90 Fun Free Fort Worth Date Ideas for Couples

Having a date shouldn’t be expensive. it’s all about the quality time together anyways. That’s why we worked to compile this list of free Fort Worth date ideas for couples so that you can have a great time without the stress of money. Plus make sure to check out our other list of Fort Worth date ideas. And if you don’t have a date, no problem. It makes a great list of things to do in general.

Free Fort Worth Date Ideas for Couples

1.See the waterfalls – Yes! Even Fort Worth has some cool falls. Just a short hike over to Marion Sansom Park and you can enjoy the water cascading over.

Free Fort Worth Date Ideas for Couples

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2. Watch the cattle come through – Chances are if you live in Fort Worth you know about the stockyards and the cattle that walk through, but that doesn’t change how impressive it is. And when’s the last time you really went down there anyways? It’s not just for the tourists.

3. See the art – The Amon Carter Museum is in the culture district of Fort Worth where you’ll find regularly rotating exhibits and thoughtful art pieces all for free!

4. See money being printed – And no this isn’t part of a crime movie. At the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Fort Worth you can see the process of printing money yourself.

5. Go on a journey – Sometimes it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey you take to get there and with Molly the Trolley, couples can enjoy a fun, free, and nostalgic date while riding in a vintage style trolley.

6. Become an art expert – From sculptures to historic art and everything in between, the Kimbell Art Museum hosts an impressive number of exhibits and opportunities to get lost. Find your favorite piece and then see if you can recreate it in your own way for a masterpiece you can display at home.

7. Discover space – Couples in Fort Worth can get up close glimpse of space for free at the Monning Meteorite Museum where you can see all different types of meteorites.

8. Catch a special event – The Fort Worth Community Arts Center always has new exhibits, exiting events, and other activities so make sure to keep up to date with the calendar for anything new that comes along.

9. Walk over 100 miles – Maybe not in one day, but at the Trinity Trails you can enjoy multiple free dates by exploring all the different paths and changing scenery.

10. Explore an oasis – The River Legacy Park is an urban oasis with 1300 acres of dense forests and stunning river overlooks.

11. Chill at the lake – With a little beach-like area and some of the most breathtaking sunsets plan a romantic date at Benbrook Lake that won’t cost you anything.

12.Go gallery hopping – There is quite the blooming art scene in Fort Worth and so many local artists whose creativity you can enjoy. You can do a search and find almost countless art galleries, but a few to start your search include Artspace 1111, Edmund Craig Gallery, and Thomas Kinkade Gallery.

13. Be a part of the art -While some artists like to have their paintings in galleries, others prefer for their artwork to be displayed on public walls for all to see and take pictures with. Grab your camera or phone and enjoy taking cool pictures. A top spot with multiple murals in one is inspiration alley.

Free Fort Worth Date Ideas for Couples

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14. Play in the fountains – It’s time to let out that inner kid at Sundance Square where you can dance and play at the fountains!

15. Get a scenic look of the city – With a gorgeous overlook, Eagle Mountain Park is another great hiking spot with views worthy of taking a date to see.

16. Go on a walking tour – How well do you know Fort Worth? Be a tourist in your town with Walk Fort Worth

17. Take a tour of Bass Hall – This beautiful building is available for tours to learn all about the buildings behind the shows that go on here.

18. See a sunset – These views are free! Enjoy the company of each other while the brilliant colors of the sky change Tandy Hill Natural Area or Inspiration point.

Free Fort Worth Date Ideas for Couples

19. Take a self guided African American historical tour – Visit Fort Worth put together a great guide to learn about African American history in the city.

20. Catch an event – Never underestimate the power of Facebook events when it comes to finding free Fort Worth dates. There is always so much going on and all you have to do is search around!

21. Wander through the stockyards – This one is a given but there’s always something fun going on at any given time. There’s shops to check out and so much to see.

Free Fort Worth Date Ideas for Couples

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22. Visit the Water Gardens – Imagine a serene stroll through an urban oasis, hand in hand with someone special. The air carries the faint scent of blooming flowers, and the distant sound of flowing water beckons you deeper into the park.

23. Peruse an Art Museum – In the heart of the city’s Cultural District, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth stands as a beacon of contemporary art. With expansive galleries, outdoor sculptures, a reflecting pond, and various amenities, it serves as a vibrant center for art, education, and community engagement, offering free admission on Fridays.

24. Browse an Antique Shop – A visit to the Cross-Eyed Moose Antique shop promises a captivating date filled with hours of exploration among an eclectic array of rustic furnishings, rare collectibles, and contemporary western art.

25. Spend a Day in the Sun – Escape for a romantic day by the Trinity River at Sandy Beach Park, a charming spot perfect for tubing and soaking up the sun, with select Sundays offering an extra dash of excitement through food trucks, games, and live music.

26. Hike to Airfield Falls – Picture this: a date in nature’s beauty along the paved Trinity Trails, a short and delightful hike leading to an enchanting waterfall oasis. The cascading waters invite playful splashes and offer the perfect backdrop for picturesque moments. Did somebody say “proposal”?

27. Take a Historical Walk – Embark on a historic journey through Fort Worth’s western heritage, tracing the trail from Downtown Fort Worth to the captivating Stockyards National Historic District—a romantic adventure steeped in cowboy culture and tales of the Old West.

28. Go Window Shopping – Explore Sundance Square for a delightful window shopping date, where open-air centers showcase a spectrum of styles—from boutique charm to luxurious finds—tempting you to step in and indulge in a few treasures along the way.

29. Visit a Beautiful Garden – Spend a romantic day in nature at the Southwest Regional Library Demo Garden, surrounded by native plant species and shaded benches along tranquil paths, ideal for indulging in a book or sharing a picturesque picnic. Don’t miss the chance for a snapshot beside the butterfly wing sculpture!

30. Explore the History of Fort Worth – Immerse yourselves at Leonard’s Museum, where an extensive collection of memorabilia chronicles the compelling story of the Leonard brothers, their impact on Fort Worth, and their legacy through items, news articles, clothing, and nostalgic regalia.

31. Visit Lee Harvey Oswald’s Grave – Explore a mysterious and contentious part of history with a unique date at Fort Worth’s Shannon Rose Hill Burial Park, where Lee Harvey Oswald, entangled in the enigmatic events surrounding President Kennedy’s assassination, was laid to rest amidst a saga involving stolen headstones, conspiracy theories, and an artist’s cleverly placed empty plot adjacent to Oswald’s grave.

32. See the Man With a Briefcase Sculpture – Visit Burnett Park, where Jonathan Borofsky’s towering 50-foot aluminum sculpture, the “Man With a Briefcase,” stands as a thought-provoking representation of global business culture, leaving its interpretation and meaning open for exploration and contemplation.

32. Go to a Dog Park – Have a romantic day surrounded by canine joy and nature’s beauty at Tails ‘N Trails, a cherished off-leash dog park in The American Dream City, offering fenced areas, wooded trails, and open spaces.

33. Check Out a Farmers Market – Explore the vibrant sights, sounds, and flavors of the local community together by wandering through a farmers market—a delightful and interactive experience filled with fresh produce, artisanal goods, and a lively atmosphere.

34. Visit the Thanksgiving Chapel – Savor a romantic day enveloped in serenity at a downtown Dallas oasis—visit the breathtaking chapel adorned with a mesmerizing spiral stained glass ceiling, including the awe-inspiring “Glory Window,” a symbolic and captivating masterpiece symbolizing the endless ascent of the human spirit.

35. Hang Out at a Fountain – Embark on a playful and enchanting date at the Nancy Best Fountain, a one-of-a-kind interactive water feature that transforms each evening into a mesmerizing spectacle with choreographed light and music shows.

36. Go to a Movie Night – Indulge in a romantic evening atop Sundown at Granada’s rooftop, with free movie nights every Tuesday at 7:30 pm offer the perfect setting for a cozy date under the stars, complete with movie-themed cocktails, dinner, and the option to bring your own blankets for a delightful, 21+ cinematic experience.

37. Visit Oak Lawn Neighbourhood – Stroll hand in hand through Oak Lawn, Texas, exploring its vibrant streets lined with eclectic boutiques and cozy cafes, creating the ideal backdrop for a charming and leisurely date.

38. Go to a Bookstore – Picture this: a date immersed in the charming ambiance of The Wild Detectives, where a fusion of books, records, cultural events, and live music create an enchanting setting perfect for bookworms and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

39. Peruse an Art Museum – Imagine a romantic day unfolding in the halls of the captivating Dallas Museum of Art, inviting you to lose yourselves amidst historical masterpieces and cutting-edge interactive exhibits.

40. See the Eye Sculpture – Capture a quirky and memorable date in Downtown Dallas with a visit to The Eye Sculpture – a unique surprise nestled in its private lot, perfect for snapping playful and cool photos together.

41. Look at Some Asian Art – Indulge in a romantic exploration at the Crow Museum of Asian Art, where the richness of Asian cultures unfolds through diverse exhibitions, educational programming, and engaging visitor experiences.

42. Explore African Art and History – Embark on a culturally enriching date at the African American Museum, dedicated to preserving and showcasing African American heritage through an extensive collection of art, culture, and historical artifacts.

43. Peruse an Art Museum – Dallas Contemporary stands as an influential arts space, dedicated to showcasing cutting-edge contemporary artistic expression and production through a dynamic array of exhibitions, performances, and engaging public programs.

44. Do the Texas Sculpture Walk – Picture a date immersed in the artistic ambiance of Hall Arts, where contemporary sculptures and art transcend conventional museum walls, seamlessly integrating into the fabric of everyday life.

45. Visit Blues Alley – Stroll through Blues Alley and be mesmerized by an array of vibrant murals adorning its walls, each telling a unique historic story and adding an artistic flair to the bustling streetscape.

46. See the Spot Where JFK was Assassinated – Dealey Plaza holds historical significance as the site of President John F. Kennedy’s tragic assassination, marked by a museum offering insights into Kennedy’s legacy and the events surrounding his untimely death, surrounded by various memorials within the plaza.

47. Spend a Day at the Park – Spend a romantic day at Klyde Warren Park, a lush urban oasis nestled in downtown Dallas. The 5.2-acre deck park offers an array of free activities, from yoga sessions to outdoor concerts and films.

48. Look at the Skyline – Create a romantic experience on the Ronald Kirk Bridge, an exquisite pedestrian pathway spanning the Trinity River in Dallas, Texas, offering a picturesque vista of the city skyline.

49. See the Traveling Man – The Traveling Man is a captivating trio of artistic installations, each embodying a whimsical and larger-than-life representation of a traveler, adding an enchanting and imaginative touch to the neighborhood’s vibrant streetscape.

50. Visit the House of Shine – House of Shine, an educational nonprofit and interactive museum, is a unique hub dedicated to self-discovery, offering engaging exhibits and programs that uncover individual potential, allowing visitors to explore and harness their inner “shine” for personal growth and community impact.

51. Listen to Classical Music Live – The Dallas Fine Arts Chamber Players provide free classical music concerts and educational programs across diverse locations, fostering cultural enrichment and community engagement.

52. Spend Time in Nature – White Rock Lake, a 1,015-acre city lake, is a bustling park hosting numerous events and activities, offering a unique urban oasis where you can engage in both active pursuits and serene moments amidst natural landscapes and wildlife.

53. See Some Murals – The Bishop Arts District stands as a vibrant hub showcasing Dallas’s finest artistry, boasting unique culinary experiences, charmingly painted homes, and an abundance of large-scale murals perfect for your Insta-feed.

54. Visit the City Hall – Embark on a captivating date at Dallas City Hall, showcasing its distinctive inverted wedge shape and a mesmerizing 7-acre plaza adorned with Henry Moore’s sculptures, promising a unique and memorable sightseeing experience.

55. Immerse Yourself in History – At Fair Park, the Hall of State is a haven for history enthusiasts, boasting over 3 million historic documents and artifacts, set amidst the largest collection of 1930s art deco exposition style architecture in North America.

56. See the Samurai Collection – On the second floor of the Saint Ann restaurant and bar at the Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum, you will find an extensive collection of Japanese armor, weaponry, artwork, and accessories, ranking among the world’s largest assemblages of its kind.

57. Explore a University – Experience a charming date within the scenic Southern Methodist University campus, a historically rich institution boasting stunning architecture and picturesque landscapes. Wander through tree-lined boulevards, and visit the university’s lovely libraries.

58. Check Out Some Architecture – Nestled in the Arts District, the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center is a visual marvel, boasting impressive architecture, remarkable acoustics, and captivating sculptures and artworks. Its grandeur is accessible to all, offering a breathtaking sight even without the need for a concert ticket.

59. Step into the Past – Embark on a charming date at Old City Park, the home of the largest and finest collection of 19th-century pioneer and Victorian structures in Texas, where the tree-shaded 20-acre setting invites you to stroll through and immerse yourselves in the captivating experience of discovering life over 100 years ago for ordinary Texans.

60. Relax at a Park – Savor a romantic day enveloped in tranquility at Connor Park, Texas, where lush greenery and serene trails create the perfect setting for shared moments amidst nature’s beauty, ideal for a day filled with connection.

61. Go to a Library – Immerse yourselves in history and literature on a visit to the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library, where an extensive book collection, an original print of the Declaration of Independence from 1776, and William Shakespeare’s prized first folio from 1623 await your exploration.

62. Visit Mary Kay Cosmetics – Embark on a historical journey through the vision of Mary Kay Ash at the cosmetics headquarters, where a free museum honors her accomplishments and entrepreneurial spirit, featuring interactive exhibits, a theater, and the inspiring Hall of Honor.

63. Meander through Cobblestone Streets – Experience Dallas’ Historic West End, where masterfully restored buildings line cobblestone streets, inviting leisurely strolls, people-watching and a vibrant array of shops, restaurants, and entertainment.

64. See Some Art and Nature – NorthPark Center, Dallas’ premier shopping and dining hub, doubles as an art enthusiast’s paradise, boasting a prestigious collection featuring major works by renowned artists and a serene 1.4-acre landscaped garden, CenterPark, offering both relaxation and free community events amid world-class sculptures and lush greenery.

65. Picnic at the Airport – At the Founders Plaza Observation Station in Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, you can see the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s busiest airports, have fun with the long-distance binoculars, aircraft identification aids, and four convenient picnic areas for an immersive airport viewing experience.

66. See Some Model Trains – The Children’s Medical Center of Dallas boasts the country’s largest permanent model train display, a captivating free exhibit housed in the hospital lobby where eight trains run simultaneously, offering a fun experience for visitors of all ages.

67. Browse the Dallas Farmers Market – The Dallas Farmers Market offers a delightful date option seven days a week, featuring local farmers showcasing and selling fresh produce, herbs, honey, nuts, and plants – a perfect setting for a leisurely stroll.

68. Visit a Fountain – In Downtown’s Fountain Place, an oasis awaits at the base of a striking office tower, boasting colorful flowers, waterfalls, and 172 bubbler fountains that dance harmoniously, creating a mesmerizing spectacle amidst the 1.2-million-square-foot green reflective glass structure.

69. See Some Bronze Hand Sculptures – Explore the remarkable Adrian E. Flatt, M.D. Hand Collection at Baylor University Medical Center, housing over 100 cast, bronze-coated hands of various personalities like Katherine Hepburn and Winston Churchill, offering a fascinating contrast in sizes and a unique glimpse into the essence of personal capability.

70. Visit Pioneer Plaza – Pioneer Plaza stands as a prominent tourist destination, featuring a large sculpture within a sprawling public park in the Convention Center District. Adjacent to this site is the Pioneer Park Cemetery, notable for its Confederate War Memorial.

71. Go to an Urban Musical Forest – While entry to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science is not free, you can enjoy complimentary access to its outdoor plaza and lobby, which also provides free Wi-Fi. The plaza boasts a one-acre urban forest and a hands-on musical forest featuring oversized xylophones and chimes.

72. Take Photos with an LED Pegasus and see a fountain – Nestled in the heart of downtown Dallas City Center, Pegasus Plaza boasts a limestone fountain and meandering stream, intricately connected to a natural mineral spring. Marvel at the historic Pegasus sign adorning the nearby Magnolia Hotel, adding a touch of iconic charm to this urban oasis.

73. Learn About Money – Explore the dynamic world of finance at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas’ “The Economy in Action” Exhibit. Delve into exhibits showcasing historical currency, the establishment of the FED, monetary policy, the process of moving money, and other fascinating aspects that bring economic concepts to life.

74. Have a Cultural Experience – Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Latino culture at the Latino Cultural Center, where a diverse array of local and national talents takes center stage. From live entertainment, films, and performances to arts and crafts for kids, the center offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences.

75. See a Performance – The Art Deco-style Bath House on White Rock Lake’s shores is a welcoming venue for diverse visual and performing artists. It features a 116-seat black-box theater, three galleries, the White Rock Lake Museum, and various multipurpose spaces, providing a dynamic hub for artistic expression and cultural activities.

76. Visit Bonnie Parker’s Grave – Embark on a unique and historical date at Crown Hill Memorial Park in North Dallas, where you can visit the final resting place of Bonnie Parker, the female counterpart of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde duo.

77. Go to a Buddhist Center – Embark on a serene and introspective date at the Buddhist Center of Dallas, where you and your partner can immerse yourselves in the tranquil ambiance of meditation and spiritual exploration. Share a mindful experience as you explore the teachings of Buddhism, fostering a connection in a peaceful and contemplative setting.

78. Visit Dragon Park – Delight in a whimsical and romantic date, where vibrant mosaic dragons and enchanting sculptures create an artistic backdrop for a charming afternoon stroll. Lose yourselves in the magical atmosphere of this hidden gem, perfect for sparking conversation and creating lasting memories.

79. Explore Some Architecture – Embark on a captivating date at the Hall of State, where history comes to life amid the grand architecture and cultural exhibits. Wander through the stately halls, appreciating the rich heritage and sparking engaging conversations against the backdrop of this iconic Dallas landmark.

80. Take a Class – Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene of Oak Cliff at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center, offering residents a tapestry of art and cultural experiences that celebrate the diversity of the surrounding neighborhood. Engage in free theatre workshops, dance classes, art exhibits, receptions, and more.

81. Visit an Upmarket Neighborhood – Discover the charm of Oak Lawn on a romantic date, where tree-lined streets, trendy boutiques, and eclectic dining options create the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll hand in hand.

82. Go to a Dog Park – Indulge in a playful and outdoorsy date at NorthBark Dog Park, where the expansive grounds offer a perfect setting for you and your furry friends to enjoy a day of fun and relaxation. Take a leisurely stroll around the scenic trails or engage in friendly games of fetch.

83. Visit a Cemetary – Embark on a historical and contemplative date at Pioneer Cemetery, where the resting place of early Dallas settlers from the 1850s to the 1920s offers a unique glimpse into the city’s past.

84. See a Waterfall – Create a romantic and picturesque day at Airfield Falls Trailhead, Tarrant County’s largest natural waterfall, where the breathtaking scenery serves as a backdrop to the important conservation efforts supporting native wildlife and monarch butterflies during their northward migration.

85. Picnic in the Park – Escape to the tranquility of Barbrook Park, a 12-acre oasis. Whether strolling along the hiking and biking trails, enjoying a leisurely picnic, or simply soaking in the serene ambiance of the pond, the park provides a perfect retreat to reconnect with nature.

86. Go on a Walking Tour – Embark on a stroll through history on the Downtown Fort Worth Walking Tours. Delve into the rich heritage of Fort Worth with a guided tour through its historic downtown, discovering hidden gems, architectural marvels, and fascinating stories that bring the city’s past to life.

87. Take a Hip Hop Class – Embark on a fun and rhythmic date with free Dallas Hip Hop Dance Classes, offering lively lessons for both kids and adults, whether you come solo or as a couple. Dive into the world of hip hop at all skill levels, from beginners to the more advanced, and groove together in an energetic and vibrant atmosphere.

88. Go Skateboarding – Create a romantic and adventurous day at Lakeland Hills Skatepark. Share thrills as you navigate multiple down ramps, rails, and quarter pipes, combining the joy of skateboarding with the picturesque setting for a unique and memorable date.

89. Go BMXing – Experience an exhilarating date at The Edge, situated in Allen Station Park’s south end, offering the largest outdoor skate park in the state, two roller-hockey rinks, a BMX track, and a Visitor Center.

90. Bowl to Live Music – Experience Lakewood Theater in East Dallas, home to Bowlski’s—a throwback bowling alley and live music venue. While food and beverages are not free, you have the option to indulge in frozen and on-tap beer and ranch waters, along with Double Dave’s pizza.

Free Fort Worth Date Ideas for Couples: Final Thoughts

Fort Worth is great because there really is so much around! I love that they have such a large list of free things to do.

For more ideas of things to do for couples in Fort Worth, check out the full list of Fort Worth date ideas.

Free Fort Worth Date Ideas for Couples

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