Top Unique Things to Do in Corpus Christi, TX

Are you prepared to trade in your beach towels for adventure towels in the coastal city of Corpus Christi? Grab your sombreros, for this great place on the Gulf Coast has so much to offer! Yes, the beaches are picture-perfect, and fans should not miss the Selena Museum, but there’s also tons of exciting stuff to do. So gather your sense of wonder and your sunglasses. Join me on some unique Corpus Christi attractions that will have you singing a song!

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Walkathon through a Scavenger Hunt​

Get to know this remarkable place through an interactive scavenger hunt and see parts of the city beyond what most tourists will see! Your live and interactive remote host will provide you with your digital adventure.

Walking or driving to the many checkpoints will require you to solve puzzles, accept absurd challenges, and step outside of your comfort zone! The game is great for the whole family with dogs since it switches between indoor and outdoor areas and has lots of extra difficulties!

You’ll definitely be able to enjoy yourself while exploring hidden treasures and historic homes, creating memories, laughing, and picking up new skills on this self-guided tour. You’ll become a part of this vibrant city’s local culture! Check the availability of this exciting game here.

Get Closer with Marine Life at the Texas State Aquarium

When it comes to aquatic fun things, the Texas State Aquarium is the better place to be. See a variety of marine life swimming across coral reefs, get up close and personal with majestic sea turtles, and watch joyful dolphins jump and pirouette in their spacious home.

Take advantage of the exclusive encounters, where you can feed the fish for an hour. You can also go snorkeling with our six resident sandbar sharks, and maybe even get up close and personal with a stingray (don’t worry, they’re smooth!). This is definitely one of the most unique things to do in Corpus Christi.

Reach for the Skies with Splendid Aviation 

A truly unforgettable opportunity to learn about aviation and get a bird’s-eye view of Corpus Christi is provided by a discovery flight with Splendid Aviation. For almost three hours, you will soar over the city and its surrounding areas. It will give you a breathtaking view of the landscape from a perspective that not many people get to see.

It is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day. A discovery flight with Splendid Aviation is the ideal approach to fulfill your aviation dreams and experience the thrill of flying. Enjoy the view of Corpus Christi from above and reach the flight deck by booking here.

Get Wild at the America’s Birdiest City

Prepare to let your inner ornithologist out, birdwatchers! Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve in Corpus Christi is home to more than 350 local wildlife species. They range in size from elegant egrets to noisy parrots.

Explore bird watching and learn about the importance of protecting the wetlands for future generations to enjoy through the center’s guided nature walks and customized field trips. Extra points for taking a picture of a pink flamingo-eyed roseate spoonbill, a belted kingfisher, or a yellow-billed cuckoo.

Wander Through Time at the Art Museum of South Texas

This museum is a remarkably rich source of artwork by international and local artists, with its unique and modern architectural design. Explore and get caught up in a variety of pieces showcasing a wide range of artistic techniques and styles.

This museum stands out because of its constantly changing displays, holding approximately fifteen (15) exhibitions in a year aside from the museum’s permanent collection. Visit the museum every First Friday of the month (for free!) or check the ticket price here. 

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Step Back in Time at the USS Lexington Museum

Experience a day in the life of a sailor at the USS Lexington. An aircraft carrier from World War II that is now a museum. You may explore exhibits spread over many stories, some of which require you to squeeze through cramped spaces while learning a great deal about the daily lives of sailors.

It takes hours to go through one of the most detailed museums we have ever seen. Consider the escape rooms as a unique add-on. They take the ordinary ship experience and make it scarier or more thrilling! We liked this because, in addition to feeling more immersive than a standard escape room, it’s one of the best ways to include the concept of semi-realistic ship life.

A museum ship

Kayak Through a Sea of Stars

Discover the colorful underwater world off the coast of Corpus Christi with this special clear kayak trip on North Padre Island, which highlights the life of the Corpus Christi marina with underwater LED lights.

This trip leaves from Sunset Island, a popular spot just outside of Corpus Christi. As you paddle through the shallows at night, you may see stingrays, blue crabs, redfish, and other sea creatures. We’ve seen them all! Check the availability of the glowing kayak tour here.

Clear Kayaks with colorful lights at night.

Unveil the Plant Wonders of the South Texas Botanical Gardens

The South Texas Botanical Gardens offers a green sanctuary in the middle of the city for those who enjoy nature trails. This 180-acre paradise, complete with hidden butterfly house, scented orchid conservatories, and a hummingbird garden filled with iridescent beauty, is a jungle gym for nature lovers.

Prepare yourself for a trip to a tropical sanctuary by packing your walking shoes and remembering to wear sunscreen because the Texas sun may be harsh. Watch out for colorful parrots that can fly around your path!

A cute pin bird house decorated with real small flowers.

Get Artsy at ArtWalk Corpus Christi

On the first Friday of every month, go over to the Marina Arts District. There are special events at the art center of Corpus Christi! Downtown Corpus Christi comes alive with live music and galleries showcasing the creations of local and national artists on ArtWalk Fridays.

Around 75 local food trucks and arts and crafts sellers are set up in Artesian Park.

Escape to Hogwarts through The Coffee Mugg

The Coffee Mugg is a coffee establishment with a Harry Potter theme that will take you to Corpus Christi’s own version of Hogwarts. Books, games, and posters from the magical world are used as décor to give fans an authentic experience.

The clever names and twists of the coffee beverages, teas, and snacks that The Coffee Mugg serves are inspired by the Harry Potter universe. For a truly magical treat, try their “Golden Snitch Cookie” or “Butterbeer Latte”. Got more cravings? We highly suggest checking out the best places to eat in Corpus Christi

Make Waves at the Selena Memorial

Visit the Selena Memorial at the Overlook of the Flower or the Selena Museum to fully immerse yourself in Corpus Christi’s rich musical history. Selena’s spirit is definitely alive in Corpus Christi!

At the memorial, take a selfie with the bronze statue and enjoy the breathtaking bay views while blasting “Como la Flor.” The museum houses a collection of Selena’s iconic costumes, awards, and personal items. The place offers a closer look into the life of the “Queen of Tejano,” Selena Quintanilla-Perez.

40+ Romantic Things To Do & Date Ideas In Corpus Christi for Couples (6)

Go Horseback Riding on the Beach

A unique experience for those seeking a mix of excitement and peace of mind is a horseback ride along Corpus’s stunning sandy beaches. You may saddle up and ride a horse at “Horses on the Beach Corpus” to enjoy the immaculate beach. Friendly guides provide a safe and enjoyable ride for all riders, regardless of experience level. Also, they may provide short horse-riding lessons for those new to the sport.

A truly fascinating retreat into nature is provided by the majestic creatures’ rhythmic movement, the calming sounds of the waves, and the salty sea wind.

A woman in white dress riding on a horse along the beach

Get Lost in the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History

Set off on an exciting time-traveling journey at the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History! Discover the mysteries of the shipwreck La Belle from 1686 and be amazed by the photographs of John Fredrick McGregor.

Learn about the 500 years of history in South Texas and follow the growth of the Corpus Christi port. For people of all ages, interactive exhibitions bring science and history to life! See the amazing treasures of the present and the past under one roof.

There’s more to Corpus Christi than its beaches and Selena’s birthplace. It’s a city worth experiencing because of its unique attractions, lively arts scene, and rich history. Take the less-traveled route the next time you’re in the area to find the hidden treasures and unique things to do in Corpus Christi.

Unleash Your Inner Cowboy (Girl) at the Texas SandFest

In Corpus Christi, spring break isn’t only for college students. Get your boots ready for the largest beach sand sculpture competition in the USA—the Texas SandFest! Watch as skilled sculptors turn heaps of sand into mystical animals, imaginative castles, and even life-size reenactments of Texas landmarks.

For younger visitors, there are seminars for making sandcastles, live music, an abundance of food trucks, and nighttime fireworks. It is essentially a beach party with a lot of sand involved. Join the fun in the sand on April 19-21, 2024.

Try Local Siren’s Call Winery

Visit the nearby Siren’s Call Winery to experience the flavor of Corpus Christi. Located in the city center and less than five minutes from the beach. This small urban vineyard is renowned for its superb selection of handmade wines. The winery provides charcuterie (both to stay and to go!) and a selection of wines to suit every taste. They range from strong reds with lots of body to clean whites.

A genuine Corpus Christi flavor is ensured in every sip by Siren’s Call Winery’s dedication to using premium Texas grapes. This is a great place to take your significant other on a date! Make things romantic and impress your date by reading our best romantic date ideas in Corpus Christi.

Top Unique Things to Do in Corpus Christi, TX: Final Thoughts

Folks, there you have it! These ten plus unique Corpus Christi things to do that will make your weekend trip—or spring break—one to remember. Recall that this is only a sampling of what this treasure of a shoreline has to offer.

Corpus Christi is the perfect place to relax. You can explore and have a great time because of its numerous unique activities and picture-perfect attractions . Ready to unlock Corpus Christi’s year-round adventure? Get your gear (whatever it may be!) and let’s explore!

P.S. Don’t forget to share your Corpus Christi adventures with me on social media using #MyCurlyAdventures! I can’t wait to see you soaking up the sun and making your own coastal memories.

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