Best Food in Southeast TX: Cajun Cuisine in Beaumont

Tucked away in the heart of southeast Texas, Beaumont is more than just a hub of history and culture — it’s the Cajun Capital of Texas! Exploring Cajun food in Beaumont TX might make you feel like you’ve stepped over state lines into New Orleans!

While there are so many great things to do (and not to mention all the great food in general), one of the things I was excited about was going on a self-guided Cajun food trail!

I’m all about fun fusion foods, so I loved trying creations like Cajun mac’n cheese, Boudin grilled cheese, and all the other variations of popular Cajun dishes you can find in Beaumont! Of course, you’ll find ton of the classics too, like crawfish boil!

On your next trip to Beaumont, see how many of these tasty Cajun food spots you can try!

Cajun Food in Beaumont TX: Floyd’s Cajun Seafood

Floyd’s is one of the go-to Cajun spots in Beaumont where you really can’t go wrong with anything off their menu.

There’s everything from fried alligator seasoned with a touch of chili powder to their renowned crawfish (especially during happy hour). In fact, they are known for having the best oysters west of the Sabine River!

My favorite thing on the list, though? Besides the butter-soaked bread they serve with everything, the Bar Trash (their name for a blackened crab, shrimp, and crawfish mixture) is everything you never knew you needed!

a plate of food with a spoon

Cajun Food in Beaumont TX: Tia Juanita’s Fish Camp

The Blackened Shrimp and Crab Bread Bowl is the perfect dish to start off with at Tia Juanita’s. Let’s be honest, you really can’t go wrong with bread, cheese, and Cajun flavors!

For something fun, try the Grilled Boudin Quesadillas made with corn tortillas that are smothered with a savory ranch sauce.

Blackened Redfish Pontchartrain with their Cajun sauce is a mouthwatering mixture of spices to round out your Cajun-inspired feast in Beaumont.

Cajun Food in Beaumont TX: Crazy Cajun

You already know from the name that Crazy Cajun is going to be serving up some seriously good Cajun food. However, the dish that you will be dreaming about even after you leave Beaumont is their Cajun Mac’n Cheese!

Somehow, that mixture of cheesy goodness and seafood flavor melds into the ultimate mac and cheese. I would eat this every day if I could, and I take my mac very seriously.

crazy cajun restaurant best Cajun Food in Beaumont TX

Cajun Food in Beaumont TX: Pine Tree Lodge

Pine Tree Lodge is a fun spot right in the middle of gator country. Fittingly enough, you’ll see alligators below you in the water while you enjoy your meal.

The full catfish hits the spot and the pistolettes (beignets filled with a cheesy crawfish sauce), are a must! Basically, anything with cheese and Cajun pairs well together!

Cajun Food in Beaumont TX: Lucy’s

Lucy’s is a little further out in nearby Orange TX, but it’s worth the drive!

What started out as a sandwich shop quickly grew when the owner debuted her famous crawfish pie. Suddenly, people were calling in from all over, asking her to bring back this special. Luckily, she brought it back onto the full menu and has since added all kinds of other dishes!

I won’t judge if you buy a whole pie to take home!

lucy's restaurant Cajun Food in Beaumont TX

Cajun Food in Beaumont TX: Willy Burger

Beaumont in general has some really funky/fun burger combos! Even funkier is the name of this burger at Willy Burger, the Booty Boudin Burger. It’s made with a regular patty, a boudin patty, cheddar, and Creole mustard!

a burger with a drink in the background

Cajun Food in Beaumont TX: Tacos La Bamba

Wander into the heart of Beaumont, and you’ll find Tacos La Bamba — a spot where Cajun zest meets Mexican authenticity.

This isn’t just another Cajun eatery; it’s where the fiery heart of Cajun food mingles seamlessly with the soulful touch of a Mexican taco. Each bite feels like a mini fiesta, a celebration of the harmonious blend of two beloved culinary worlds.

If you’re wandering Beaumont’s food scene, make sure Tacos La Bamba is one of your flavorful pit stops.

tacos la bamba restaurant Cajun Food in Beaumont TX

Cajun Food in Beaumont TX: 5 Under

I didn’t know I would be adding a golfing spot to my list of Cajun restaurants, but the food at 5 Under was amazing! Plus, a little entertainment and delicious food make for an incredible combo!

5 Under has such a large selection of Cajun-inspired dishes, like the Boudin Benedict, Crawfish Queseaux, and Boudin Grilled Cheese!

5 Under restaurant Cajun Food in Beaumont TX

Other Things to Know About Beaumont TX

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  • Camping in Beaumont TX – If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Beaumont has some great camping spots nearby. No matter what your camping style, you’re sure to find a great spot to enjoy the outdoors!
  • Best Restaurants in Beaumont TX – Beaumont has a wide variety of restaurants and food trucks to choose from, with something to suit every taste and budget. Whether you’re a foodie or simply looking for a memorable dining experience, these local restaurants will leave your taste buds thoroughly satisfied.

Cajun Food in Beaumont TX: Final Thoughts

As I wrap up my culinary journey through Beaumont, one thing’s clear: Cajun food isn’t just a meal here; it’s soul food, deeply rooted in tradition and bursting with flavors that encapsulate the essence of southeast Texas.

If you’re craving Cajun, a trip to Beaumont will more than cure that! Or maybe it will make you want to come back for more!

Cajun Food in Beaumont TX
Cajun Food in Beaumont TX

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