How To Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo

I’ve always wanted a tattoo. I like the designs and color. The only problem is that I have this rule to where once I come up with an idea I have to wait three years before I get it. If I still want that design after three years then I will get it. While no idea has passed two years, I still wanted to find a way to ‘get a tattoo’ without the commitment. I wanted it to last longer than a day with those stickers we got as kids and ended up stumbling upon some temporary tattoo kits.

How To Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo (4)

The great think about the kits is they last a few days and hold up against sweat and water. These temporary tattoos are perfect if I want to attend an event or festival and want something that will last. I also like that for more simple designs, you can test it out for a few days at first. I found that these temporary tattoos like for about 4 days even with workouts and showers. While I would like to find one that lasts longer I thought these were great.

How To use the Temporary Tattoo Kit

The kit itself is pretty easy to use! I ordered one with two bottles. One black and one brown. The nozzle is thin enough to give you some accuracy and thin lines although the bottle itself is a little difficult to squeeze. There are some designs inside. I ended up getting some vinyl and cutting out my own design which I felt made it easier.

You put the ink on for a couple of hours and leave it on to dry. I have read reviews that it does bother some people’s skin so it’s recommended per their instructions that people try it on a small piece of skin beforehand. I found the thicker you apply the ink, the darker it forms.

As a Texas girl I had to go with a Texas design!


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How To Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo (4)

If I had applied it a little thicker, it would have come out thicker as I had tested with a smaller sticker and forgot to photograph it. However, I also found putting it on my side was a little tricky since my stencil moved around a bit! Staying perfectly still vs. putting it on my arm where I could have moved around more was difficult.

How To Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo (4)

I did try it on my arm in brown! I had a lot of people tell me it looked a birthmark! When I first took off the ink it was super light. Then as time passed it got a little darker.

In the end I thought these were so fun! I loved playing with designs. I’ll probably cut out some more vinyl or check for some stencils online!

How To Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo

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