Casa Kumwesu Airbnb Review: Ice Cream House in Waco

Whether you’re planning a bachelorette party, your daughter’s birthday party or simply a getaway for a large group, Casa Kumwesu is a unique stay on a 5-acre property that offers plenty of cool photo opportunities. Designed by myself (Jessica Serna, founder of My Curly Adventures) and my husband, this place is a hidden gem in the heart of Waco. If you’re tired of staying in boring white square houses, then this artistic creation is the place for you!

The name “Casa Kumwesu,” merges our Latino and Zambian/Congolese roots and essentially means “our home”. We hope that your next stay will be as comfortable and happy as if it is your own space. It’s an ideal location for great respite, so without further ado, let’s begin the review so you can start planning your trip!

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⁠Where is Casa Kumwesu Located?

Located in Lacy Lakeview, McLennan County, in Waco, Casa Kumwesu offers a unique blend of natural beauty and urban convenience. This makes it the perfect retreat for those seeking a memorable Texas getaway. While the road on your way in may be a bit bumpy, the journey is well worth it, especially with groceries and restaurants just a short 8-10 minute drive away. This top notch home is also conveniently located just minutes away from popular attractions such as the Magnolia Market, Baylor University, and Lake Waco.

As with any Texan adventure, it’s important to remember that the Lone Star State is home to a variety of wild animals, bugs, and critters. Coyotes, snakes, spiders, and scorpions are among the inhabitants that add to the charm of the Texas landscape. While encountering these creatures, it’s essential to exercise caution and be mindful of your surroundings.

⁠What To Expect at Casa Kumwesu 

Casa Kumwesu is the most beautiful stay, full of fun bonuses and with so much detail. Whether you’re having a celebratory slumber party with your besties or a family holiday, you’re sure to be captivated by the look of this beautiful home. 

The Patio

The Ice Cream House is an explosion of color, perfect for brightening up any Instagram feed. Upon arrival, you are immediately in for a surprise with the stunning patio. Featuring two beautiful swings adorned with vines of roses, it’s the perfect place to unwind as you take in the beauty of the garden. Pose next to the pink ice cream cart which is also decorated with a ton of flowers. There is even a cute little mint green table with two chairs that you can use for a nice outdoor meal to have the best time.

The Dining Area & Kitchen

The open plan dining area does not disappoint, offering a large expanding table on top of a colorful geometric carpet. In the same vicinity, there is a bar-style counter with six revolving fuschia chairs that can be swiveled to face the main table. There are ice cream-themed decorations and mirrors everywhere and even the runner is decorated with a cool sprinkle pattern.

In the kitchen, you will find lots of pots and cooking tools, along with a bunch of appliances featuring a retro aesthetic. These items are all in different shades of pastels. The lights stand out with their ice cream shapes and add a cute touch to the space.

Colorful kitchen with vibrant chairs and table.

The Living Room

The living room is one of the most colorful spaces in the house and has a comfortable neon pink couch with lots of ice cream-shaped cushions and a large TV. There is a cool rainbow carpet and a fabulous table with a dog sculpture instead of traditional legs. Next to the open plan lounge is the ice cream parlor, which is a great place for a photo shoot because of its big ice cream chair and table, as well as all the fun props. 

The Bedrooms

The main bedroom features a beautiful flower wall above the king-sized bed, providing the perfect backdrop for stunning photos. Additionally, there is a nook with a gorgeous pattern on the wall, enhancing the room’s aesthetic. Two cute chairs complete the area, making it ideal for relaxing and reading your favorite book. The dressing table has lights around the mirror which is another great photo opportunity and handy for getting ready with.

The twin bedroom showcases two single beds with ice cream-themed duvets and cushions as well as pink luggage sets for bedside tables. There is rainbow striped wallpaper on one side of the room and ice cream patterned wallpaper on the other. A huge stand alone arched mirror adds a nice touch. The queen bedroom features hints of blues and greens with pastel wallpaper and cute decorations everywhere. 

Upstairs Loft

At the top of a rainbow pastel spiral staircase you will find a game room with board games and giant bean bags. Whether you’re up for some friendly competition with board and card games, or craving a nostalgic gaming session with our 4-ft Ms. Pacman arcade game, this space has it all.

With funky projector lights setting the mood and comfy seating options like fold-out pink couches and huge beanbag lounges, it’s the perfect spot to chillax with your crew. This room also features lilac walls, along with colorful shelves and ice cream decorations. 

room with an abundance of bean bag chairs and a bean bag table, ideal for relaxation.

More About Casa Kumwesu

The aesthetic of the Ice Cream House is so amazing that we can’t even begin to write about it all in this review. From the ice cream parlor and coffee bar (perfect for coffee lovers) to the upstairs loft (or game room with board games and bean bags) and lovely deep soaking tub, you can learn all about it in more detail in this article.

a bar with two ice cream cones

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⁠Casa Kumwesu Airbnb Review: FAQS

How to book?

If you’ve got your heart set on staying in the Ice Cream House, you can simply select the dates that suit you here. If you’d prefer to book via AirBnB, you can do so at this link. For parties and photoshoots, you can click here

A charming porch with a pink and white color scheme