Unique Things To Do and Fun Attractions in Charlotte NC

With its perfect blend of modern attractions and rich history, Charlotte offers a plethora of exciting and unique experiences to try. From savoring gourmet coffee alongside playful kitties at a cozy cat cafe to discovering vintage treasures at eclectic homeware shops, and indulging in the rich flavors of diverse African cuisines, Charlotte promises a vibrant tapestry of adventures for every taste and interest.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s find out all about the best unique things to do in Charlotte!

Unique Things to do in Charlotte NC

One-Stop Shop at Optimist Hall

Optimist Hall in Charlotte stands out as a top-tier food hall offering diverse food and bar options, along with art, indoor-outdoor seating, and a range of events like run clubs and workshops. This former textile mill turned community hotspot is a one-stop shop for everything from artisanal eats to unique shopping finds, making it a must-visit destination for both locals and visitors alike. Access Optimist Hall full guide here

Optimist Hall building

Taste the World at Optimist Hall

Enat Ethiopian Restaurant

Enat Ethiopian Restaurant is proudly owned by Tina Tedla. She has brought her mother’s cherished Ethiopian recipes to the USA, offering an authentic taste of Ethiopian cuisine. A standout dish is the meat platter, showcasing lamb, beef, and chicken alongside three flavorful sides. Each meal is accompanied by injera, a traditional thin bread ideal for savoring the vibrant and delicious flavors of the food.

a plate of food in front of wall.
Suarez Bakery & Cuban Food

This charming Cuban bakeshop is a standout with its vibrant pink decor and enticing display cases filled with a variety of desserts. In addition to their tempting sweets, they also offer Cuban dishes such as Cuban sandwiches, ropa vieja, and Maduros.

Don’t miss out on their café cubano or café con tres leches for a taste of authentic Cuban coffee. During our visit, we enjoyed strawberry shortcake, oreo cheesecake, and a chocolate chip cookie.

Charming pink bakery named 'Suarez', offering a variety of freshly baked goods.

Bottiwalla embodies the spirit of the historic Indian/Irani cafes that flourished across India in the early 20th century. Originally tea and kabab houses run by Irani Zoroastrians who immigrated from Persia to India during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, these cafes are a nod to the cultural heritage of Meherwan’s great-grandfather, Sheriar Irani.

The restaurant has classic Indian movie posters on the walls, adding to its unique ambiance. At Bottiwalla, you can enjoy a variety of offerings such as rolls, skewers wrapped in butter naan with desi slaw, lamb burgers, and curry plates. They are also famous for their inventive boozy slushies, adding a modern twist to traditional flavors. For more unique African restaurants in Charlotte, take a look at our comprehensive guide.

Shop Unique Finds at Optimist Hall

The Merchant

The Merchant at Optimist Hall is a great place to go for special finds and vintage home goods. Offering everything from standout furniture and stylish light fixtures to fine linens and exquisite glassware, it’s a go-to spot for unique treasures and fun things. Browse through aromatic candles, an array of coffee table books, and a thoughtfully curated collection of gifts and stationery.

A store with a red scooter parked outside and shelves of books inside.
Paradiso Plant Shop

Paradiso Plant Shop is a haven for all plant enthusiasts. This store boasts a wide variety of indoor plants and succulents, catering to gardeners of all levels of expertise. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, it’s fun to look at the rare botanical gems.

Pet Wants

Pet Wants is a state of the art pet store centrally located, specializing in high-quality nutrition and care products for pets. They offer fresh, small-batch pet foods crafted from natural ingredients to promote optimal health. In addition to food, the shop provides a range of healthy treats, supplements, grooming essentials, and accessories.

Assorted food baskets in a store setting.

Exploring Yadkin Valley: A Day Trip Adventure

Yadkin Valley is a popular attraction with a relaxed atmosphere and stunning vineyards. For a quieter experience, visit on weekdays when you can often enjoy these places to yourself. The vineyards specialize in old-world, rustic wines with earthy flavors. It’s worth noting that food options are limited typically to charcuterie boards.

Bringing your own food or stopping by Shiloh General Store for provisions is recommended. NC Wine Gals also offers charcuterie and lunch options, ensuring you don’t go hungry after all that wine.

A large pond in front of a house with a lush green lawn and tall trees in the background.

NC Wine Gals

We opted for a private wine tour with NC Wine Gals because, in addition to offering tastings of various flavors, they focus on educating you about wine.This female-owned and female-led vineyard also introduced us to Harry the Wine Dorkie, an adorable mix of Dachshund and Yorkie who can join your tour upon request.

Our guided tour included visits to three venues: Raffaldini Vineyards, Castello Barone Piccione, and, with our quick pace, we even managed to fit in Dyanims Estate as well. Before the tour began, we enjoyed a breakfast paired with wine and received a nice keepsake glass to take home. NC Wine Gals provided a generous spread including a charcuterie board, lunch, snacks, and water. To enhance our wine-tasting experience, they also offered a wine aroma kit for those eager to delve deeper into the nuances of each wine.

A wooden table with a basket of bread and a bottle of wine.

Charlotte’s Premier Destination for Jazz: Middle C Jazz

For lovers of jazz, look no further! With its intimate and sophisticated ambiance complemented by a full bar, Middle C Jazz offers an elegant night out featuring 3 to 4 live entertainment shows nightly from top jazz talents worldwide. This upscale club, reminiscent of New York style, showcases live jazz performances by regional and national acts.

The venue accommodates up to 200 guests, where you can indulge in cocktails, wine, and delectable small plates and desserts all while enjoying the live shows. Craft cocktails and small plates are available starting at 8:45 pm.

Diners seated at tables in a restaurant.

Artistic Illumination: Discovering Luminous Lane 

Adjacent to La Belle Helene and conveniently close to our parking spot, Luminous Lane illuminates an entire alley with vibrant artwork, transforming a dim space into a colorful spectacle. While it’s a worthwhile stop before or after visiting La Belle Helene, it may not be worth a special trip if it’s out of your way. It’s situated right by the parking garage we used for the restaurant, making it easily accessible for a quick visit.

Adventure Awaits: Dive into Fun at the US National Whitewater Center

The Whitewater Center is home to the world’s biggest man-made whitewater river and offers a whole bunch of year-round outdoor activities. For under $100, you can buy an all-access pass that provides nearly unlimited access to various activities, including whitewater rafting, deep water rock climbing, rock climbing, a 100-foot jump, a ropes course, ziplining, yoga, SUP/kayaking, and hiking and biking trails. It’s a great way to spend an entire day, but consider going on a weekday to avoid long lines. I

f you prefer a shorter visit, individual activities like whitewater rafting are available. The center also hosts regular concerts and has several on-site restaurants. It’s a pet-friendly destination with an off-leash dog park. Be sure to bring sunblock, close-toed shoes, a towel, and a change of clothes for a full day of adventure! Read this article for more outdoor adventures at the Whitewater Center, including ice skating in winter.

A serene lake reflecting the surrounding mountains.

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Unwind and Explore: A Day at Camp North End

This vibrant area is home to a lot of small businesses, making it a perfect spot to relax, enjoy a meal, and explore various retail spaces. With colorful art, playful swinging chairs, picnic tables, hammocks, and frequent unique events, there’s no better way to spend a day. We especially enjoyed unleashing our inner child with the giant Legos. Excitingly, the free outdoor movies at Camp North End are back in partnership with Aurora Star Lit Cinema!

Discover this unique event venue and how to spend an entire day at Camp North End.