Is WinStar World Casino & Resort Kid-Friendly?

Ever dreamed of a fun-filled getaway that caters to both adults and kids? While WinStar World Casino Hotel is renowned for its thrilling casino floor and luxurious amenities, questions might arise about keeping your little ones entertained. This comprehensive guide dives into everything you need to know about WinStar’s kid-friendliness.

We’ll unveil the hidden gems within the resort, explore exciting adventures near WinStar, and provide creative solutions to ensure a memorable experience for the whole family. So, pack your bags, grab those pool floaties, and get ready to discover how WinStar can be an amazing part of your unforgettable family adventure!

Is WinStar World Casino Hotel Kid-Friendly?

While WinStar World Casino Hotel itself offers limited on-site options for kids like supervised swimming pools and family-friendly dining, it can still be part of a fun family trip with some planning. But don’t worry! We got a number of activities and strategies that kids can enjoy while staying at the WinStar.

A pool with lounge chairs and a hotel building in the background.

Does WinStar Offer Amenities for Kids?

Yes, WinStar World Casino Hotel offers some amenities for kids, but it’s important to manage expectations. Here’s a breakdown:

Family Pools:

WinStar offers two refreshing escapes:

  • Terrace Pool (for Hotel Guests): This pool provides a fun opportunity for supervised splashing for little ones staying at the hotel.
  • Cascades Pool (Open to Public): This larger pool offers a more adventurous aquatic experience, but adult supervision is still crucial. Be aware that a designated section is for adults only (21+).

Dining Experiences: 

WinStar World Casino and Resort offers several kid-friendly dining options. They include restaurants with diverse menus catering to children’s tastes, ensuring a pleasant dining experience for families visiting the resort. Some of these include:

  • Chip ‘N Ales: Known for its casual atmosphere and pub-style menu, which often includes items like burgers and chicken tenders.
  • The Gran Via Buffet: A buffet-style restaurant with a wide variety of dishes, including options that kids typically enjoy such as pizza, pasta, and desserts.
  • Le Paris Bakery & Café: The casual setting and selection of treats that includes a variety of pastries, sandwiches, and desserts make it a comfortable place for families to enjoy a meal or snack together.
  • Matadors Pizzeria: Specializes in pizzas, a classic favorite for kids.

Live Shows (Limited):

Depending on the event, shows at Lucas Oil Live might be suitable for older children. Always check the age restrictions before purchasing tickets. Children aged 2 years and older need a ticket, and those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


The resort offers opportunities for families to enjoy golf together, including junior golf programs or courses that accommodate younger players. Specific age restrictions or guidelines may apply depending on the course or program, so it’s advisable to check with WinStar directly for details on their policies regarding children and golfing activities.

If you’re a WinStar Golf Club member, your child can avail a golf club membership with one-on-one instruction at the WinStar Golf Academy for an additional fee. This could be a fun bonding experience, but it’s not accessible to everyone.

Can I Leave My Kids at the WinStar World Casino & Resort?

No, it’s not recommended to leave your kids unattended at WinStar World Casino Hotel for several reasons:

  • Safety: Casinos are adult-oriented environments with loud noises, flashing lights, and potentially risky behavior. Leaving your children unsupervised in this environment could put them at risk of getting lost, injured, or approached by strangers.
  • Hotel Policy: WinStar have policies against leaving children unattended in the hotel room or common areas.
  • Age Restrictions: Remember, the casino floor and many activities at WinStar are strictly 18+. Unsupervised children wouldn’t be allowed in these areas.
A casino with a bridge and slot machines.

Keep in mind:

  • WinStar doesn’t have designated kids’ clubs or activity centers.
  • The amenities cater more towards supervision and basic entertainment rather than dedicated programming for children.
  • While WinStar might not be a children’s paradise, with some planning and alternative activities, you can still create a fun family experience by incorporating these amenities into your trip.

Even though WinStar is not ideal for leaving your kids unattended, you can still create a fun family experience. Plan activities around the casino visit that suit everyone’s age group and focus on quality time together.

The WinStar World Casino & Resort Review

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Is WinStar World Casino & Resort Kid-Friendly: FAQs

Is There any Activity that Kids Can Enjoy Outside WinStar World Casino Hotel?

Absolutely! Since WinStar itself has limited on-site activities for kids, there are many exciting options for them to enjoy in the surrounding area. Discover plenty of kid-friendly activities both inside and outside WinStar World Casino Hotel. Explore our article for a complete list of family fun options in and around the resort.

Resort pool with hotel building in background.

Read More: Kid-Friendly Activities at WinStar World Casino & Resort

What are Some Alternative Strategies for Kids at WinStar World Casino?

Since WinStar World Casino itself caters more towards adults, here are some alternative strategies to keep the kids entertained during your family trip:

Planning and Scheduling:

  • Divide and Conquer: If you’re traveling with another adult, consider taking turns enjoying the casino while the other supervises the kids at the pool or explores nearby kid-friendly attractions.
  • Schedule Breaks: Plan breaks in between your casino visits to spend quality time with the kids. This could involve swimming, exploring the hotel grounds, or grabbing a family-friendly meal.
  • Set Expectations: Be upfront with the kids about WinStar being primarily for adults. Explain the fun activities you have planned outside the casino to keep them engaged.

Entertainment on the Go:

  • Pack Kid-Friendly Activities: Bring along board games, travel toys, coloring books, or download some movies/games on your device to keep the kids entertained during downtime in the hotel room.
  • Explore the Hotel: Most hotels have common areas or lobbies. Let the kids explore these spaces while you relax with a book or cup of coffee.
Hotel casino lounge with gaming tables and slot machines.

Nearby Activities:

  • Day Trips: Plan day trips to kid-friendly attractions like water parks, museums, or bowling alleys as mentioned previously. This allows the adults to enjoy some casino time while the kids have their own adventures.


  • Communication is Key: Talk to your kids about the itinerary and plan activities they’ll enjoy.
  • Focus on Quality Time: While WinStar might not be a kid’s paradise, use this opportunity to bond as a family by planning fun activities and outings around the casino visit.

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Is WinStar World Casino & Resort Kid-Friendly: Final Thoughts

WinStar World Casino Hotel might not be a dedicated kids’ resort, but it can still be an amazing part of your family vacation. While on-site options for children are limited, supervised swimming and casual dining offer some entertainment. The key to a successful WinStar family trip lies outside the casino walls. Explore exciting adventures like water parks and museums, or have some friendly competition at a bowling alley. With some planning and these alternative strategies, you can ensure a fun-filled WinStar experience for the whole family!