Volunteer With Animals in Dallas: Find Your Furry Friends!

If you’re an animal lover residing in Dallas, TX, looking for opportunities to volunteer, you are in luck! The city is home to numerous animal shelters and organizations that not only appreciate your voluntary services but also provide opportunities for temporary pet foster families. Whether you decide to foster pets or not, becoming a Dallas animal shelter volunteer is a rewarding and worthwhile experience that brings joy to homeless animals

You might fall in love with an adult cat or an adult dog, or maybe you’ll meet a shelter kitty or shelter pup. There are also places on this list where you can volunteer with livestock or rabbits. Volunteering is a great way to give back and take care of an animal before they find their forever home.

So, if you want to join your furry friends and become a volunteer, we’ve put together a list of the best places to do it.

Dallas Animal Services (DAS)

Dallas Animal Services (DAS) is a perfect place to start. As one of the largest animal services departments in the nation, DAS offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities. From walking dogs and cuddling cats to helping with events or at the front desk, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, they have a foster care program that allows residents to temporarily care for pets right in their own homes!

Operation Kindness

Operation Kindness is another great venue to consider becoming a Dallas animal shelter volunteer. As the largest no-kill animal shelter in North Texas, they not only welcome volunteers but also offer a foster program.

You can help socialize animals and prepare them for their forever homes, or take a pet home temporarily to provide them with the love and care they need.

SPCA of Texas

The SPCA of Texas is another wonderful organization where volunteers can make a real difference. They offer a variety of roles, including animal care, customer service, and even positions in their thrift store. They also have a foster program where volunteers can temporarily house pets that need a bit more care before they’re ready for adoption.

Rescue Me DFW 

Rescue Me DFW is yet another commendable organization in the Dallas region dedicated to animal welfare. This all-volunteer, foster-based rescue group is devoted to saving abandoned pets, many of which are housed in high-kill shelters. Their primary goal is to place these animals in safe, loving foster homes where they can thrive until they find their forever homes. The organization also prioritizes educating the public about responsible pet ownership and promotes spaying and neutering to help control the pet population.

Volunteering with Rescue Me DFW can take on many forms, from providing temporary foster care for pets to helping with adoption events to assisting with transport or administrative tasks. It’s a brilliant opportunity for Dallas residents to give back to the community and make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable animals.

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East Lake Pet Orphanage

East Lake Pet Orphanage, also lovingly known as ELPO, is yet another prominent place to become a Dallas animal shelter volunteer. This non-profit organization is committed to providing refuge, medical care, and new homes for abandoned and unwanted pets. Volunteers at ELPO play a vital role in the day-to-day operations, from feeding and cleaning to socializing with the animals and assisting with administrative tasks.

They also need help with their various events, including adoption days and fundraisers. Volunteering at ELPO not only contributes to the welfare of these pets but also provides a rewarding and fulfilling experience for those who want to devote their time and efforts towards a compassionate cause.

The Humane Society aka Dog ‘N Kitty City

The Humane Society, aka Dog ‘N Kitty City, offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities, including feeding and interacting with the animals, assisting at adoption events, and helping with administrative tasks. In addition to these roles, both the Humane Society and Dog ‘N Kitty City also offer social media opportunities.

This role could be a perfect fit for those who not only have a passion for animals but are also interested in developing their digital marketing or social media skills. Volunteers can help manage the organizations’ social media platforms, creating and sharing content that engages the community, promotes the cause, and helps these vulnerable animals find their forever homes.

DFW Humane Society

DFW Humane Society: another deserving institution where animal lovers can channel their passion and energy. As a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter, the DFW Humane Society relies heavily on volunteer support to carry out its mission of giving unwanted and homeless pets a second chance through adoption.

A Dallas animal shelter volunteer here can partake in a variety of roles, ranging from direct animal care—such as feeding, grooming, and exercise—to assisting with adoption events and outreach initiatives. There are even opportunities to foster animals in your own home until they find their forever families.

Texas Pawprints Cat & Kitten Rescue 

Texas Pawprints Cat & Kitten Rescue offers another avenue for animal lovers to become part of a volunteer team and make a difference. Aimed specifically at the welfare of cats and kittens, this non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicates its efforts to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming our feline friends who are in need.

They thoroughly depend on the support of volunteers for everything from fostering cats to helping at adoption events to managing their social media platforms.

An orange cat carried by a woman in volunteer printed blue shirt.

Dallas Pets Alive

Dallas Pets Alive: This organization thrives on the dedication and hard work of Dallas animal shelter volunteers. This non-profit is strongly committed to promoting and providing the resources, education, and programs needed to eliminate the killing of companion animals.

Volunteers at Dallas Pets Alive can be involved in a wide variety of tasks, including but not limited to animal care, fostering, adoption events, and social media management. Their unique approach focuses on rescuing animals on the euthanasia list, aiming for a future where all animals have homes.

The opportunity to volunteer at Dallas Pets Alive provides not only a chance to help these animals but also to become part of a compassionate, dynamic community dedicated to making a tangible difference.

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Heart and Bones Rescue Center

Heart and Bones Rescue Center, based in Dallas, is another outstanding city shelter that thrives on the dedication and hard work of volunteers. Known for its commitment to providing rescue and rehabilitation services to dogs in peril, the center takes in animals from high-kill shelters, providing them with medical attention, care, and love until they find their forever homes.

Volunteers at Heart and Bones Rescue Center are integral to the organization’s operations, and their roles vary from hands-on care like walking and feeding a shelter dog to helping with administrative tasks and event planning.

Texas State Fair

Texas State Fair: The annual Texas State Fair also offers a unique volunteer opportunity for animal lovers. Volunteers can assist with the Livestock Department by helping with the various exhibits, shows, and competitions that happen during the fair.

They can also be a part of the Petting Zoo and Birthing Barn, where fair attendees can interact with and learn about different farm animals. Beyond these, there are opportunities to assist in educational programs targeted towards children, promoting responsible pet ownership, and the importance of animal conservation.

Volunteering at the Texas State Fair not only serves the interests of animal welfare but also provides a platform to educate the public about the critical issues facing animals today.

North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary (NTRS)

North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary (NTRS): in Garland is another excellent option for those who are passionate about animals, particularly rabbits. Established to provide a safe haven for abandoned and abused rabbits, NTRS thrives on the generosity of its volunteers.

There, volunteers can assist in various ways, from providing hands-on care for the rabbits to cleaning habitats, helping to socialize the animals, or even assisting with administrative tasks. NTRS also encourages volunteers to educate visitors about proper rabbit care and the importance of adoption, fostering an atmosphere of empathy and understanding.

Dallas Zoo

Dallas Zoo: The Dallas Zoo, home to a diverse array of wildlife, offers an enriching volunteer program for animal enthusiasts. Volunteers here have the opportunity to assist with a multitude of tasks. These range from supporting animal care and conducting guided tours to assisting with educational programs with a variety of positive outcomes.

Volunteer Match

Volunteer Match: A fantastic resource for discovering a broad range of volunteer opportunities is Volunteer Match. This platform provides listings for numerous animal welfare organizations needing volunteer support across the country. Check out their wide range of volunteer opportunities with animals.

Volunteer With Animals in Dallas: Find Your Furry Friends!: Final Thoughts

Remember, the best way to become a Dallas animal shelter volunteer is by reaching out to these organizations directly for additional information. They can guide you through the process of volunteer application and volunteer orientation to help you find the perfect opportunity that aligns with your passion.

Your love can make a huge difference in the lives of animals, and who knows, you might find a new furry friend along the way! There are so many adoptable pets you will meet that you probably won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love.

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