How to Get into the Top 35+ Best Secret Speakeasies and Hidden Bars in DFW

DFW is vast and known to sport some of the best nightlife and things to do that the nation has to offer. With a variety of secret speakeasies and hidden bars in DFW that showcase the diverse melting pot that is Texas, there are so many unique places to enjoy a drink with friends outside of your typical sports bar or rowdy club. Offering a more intimate and exclusive evening out, we’ve curated a list of the best secret speakeasies and hidden bars in DFW that you have to check out. When you’ve exhausted this DFW list, check out our list of the best speakeasies in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.

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The Best Secret Speakeasies and Hidden Bars in Dallas

Dallas’ Newest Speakeasy: The Branca Room

Housed inside the Chimichurri Bistro and Bar, with its floral decor and Argentinian inspired menu, is the Branca Room, Dallas’ newest, secret speakeasy and hidden bar! The next time you’re in the Bishop Arts District, pop in during business hours for a tasty spread of Argentinian cuisine. To access Chimichurri’s secret speakeasy, simply ask the host/hostess! What’s cool about the Branca Room is that, even when Chimichurri is closed, you can still access its hidden bar through the back alley, marked by a red door and a bell. Give it a ring-a-ding and you’ll be in for a surprise!

A Karaoke Speakeasy: Casablanca Lounge

This oasis can also be found in Bishop Arts and is home to five private karaoke rooms available by the hour for a night full of effortless fun singing every jam imaginable. For groups ranging from 4 to 6 people, you can rent a smaller room for just $45 an hour, and for groups as large as 12 people, you can rent their larger karaoke rooms for $60 per hour. At this secret speakeasy-style karaoke bar and lounge, you can sing to your heart’s content, no matter your comfort level, without having to worry about standing on a stage in front of an entire bar full of strangers. When it isn’t your turn, snack on Casablanca’s Silk Road inspired menu, sip on their rum tea service, and choose from their list of signature cocktails. So, start planning your next night out and make a karaoke room reservation online!

A Hidden Alleyway Adventure: Atwater Alley

Hidden in the discrete alleyway behind Henry’s Majestic restaurant in the Henderson district, Atwater Alley isn’t easy to get into, making it accessible to only the most dedicated guests. Within the seemingly typical alley, an easy to miss door with the letter “A” on it serves as the sole entrance into this secret speakeasy. While the outside of the establishment may look bland, the inside is guaranteed to impress.

Within a dimly lit two-story saloon with luxury leather booths and dark wooden bars, Atwater Alley provides a sultry and relaxed vibe that’s perfect for a night of drinking. The speakeasy initially started without a menu, so guests could give bartenders a flavor profile and be amazed at the hand-crafted drinks made to fit their preference. Now, guests can also order from a carefully curated arrangement of specialty drinks organized by category. For an intimate night out on the town, stop by Atwater Alley for an opulent experience.

Take a Trip to the Tropics: Yellow Rosa

Concealed in an unmarked door next to Basic Taco in Deep Ellum, Yellow Rosa’s non-descript entry looks nothing more than an abandoned storage room. When you enter the speakeasy, though, the vibe immediately lightens as you discover a hidden courtyard oasis made to replicate Tulum. With live Latin music and a menu filled with classic Mexican food and brunch items, Yellow Rosa offers a more upbeat twist on the typical hidden bar experience. This secret speakeasy serves a variety of cocktails and drinks that will leave you feeling like you’re on the beaches of Playa del Carmen.

Saloon? More like Salon: High & Tight

Looking for a quick haircut to touch-up your night out looks? Well High & Tight has you covered, as this secret speakeasy is located inside a barber shop. When you enter the salon stationed in bustling Deep Ellum, you might be surprised to find a fully functioning barber shop. If you walk past the row of stylists and follow the emanating sound of music, you’ll find a green light on the door of the back room. Upon entering the room, you’ll find that the regular salon has transformed into a buoyant saloon.

With a lively atmosphere reminiscent of the Prohibition era, along with live music, and an extensive cocktail menu, High & Tight makes for the ultimate drinking experience. Paired with a team of highly trained mixologists, guests can enjoy specialty drinks or classics like their Goodman and Barbara Sue.

Retro Drinks and Vibes: Midnight Rambler

For one of Dallas’ finer drinking experiences, you have to check out Midnight Rambler. Located in the basement of the pristine Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas, this secret speakeasy can be found in the lobby by an illuminating sign that reads “cocktails.” Follow the sign that leads to the underground staircase, and you’ll find a hidden bar. Complete with retro lighting and an exceptional DJ on the weekends, the Midnight Rambler serves handcrafted drinks with colorful ingredients and the best of both classic and specialty mixes. Mixed with a vintage ambiance in an elegant setting, this hidden bar is the perfect place for an evening time drink.

A Speakeasy Inside a Speakeasy: Pony Tail

Can you imagine a secret inside a secret? Well, to get to Pony Tail, you’ll have to go through quite a lot to access it. Harlowe MXM is located in Deep Ellum and has its own hidden bar called Trick Pony. While it doesn’t have any signage indicating where the bar is, if you’re standing outside of Harlowe MXM it will be to the left. Trick Pony itself is a great hidden bar serving handcrafted drinks within a cool ambiance. It has a cocktail menu that switches themes every three to four months and brings exotic flavors from all over the world, but there’s more to it.

In the ultimate twist, Trick Pony has its own speakeasy called Pony Tail, a speakeasy inside a speakeasy! Pony Tail can only be accessed on Fridays and Saturdays between 8 pm and 2 am. If you head to the back of Trick Pony, you’ll find a door underneath a glowing “MXM” sign. When you go through the door, you’ll be met with a tiny room without seats or a menu that can fit around 10 people at most. While the bar is shelved with a variety of bottles, you’ll want to try out the Amaro, the Pony Tail’s specialty and the best of its kind in Dallas. Matched with the intimate and exclusive setting of this hidden bar, Pony Tail will become your favorite drinking spot in the city.

Enjoy Creative Drinks That’ll Blow Your Mind: Apothecary

Also located in Lower Greenville is Apothecary, a hidden bar filled with luxury velvet furniture and vintage decor. A sign on the patio railing, as well as a host right next to it, shows visitors where Apothecary is located. Step through the unmarked door and enter an establishment filled with creative cocktails and drinks. With avant-garde mixtures made from things like pasta sauce or octopus tentacles, Apothecary will bring out your adventurous side. They also serve interesting bites like edible candles and oyster shells. For those who aren’t up for the challenge, the bar also has classic drink options to enjoy. So, stop by Apothecary to experience drinks like never before.

A Dark and Intimate Drinking Experience: ABV Establishment

While on a stroll through Lower Greenville, you’ll easily notice the white exterior of Leela’s Wine Bar, a bright and lively drinking location. While you can enjoy specialty wines there on your evening out, a cooler drinking experience is just next door. Right next to Leela’s sits a door that simply says “Open.” Upon entering, you’ll be taken up a dark staircase that leads to ABV Establishment, a secret speakeasy with a direct contrast to the popular wine bar below. Taking on a darker vibe with black walls and velvet furniture, the atmosphere at ABV is intimate and luxurious. Their cocktail menu is filled with signature drinks named after lyrics of popular rap songs that taste as good as they sound. Make sure to explore Dallas with help from our extensive list of things to do!

Experience the Magic of Wonderland: Truth & Alibi

Enter Dallas’ version of Alice in Wonderland with a trip to Truth & Alibi. Located through a secret door inside the Original Deep Ellum Candy Company, you just need a password to get inside. The password is changed weekly and can be found on their Facebook page.

The upscale lounge features gorgeous cascading waterfall chandeliers, Prohibition era artwork, and plenty of room to dance to the beats of the DJ. The speakeasy can fill up quite a bit, so I recommend calling in advance to reserve a table if you want to sit. The ambiance is very lively, and you can still get the full experience by standing. The cocktail bar keeps the magic going by serving a variety of colorful drinks that will take you right into wonderland. 

Dinner and Drinks in the City: Akai

If you’re in for a full night of luxury and fun, look no further than Akai. Located inside the kitchen of contemporary Asian fusion restaurant, Musume, you must have dinner at the restaurant first to be granted access into this secret speakeasy. This won’t be a setback, as Musume serves some of the best dim sum and tempura in the city.

After you’re finished with your meal, you must have a reservation, granted to you by texting the number on the restaurant’s Facebook page. If you can’t find the number, don’t worry! The staff at Musume are very helpful and can accommodate you if you need assistance. Then, show it to a bouncer, who will lead you through the kitchen into a secret passageway. You will eventually end up inside Akai, a dimly lit, Japanese inspired lounge. The menu includes a list of specialty mixes and handcrafted cocktails with Asian influences. I recommend trying out their Akai, a combination of Japanese whiskey, lemon flame, and carbonated soda water. They also host cocktail classes! You can find more information on their Facebook page.

A Drink Just a Phone Call Away: Bourbon & Banter

Inside what used to be the barbershop at the Statler Hotel in downtown Dallas sits Bourbon & Banter, a secret speakeasy and hidden bar. Upon entering the hotel, ask one of the staff members to direct you to the basement. Make your way down the stairs where you’ll find a phone booth. Dial a certain number given to you by the staff and you’ll be able to enter the vintage bar.

This hidden bar is filled with lively music and adorned with decor reminiscent of the 1950’s and 60’s. The cocktail menu is filled with drinks named after old-fashioned hairstyles to honor the establishment’s origins as a barbershop, so try out the Bouffant or Pompadour!

A Quiet and Intimate Night Out: Bernie’s

If you aren’t one for flashy and loud bars, and you are looking for a more quiet and intimate experience, Bernie’s is the place to be. Situated on the ground level of the Preston Tower, Bernie’s is a small and exclusive space where the music isn’t too loud, and the menu is simple. Sticking to the classics, Bernie’s prides itself in mastering the art of traditional drinks that we all know and love, providing a quality that you just can’t beat. Order a handcrafted cocktail and enjoy a conversation with friends at this lowkey joint.

An Italian Getaway: Bar Charles

An extension of the prominent Italian restaurant, the Charles, Bar Charles provides an intimate space to enjoy cocktails and specialty drinks surrounded by a luxurious ambiance. Whether you’re waiting for your dining time at the restaurant or just want a night out with drinks, Bar Charles makes for a wonderful experience. Try out their extensive list of wine and champagne. Ranging from pricier options to less expensive liquors, you’ll find items from all over Italy. Whatever you choose to partake in, it’s guaranteed to be of the best quality. Small plates, including oysters and caviar, are served at the bar and pair well with the drink menu.

An Adventure You Don’t Want to Miss Out On: Jettison

Classic cocktails, good vibes, and unique flavors. What more can you ask for? Jettison, found behind Houndstooth Coffee’s patio, is a secret speakeasy with drink flavors inspired by owner George Kaiho’s heritage. Coming from a mix of both Japanese and Texas culture, he aims to create cocktails that mix the two while remaining tasty and sweet. Making concoctions of mezcal, gin, exotic fruits, and more, Kaiho has been able to create brilliant combinations that keep people coming back for more. Not in the mood for something new? All the classics are still available here for a traditional drinking experience, along with mocktails. Whether you choose to be adventurous or not, you’ll enjoy an elegant night out on the town here at Jettison.

Discover the Tastes of Mexico: Ayahuasca Cantina

For another great Mexican inspired, secret speakeasy experience in the DFW area, check out Ayahuasca Cantina. Hidden in the back of Xaman Cafe, Ayahuasca Cantina embodies Chef Hugo Galvan’s mission to bring contemporary Mexican flavors to Dallas. Mexican art and traditional decor adorn the walls of this dimly lit, hidden bar and give guests a taste of the culture. Their drinks are made from fine ingredients from Mexico, but it’s the way that it’s prepared that gives it an authentic flair. The use of traditional styles and careful attention to detail leads to the creation of some of the best mezcal, sotol, and other specialty cocktails that you’ll find in the area. 

All the Tequila You Can Imagine: La Mina

La Mina serves as a hidden away, Mexican restaurant and speakeasy. Located in the back of the Drey Hotel and down a ramp, the restaurant sits closed off from the outside world. This gives off the vibe of a secluded getaway not too far from home. Latin music plays throughout the dimly lit restaurant where you enjoy margaritas and antojitos. To enter this hidden bar, ask the server for the secret access code for the bar. You’ll then walk past the bathrooms until you find a neon sign saying “Tequila” near a door. Upon entering through the door, put in the passcode next to a set of refrigerator doors and you’ll find the secret tequila bar. Enjoy handcrafted cocktails and all the tequila you can imagine as you enjoy your night inside this hidden gem.

Step into a Manga Universe: Blackbird Society

Hidden in the back of Neon Kitten in Deep Ellum, Blackbird Society is a secret speakeasy inspired by a Japanese manga, or a Japanese graphic novel. Named after the popular manga Black Bird, this hidden bar embodies the dark and mystical ambiance of the series and serves as a dichotomy to the brighter and more upbeat Neon Kitten. The intimate ambiance of this secret speakeasy is aided by its cocktail menu. The drinks are named after tarot cards like, the Magician and the Empress. You’ll also only find Japanese spirits at Blackbird Society for a truly unique and authentic experience.

Old School Never Looked So Good: The Parlor

The Parlor sits inside the Sheraton Dallas Hotel, hidden and without signage, so it can be hard to find at first. Just look for a door near the back of the bar in the lobby. Another entrance is through a nondescript door in the solarium of the lobby restaurant. The Parlor is designed like a library, with bookcases and old school leather chairs throughout. The dark tones of the lounge give off a luxurious and vintage vibe, adding to the exclusivity of the bar. Enjoy classic cocktails and mixes from their menu as you reel in the old money vibes of this secret speakeasy.

Hotel Haunted by a Good Time: Room 520

Speakeasies can feel like a getaway from everyday life, but Room 520 takes the cake for the ultimate staycation. Located inside the boutique hotel SOVA, this secret speakeasy actually requires you to check-in before you can enter. In order to access the hidden bar, you need to go to the front desk and tell them you are there to check into Room 520. You will be given a room key with a code. Proceed up to the third floor and locate room 520. It looks just like all the other rooms on the floor, so you could bypass it without a second thought if you aren’t in the know. Put in the code on the pin pad and you’ll be granted entry into this hidden bar.

This secret speakeasy is small, fitting a maximum of 25 guests, the perfect place to have a fun night out with a tight-knit group of friends. The whole concept of the speakeasy is inspired by Japanese culture, which can be seen in the decor and the flavors on the menu. Cocktails feature traditional and contemporary nods to Japan through drinks with matcha infusions and cherry blossom flavors.

No Studying Here: Crozier Hall

You won’t get any studying done at this school. Crozier Hall is an old high school transformed into a banquet hall in Dallas. While the venue is a popular place to host weddings and other big events, many people don’t know that a secret speakeasy is hidden in the back room. Enjoy live jazz music and a fully functioning bar with handcrafted drinks at this cool hidden bar.

No Invite? No Entry: Reserved Pink (RSVD)

Only the most exclusive guests get to party at RSVD. This invite-only speakeasy is not easy to find or enter, and you need to take a few steps before securing your place on the guest list. To get an invite, you need to go to their Instagram page and either send a direct message to them or comment “pinky promise” under their most recent post. You’ll then be put on a close friends list where you’ll be given details about how to enter, including the location and reservation. Once you gain access to this swanky lounge, you’ll fall in love with the Instagram-worthy decor that are just awaiting photo-ops. Adorned with beautiful shades of pink and cozy seating, this space is a cute and comfortable place to hang out while sipping on fancy cocktails and mixed drinks.

A Speakeasy Hidden Below: The Underground

Just beneath Frankie’s Downtown in Dallas, the Underground is the perfect Prohibition style secret speakeasy for a night of fun. Complete with billiards, darts, TVs, and a full bar, the hidden lounge has everything you need for a good time. Just head to the underground basement of Frankie’s to access this hidden bar. Order draft beers and cocktails, sit back, relax, and watch some of the best games. Every Friday, you can enjoy live music as well!

Bring The Fire: Red Phone Booth

Bring with you an exclusive phone number from a member, concierge or friend and dial it into a restored London antique Red Phone Booth to gain access to classic, turn-of-the-century, craft cocktail selections. Red Phone Booth speakeasy also features an extensive cigar program with over 200+ cigar selections so you can smoke and drink simultaneously for a more authentic experience. Air quality is a top priority at the Red Phone Booth so you can be guaranteed that the venue is kept clean by bringing in 100% fresh outdoor air.