Bed & Breakfast in West Texas: Inn at the Art Center

This luxury bed & breakfast in West Texas is a relaxing oasis nestled inside the Chicken Farm Art Center. What was formerly a three-acre chicken farm now features 17 artist studios.

Each one houses a local artist that is actively involved in the thriving art scene of San Angelo. With its handcrafted mosaics, sculptures, detailed woodwork, and an atmosphere of inspiring tranquility, you definitely won’t want to leave!

There is art everywhere you look at the Inn at the Art Center. In the evening, the ambiance takes on a cinematic quality, creating a romantic, yet playful atmosphere. It’s perfect for those looking to enjoy the company of friends or loved ones.

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A woman in a yellow dress sitting in a room with burnt orange walls, white sheets and a bright patterned runner at the foot of the bed, yellow curtains and colorful pom-poms on string hanging on either side of the door. and a yellow bedside table with pink and blue painted drawers. There is also framed art on the walls and a patterned rug on the floor. Through the door, you can see a seating area with pink armchairs and teal painted walls.

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What to Expect at the Inn at the Art Center

A peaceful and romantically secluded ambiance welcomes you as you arrive through the front gate. Tucked away from the street, enclosed by a fence, the Inn at the Art Center provides both security and privacy.

Embracing a touch of old Santa Fe, the Inn features grape arbors, vine-covered patios, and charming private gardens. The courtyard is full of unique art, and is a pleasant space to unwind and savor the tranquility of the evening.

You’ll be happy to know that reservations can be made online with ease as well.

Upon your arrival, the staff will greet you with a tour of the Art Center, along with its rich history. Susan and Jerry, the friendly hosts, are known for their excellent hospitality and warm welcome.

The building is located right off the main thoroughfare, just a short, five-mile drive from downtown. Locating the small entrance can be a bit tricky. However, you’re welcome to give Susan a call. She will personally guide you to the entrance and ensure you find a safe parking spot.

Waking up, you’ll discover several charming boutique shops right outside your front door. You may love the array of resident cats that sometimes visit you during your stay too!

This bed & breakfast in West Texas does not permit candles, pets, or children under the age of 12.

The Old Chicken Farm Art Center

Originally a chicken farm in the 1940s, the Old Chicken Farm Art Center was founded in 1971 by Roger Allen, Bill Rich, and Richard Ramirez. What was a property full of abandoned buildings was converted into a haven for artists to live and create.

Today, the Old Chicken Farm Art Center has grown into a prominent attraction in San Angelo. They host monthly First Saturday gatherings featuring talented artists, acoustic music by the Chicken Pickers, blacksmith demonstrations, and more!

Annually, the Old Chicken Farm Art Center hosts the following events:

  • San Angelo Ceramic Event – April
  • The Sculpture Show – October
  • Two-day Thanksgiving Open House – November
Exterior of the Old Chicken Farm Art Center. It's made of repurposed wood with lights hanging from the awning, animal skulls on the wall, and a sign describing the history of the property.

You can also find Roger Allen’s pottery collections inside the Starkeeper Gallery or purchase them online.

It’s important to know that the Art Center is mainly open on weekends. During the week, there are only a few artists around (if you’re lucky). However, if you book this West Texas bed & breakfast for the weekend, or find an artist during the week, some will give you a tour, not only of their studios but of their homes!

There are a variety of exciting shops on-site as well, featuring a variety of handcrafted items. A few examples include a soap shop, sewing shop, and an array of painters, potters, and glassworkers.

The Rooms & Suites

Each of the Inn at the Art Center’s seven remodeled accommodations are thoughtfully decorated with local art from the owners’ personal collection. The rooms are clean, unique, quaint and comfortable, boasting private baths and entrances.

There is also a community dining area, offering literally anything you could think of to snack on. In the morning, breakfast is served there (see below for more).

Country French Room

This room is furnished with charming antique furniture, patterned wallpaper, and a queen-size bed.

Santa Fe Room

The Santa Fe Room is spacious, with a comfortable king-size bed and quality sheets. The bathroom features a walk-in rain shower with two high-pressure showerheads (including one hanging directly from the ceiling). Parking is available just feet from your room.

Clearly, the space was designed by artists, boasting excellent lighting, colorful decor and bedding, rich wood tones, and an intimate front and rear patio. Waking up to the romantic artwork in the courtyard is a delightful experience.

The overall experience resembles a stay at a close friend’s utterly beautiful guesthouse.

The Pearl

Reminiscent of a mermaid lair and inspired by the San Angelo Concho Pearl, this room accommodates two. It even features pottery designed by the late Roger Allen himself!

The underwater-inspired theme adds a sense of whimsy and enchantment, making it a distinctive and memorable choice if you enjoy creative decor.

The Roger Allen pottery on display adds a touch of local culture while paying homage to the property’s roots.

Starkeeper Suite

The Starkeeper Suite was actually designed and inspired by the late Roger Allen, highlighting the art center’s history. If you’re a fan of celestial-themed decor, you’ll love the magical atmosphere of this accommodation.

If you visit the Starkeeper Gallery on-site, you’ll clearly see how Roger Allen’s beautiful pottery inspired the Starkeeper Suite’s decor.

Very colorful, patterned pottery on display, including plates on the wall and vases on a wood table. Lots of orange, yellow, red and blue is used.

Ponderosa Suite

The craftsmanship in the 500-square foot Ponderosa Suite will leave a lasting impression on you. The room is adorned with beautiful reclaimed wood walls, floors, and fitted with plush, frieze carpeting in the bedrooms.

This suite is not just comfortable, but quirky, and accommodates up to four adults. However, you can also choose to book just one of the two bedrooms.

We loved the locally crafted, handmade soap, stunning mosaic, contemporary sink, the tumbled river rocks in the shower, and the delightful blend of artwork and whimsical accents.

The low, louvered windows not only provide privacy, but also a gentle infusion of natural light. To access the room, you’ll pass through a semi-private breakfast nook area.

Hacienda Suite

This vibrant room features a mix of design elements for an unconventional aesthetic unlike anything you’ll find in Texas.

The colorful decor adds liveliness to the room, making it perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy moments. The fact that it can accommodate up to four adults makes it a versatile, comfortable option for groups or families traveling together.

Seating area consisting of two pink armchairs and a small table sitting between them. There is also a small lighting fixture hanging low between the two chairs. The walls are painted in a teal blue with Southwestern-style baskets displayed on the wall.

The room is also in a great location on the property, with beautiful scenery and lots of natural light.

The Artist Loft

The romantic and comfortable Artist Loft is located above the on-site restaurant, Roots at the Silo. The thick walls prevent any noise from below disrupting your relaxation time.

There are only a few windows, but the murals help open up the space, so it doesn’t feel cramped at all.

You’ll find a cozy reading nook with pillows where you can read or browse the books in the bookcase. There are also two coffee makers and a kitchen stocked with treats.

The Breakfast Nook

We loved the communal Breakfast Nook, which was stocked with complimentary snacks, drinks and breakfast items.

You will find fresh baked goodies like muffins, banana nut bread, or perhaps scones (depending on what day it is) baked by Jerry himself.

Other breakfast options include yogurt, cereal, fruit cups, instant oatmeal and handpicked fruit. If you feel like whipping up some eggs, you are free to make yourself at home and do just that!

There is great coffee, as well as tea. And for a little later, the fridge is stocked with beer, wine, cold water bottles, juices, sodas and more! You will even find some ice cream in the freezer!

You’re encouraged to wake up early or sleep in, and you can help yourself to as much as you like.

The nook is also equipped with bottle openers and wine glasses, pots and pans, a cooktop, and a microwave, should you need them.

On-Site Restaurant: Roots at the Silo

Roots at the Silo offers a world-class culinary experience at the Inn at the Art Center. It offers fresh, high-end food that infuses unique flavors into otherwise ordinary dishes.

Roots at the Silo is highly rated and boasts fabulous service. It is open for lunch Monday through Saturday, dinner Thursday through Saturday, and brunch on the first Saturday of the month.

They provide a reasonably priced, 5-course prix fixe meal, exquisitely prepared compared to similar restaurants.

With limited seating capacity and only two available seatings each night, it’s essential to secure a reservation in advance.

Give their Chipotle Roasted Corn Soup, Ribeye, Watermelon Gazpacho, or any of their other tasty dishes a try!

Bed & Breakfast in West Texas: Inn at the Art Center – Final Thoughts

A sense of serenity envelops every part of the guest experience at the Inn at the Art Center, a one-of-a-kind bed & breakfast in West Texas. It’s the perfect opportunity to break free from the pressures of daily life, enjoy a romantic weekend, or take part in an artistic workshop or event.

No matter what your goal is during your next trip to San Angelo, your stay will definitely be memorable. Be sure to check out all the things to do and great places to eat in San Angelo to keep the adventure going!

Whether you are an artist or just enjoy unique experiences, the Inn at the Art Center is the place for you! 

Last Updated 3 months ago by Jessica Serna | Published: November 16, 2023