Discover the Whimsy of Wimberley – Things to Do in Wimberley, Texas

I initially came across Wimberley because of Jacob’s Well, a watering hole and underwater cave system. However, after visiting Wimberley, I came to realize what a treasure this town is. Located right outside of Austin, this town is the perfect mixture of serenity, adventure, culinary delight, local shopping, and more. Once you visit, you’ll instantly fall in love with this fairy tale-like town. Keep reading to see all the fun things to do in Wimberley, Texas, and plan a trip for yourself. Make sure to keep your eyes open while you’re there. We would regularly see deer wandering around at all hours.

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Water Fun in Wimberley

With Cypress Creek running right through downtown and two popular water spots, Wimberley is the perfect summer getaway!

Jacob’s Well

As I mentioned, Jacob’s Well is one of the most popular spots in Wimberley. The hole is about 140 feet deep and 4500 feet long. If you have scuba gear, you can travel through the cave systems for some wonderful discoveries. Or like the majority of us, you can jump off some of the rocks into the spring water. It’s important to note that Jacob’s Well is a dangerous diving spot. Make sure to read up on it if you plan on exploring the underwater cave.

Jacob’s Well is popular so you do have to reserve online to be able to get in the water. We booked about two weeks in advance for a weekday, but you should book as soon as you can. The beauty of that was that there were very few people. There’s also some hiking and other things to do at Jacob’s Well Natural Area.

Blue Hole

Blue Hole Regional Park is another must for Wimberley. The water is a mesmerizing hue. You can have a picnic outside, swim in the water, or hang out at the swings. You do need to reserve this one in advance as well. Pictures don’t do justice to the gorgeous turquoise waters and the way the trees hang over the creek.

Things to do in Wimberley Texas this weekend

Cypress Creek

If you don’t make reservations in time, don’t worry! Cypress Creek and Blanco River run throughout Wimberley, and there are plenty of open spots where you can float in the water.

Things to do in Wimberley Texas this weekend

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Things to Do in Wimberley for Adventure Seekers

Wimberley Zipline

With 10 lines, Wimberley Zipline is the longest course and most affordable in Texas! The staff there are incredibly friendly and did a great job of bringing strangers together for a few hours of fun. I enjoyed the mixture of longer lines overlooking miles of hill country, short, and fast lines! As soon as you enter, you get to choose a fun helmet (I was a fox).

Hiking Prayer Mountain

Mount Baldy, or Prayer Mountain, is perfect if you’re looking for a fun and short hike with incredible views. About 220 steps lead to the top of the mountain with little rocks of motivational sayings along the way.

Things to do in Wimberley Texas this weekend

Boo-tiful Wimberley

Only in Texas can you go on a boot trail! Wimberley has 30 decorated boots throughout the town. Pick up the map downtown or online to see a different side of the city and celebrate the local artists there. Or keep your eyes open and see how many you can find!

Explore Downtown Wimberley

Downtown Wimberley is an absolute gem! Visiting local shops is always a must on my list, but just like everything else in Wimberley, the enchanting downtown captured my heart. Every little shop was filled with some of the friendliest people who wanted to get to know you. There were so many unique shops carrying goods you’d actually want to buy. Wimberley’s downtown is the perfect stop when shopping for unique gifts for others (or yourself!) If you have time, I would personally walk in each shop. You could spend all day exploring downtown, but I’m sharing some of my favorites below.

Things to do in Wimberley Texas this weekend

Rancho Deluxe: Carefully curated items sourced from Mexico. Full of personality and beautiful designs. If you’re looking for beautiful art to decorate your home with, you’re sure to find a treasure here.

Things to do in Wimberley Texas this weekend

Senior Citizen Workshop: A co-op run by senior citizens. Beautiful hand painted glasses, knitted hats, items for veterans, and more. Everything was affordable and reasonably priced. I loved this concept so much and hope to see it more.

Things to do in Wimberley Texas this weekend

Old Mill Store: One of the oldest shops in Wimberley. Grab a soda or ice cream at their shop for the kids and then walk through their massive gallery of clothing, furniture, gifts, and more.

Hill Country Wine Shop: The owners travel around to source a diverse mixture of wines. Enjoy a wine tasting here!

Things to do in Wimberley Texas this weekend

Los Olivos Market: Another place for wine tastings with a regularly rotating list of Texas wines. They also have a tasting area filled with all sorts of delicious food items around Texas including jams, rubs, seasonings, and more.

Things to do in Wimberley Texas this weekend

Pitzer’s Fine Arts: I did not realize how much of an artist’s town Wimberley was, but there are plenty of art galleries and artists represented. Pitzer’s was one of my favorites for the different styles of art in one place.

Things to do in Wimberley Texas this weekend

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Check out a Town Caught in the Wild West

Pioneer Town is a small replica town in Wimberley. It’s so cool to walk around and pretend you’re in the wild west. They have an old opera house, a building made entirely of bottles, and even an operating ice cream parlor!

Things to do in Wimberley Texas this weekend

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Where to Drink in Wimberley

The hill country is definitely known for its wine and distillery, and Wimberley is no exception. At Wimberley Valley Winery you can sample from their large mixture of sweet and dry wines. They also had some fun wines like a blue champagne.

Things to do in Wimberley Texas this weekend