30+ Things to Do in Tyler TX

The city of Tyler, TX otherwise known as the Rose Capital of the World, is an incredible city filled with music, community, adventure, and an appreciation for roses; all the way down to rose lattes on coffee menus and rose-themed goodies and souvenirs found within just about every gift shop. Embark on a rosy trip, discover all of the things to do/list of places to eat in Tyler and plan an eventful weekend getaway.

Support Wildlife Conservation

You can get up close and personal with penguins and black bears by booking an encounter at the Caldwell Zoo! It’s also home to the largest African elephant in North America and is committed to breeding endangered species, like the Reticulated Giraffe, while providing natural habitats for their animals.

In addition, there are a wide variety of animals, including big cats, but you should especially see the white tiger. These guys are super rare in the wild, so seeing one at the zoo is pretty awesome. Guests can even dine at their on-site restaurant, The Chakula Cafe, located on the African Overlook, when it’s time to grab some grub.

Roam Downtown Tyler 

Head on down to the heart of Tyler and soak in all of its tiny coffee shops, art galleries, and murals that adorn the street. It embraces the talent of its local artists by showcasing their work in unique ways, like on Art Alley and Gallery Main Street.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities for Instagram-worthy photo ops to share all the things there are to do in Tyler TX.

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Support Mexican Artists

Looking for a local business to support in Tyler? A perfect place to visit is Mita Artisan Shoppe, a local favorite located in Bergfeld Center. This quaint shop celebrates Mexican heritage by partnering with artisans in Mexico and assisting them in supporting their families.

Its shelves are filled with pieces of bright, hand-embroidered clothing, accessories, and decor that make for wonderful gifts and souvenirs. 

Things to do in Tyler TX

Party Almost Nightly

Tyler has dozens of fun events throughout the year, from markets to art galleries, live shows, karaoke nights, and wine tastings. Not to mention the summer Off Square Downtown Block Party, where visitors can enjoy live music and drinks while shopping at the local shops late into the night, and the Texas Rose Festival in October.

It’s a fun experience, no matter what time of year you decide to visit. Moreover, you’ll have plenty of things to do in Tyler Texas.


Pedal Around Tyler 

Site-seeing is a must anywhere you go, especially in the great state of Texas, and what better way to travel than biking around town? The CoCo Bean offers customers daily bicycle rentals for everyone to take in this beautifully creative city and all its things to do around Tyler Texas. 

Paddle Around Tyler

Or, at least on the lake. Turtle Island SUP offers rentals and lessons so that visitors can enjoy a warm summer day out on the water.

Things to do in Tyler TX

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Discover an East Texas Vineyard

Kiepersol invites guests to join them for their beautifully-bottled and thoughtfully-cultivated wines and spirits produced from the crisp water that flows beneath the property, as well as their famous steaks and the estate breakfast on Saturdays, which is usually only reserved for guests of the on-site B&B.

Kiepersol also offers tastings in their extravagant Grand Room, charcuterie classes, and the opportunity for you to take what you taste home with you or ship it to friends and the whole family to try for themselves.

Eat Your Way Around Tyler

Not only are there so many fun things to do in Tyler, TX for adults and kids alike, but there are also so many great flavors to indulge in! From one of the top BBQ spots in Texas to a modern eatery where you can watch your food as it’s prepared, and plenty of rose-flavored items, check out all of the great places to eat in Tyler.

Where to eat in Tyler TX

See Tyler Museum of Art

The Tyler Museum of Art is a cool place in Tyler, Texas, where you can see all sorts of American art. They’ve got stuff from way back in the 1800s up to stuff made nowadays. You can check out paintings, sculptures, prints, and other artsy things.

Moreover, they always have new exhibitions popping up, and they do fun stuff like classes and events to get people excited about art. It’s a great spot to explore and learn about cool stuff!

​Visit the McClendon House

The McClendon House is this old house in Tyler, Texas, that’s been around since the late 1800s. Now, it’s like a time machine you can visit! They offer tours where they tell you all about the house, who lived there, and what life was like back then.

It’s pretty cool to see how people lived way back when. Additionally, they have events and stuff going on throughout the year, so there’s always something fun to do there!

Have Fun at Discovery Science Place

A fun place where you can have a blast while learning about science. It’s like a big playground where you can touch, play, and explore all sorts of cool stuff. You can try out fun experiments, play with interactive displays, and see cool demonstrations. It’s perfect for kids and adults who love to learn and have fun at the same time.

Moreover, they often have cool events and workshops that dive even deeper into science. If you’re curious about the world around you, you’ve got to check it out!

Tour the Historic Aviation Memorial Museum

A really cool place where you can learn all about flying. They’ve got old planes and neat stuff about the pilots who flew them. You can see how flying has changed over time, and maybe even imagine yourself soaring through the skies. It’s the best place to visit if you’re into planes or just curious about how we’ve taken flight!

Be One with Nature at The Tyler Nature Center

The Tyler Nature Center is a serene sanctuary nestled in Tyler, TX, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. It’s like stepping into a peaceful forest right in the heart of the city! You can explore winding trails, spot birds and wildlife, and discover a variety of native plants and trees.

The center offers a chance to learn about the local ecosystem through interactive exhibits and educational programs. Whether you’re looking for a short distance stroll or a deeper understanding of nature, the Tyler Nature Center is a wonderful place to connect with the natural world.

Learn About Tyler’s Rose Industry

Take a stroll through the largest collection of roses at the Tyler Rose Garden. It’s free admission, so you can enjoy the lovely smell of these beautiful perennials. You can even reserve a private guided tour around the garden grounds, available year-round.

Don’t forget to check out the Tyler Rose Museum, a historic facility filled with interactive exhibits and displays dedicated to showcasing the rich history of the Texas Rose Festival and preserving the history of Tyler’s rose industry. 

Experience Weightlessness

Looking for a way to unwind as you make your way through your list of all the best things to do in Tyler? Relax Lab offers massages, stretch treatments, and float therapy, where you’ll experience weightlessness as you float in a giant tub with 1200 pounds of Epsom salt. Positivity and a calm environment are what Relax Lab is all about, so you can truly let go and feel at peace.