Best Things to Do in San Angelo, Texas this Weekend

We’ve experienced the artistic and cultural magic of Santa Fe, New Mexico, but lucky for us Texans, you don’t have to make the trip out-of-state to experience a haven like this. The list of things to do in San Angelo, Texas is extensive and well worth a trip out to West Texas.

San Angelo was founded in 1867 and is known as “The Visual Art Capital of Texas.” It is also home to the country’s 4th largest rodeo, the oldest calf roping competition in Texas, and five golf courses. It was even named the #1 True West Town in the country in 2022!

If a road trip to San Angelo sounds like it’s up your alley, check out the amazing places we visited listed below.

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Old Central Firehouse Bed & Brew

The Old Central Firehouse Bed & Brew was constructed in 1929 and has a rich history as one of the first fire stations in San Angelo. The building has since undergone renovations and turned into a charming bed-and-breakfast with an on-site pizzeria and amazing amenities for guests.

This perfect combination of historic charm and contemporary conveniences is memorable and delightful for every visitor. Read about our experience at the Old Central Firehouse Bed & Brew here!

Cold Smoke Coffee

A hidden treasure in West Texas, Cold Smoke Coffee is not only a coffee shop, but it also features a specialty grocery and convenience store, open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can buy a wide variety of goods here, from trendy garments and headgear to cute Texas-themed trinkets.

A bunch of product displays inside Cold Smoke Coffee Shop, such as books and bath products

Cold Smoke is a special location with a pleasant working area, perfect for remote work or hosting a relaxed get-together. You can indulge in a tempting selection of baked goodies and various beverages that cater to everyone’s taste. 

A bakery case with muffins, Danishes, and other pastries inside with additional pastry cases on either side of it.

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San Angelo Riverwalk

Also known as Concho Avenue, the San Angelo Riverwalk is the most visited tourist spot downtown.

San Angelo TX is a charming city with trails that follow the scenic Concho River. These paths connect several green spaces with worthwhile tourist attractions. Stop and take in some scenery, relax on a park bench, and watch locals enjoy peaceful activities like fishing (they keep the water stocked with bass). The network spans four miles, with bridges leading to the north and south banks.

The Celebration Bridge is a popular outdoor venue since it is close to the riverside amphitheater and the Museum of Fine Arts. You can learn more about the unique freshwater mussels that call the Concho River Pearl home by reading the signs located along the trail.

The Celebration Bridge, a stone structure with trees standing behind it

The Bosque along the Concho River

The Bosque is another local treasure you must experience on your next visit to San Angelo. There’s a wide variety of entertaining things to do at this enchanting location, from the family-friendly miniature golf course to the scavenger hunt and unique mosaic pick-up truck picnic area.

Mosaic-covered pick-up truck in a park

The unique beauty of the Bosque makes it a photographer’s paradise, with picture-perfect photo ops around every bend. 

The Bosque Park is a great place to have a picnic or burn off some energy with the little ones. You can even rent different amenities there. However, note that certain amenities are subject to given time.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day trip or the best time worthy of Instagram, the Bosque along the Concho River is a wonderful and ever-changing destination in San Angelo.

International Waterlily Collection 

Civic League Park in downtown San Angelo hosts the International Waterlily Collection. Visitors can enjoy a stunning display of various species of water lilies, showcased in picturesque water basins, all for FREE!

The collection is a visual treat for the eyes, with numerous lily varieties and hybrids such as Pink Nova, Chompo Nix, and Wanvisa.

The park also features a beautiful brick path that winds through different elevations to reach several different watering holes.

Additionally, the park provides information on the lily collector, Ken Landon, who assembled this very floral collection. It is on display between September and October and is popular among school field trips.

If you take the town trolley, it’ll actually make a stop here!

Inn at the Art Center

This local boutique hotel has an interesting history. Formerly a poultry farm in the 1940s, it is more than what meets the eye.

It has an on-site café, quaint B&B accommodations, and even sponsors interesting demos by local groups in its beautiful courtyard. It is also home to art studios with local artists coming and going. If you happen to catch one of them, they may even give you a personal tour!

Read all about our experience at the Inn at the Art Center here!

Even if you don’t stay overnight, it serves as a venue for several fun things to do and events for short-term visitors.

On the first Saturday of every month, guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast and browse the Black History Month Saturday Market stalls. Live music is played every Friday and Saturday night, where anyone can join in and sing.

Additionally, an exhibition showcases locally made, high-quality pottery with intricate, hand-painted patterns at the Starkeeper Gallery.

Paintbrush Alley

The Art in Uncommon Places initiative has done an exceptional job at transforming a regular alleyway into what is now Paintbrush Alley, an enthralling visual adventure. Featuring the work of over 50 local artists, this lively, outdoor gallery is an impressive display of modern art.

Each piece of art has a QR code next to it if you’re interested in learning more about the piece and its creator.

A woman sitting at a table surrounded by colorful art on the brick wall next to her and on the ground around her

The alleyway provides a canvas for creative expression. There are modern paintings and unique seating arrangements, such as transformed truck beds and dumpsters, make it a captivating spot for time spent outdoors.

The strategic location of Paintbrush Alley between the Texas Theatre and Firestone makes it a convenient and easily accessible destination. Bring your camera, as it will give you a memorable opportunity to photograph the exhibition’s vibrant colors and striking designs.

Pop Art Museum

Visit the Pop Art Museum in the heart of San Angelo for a one-of-a-kind experience that features a fusion of art and history. This outdoor museum is cleverly built on the bones of a defunct bowling alley. Take your time and enjoy a self-guided tour of the museum, taking in the 31 works of art on display.

The alley in the rear offers a picture-perfect backdrop, and you can learn more about the local artists and the each item’s inspiration by scanning the QR codes provided next to each piece.

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

Opened in 1981, this museum has been a must-see destination for art lovers from around the world. It’s a dynamic venue that features a wide variety of seasonal and permanent exhibits.

More than 300 outstanding works are in this museum’s collection, ranging from modern pottery to Spanish Colonial masterpieces and Mexican religious relics. You can spend hours wandering around and still miss some of its best features.

This museum features artwork from antiquity to the present day, satisfying fans of all eras and styles.

The museum’s rooftop deck also offers tourists breathtaking views of San Angelo. It’s an unforgettable adventure that will make your time in the city unforgettable!

M.L. Leddy’s

M.L. Leddy’s is a renowned shop that attracts boot connoisseurs from far and wide. It is a brand with over a century of history, started in 1922 by the original M.L. Leddy and currently run by Sammy Farmer, a lively 101-year-old artisan.

What makes this local shop different is their commitment to making things that fit your needs. Book your Boot Tour appointment, and you will be mesmerized by the experience.

The minute you walk, you’ll be immersed in the world of handcrafted boots. They will make something uniquely yours, down to the choice of leather, the stitching pattern, and how it fits.

M.L. Leddy’s enjoys global fame due to its finely designed boots, ones that even celebrities have worn. Their experts put in a lot of time and effort to make each pair a tribute to traditional workmanship.

You can even purchase custom-made cowboy hats here as well!

If you’re interested in Western culture, you shouldn’t miss this family-run business in the city of San Angelo, which places a premium on tradition and quality. The rich history and stunning artwork of M.L. Leddy’s are sure to leave a lasting impression!

Confetti Mall

San Angelo’s Confetti Mall is the best place to go for an exciting shopping experience.

The original building was a petrol station. Today, its historic allure is combined with the convenience and excitement of modern leisure activities: shopping and eating.