tia Juanita’s screams authenticity and zest.

Taqueria Los Reyes

Prepare your taste buds for a flavor-packed journey at Taqueria Los Reyes, a food truck in Beaumont.

From the moment you take that first bite of their authentic street-style tacos, you’ll understand why locals and visitors alike flock to this spot.

The sizzle of perfectly grilled meats, the burst of fresh cilantro and onions, and the handmade tortillas that hold it all together — it’s like a symphony of flavors dancing on your palate.

Carmela’s Mexican

Carmela’s Mexican is one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in Beaumont. It is known for its authentic flavors, friendly staff, excellent service, and generous portions.

a hand holding a burrito

Some of the most popular dishes include the enchiladas, fajitas, and mole. The restaurant also has a wide selection of other Mexican dishes, such as tacos, burritos, and quesadillas.

a person holding a tortilla with food on it

Other Local Restaurants to Try in Beaumont TX

Monica’s Restaurant

What I loved about Monica’s Restaurant was their focus on local produce and great food! Most of the meat, bread, and vegetables come from nearby farms and ranches, and you can taste the difference! It’s a great spot to grab lunch with their fresh house salad or indulge in a burger, where the locally sourced beef is apparent as soon as you take a bite!

Monica herself is often working on-site. You can see the love she puts into her restaurant with a menu featuring unique items and freshly made goods

monica's restaurant best restaurants in beaumont tx

Amelia Farm & Market

Amelia Farm & Market is the perfect place to hang out for an evening and enjoy one of the best sunset spots in Beaumont! The family here runs a farm, which is where they source their meat and produce, so you know you’re getting the freshest fare possible.

With a large patio space and pecan trees all around, it’s a warm and refreshing environment to relax with friends.

Amelia Farm & Market best restaurants in beaumont tx

Best Restaurants in Beaumont TX: Where to Get Some Man Candy

No, this is not the man candy you’re thinking about! I’m talking about thick chunks of sweet and savory bacon coated with habanero jelly, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before!

You can find them at J. Wilson’s, a New American restaurant in Beaumont that serves up creative dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. They even have a Man Candy Burger that is worth ordering, so you know we had to include it on our burger tour.

J wilson's best restaurants in beaumont tx

When not digging into this dish, there are so many other great items worth indulging in, and the great service only enhances the experience.

Don’t miss out on the oyster nachos, which pack more of a flavor-filled punch than would be expected from these little bites, and the sweet, sticky chicken tossed in a root beer BBQ glaze that will have you licking your fingers.