Best Active Things to Do in Dallas TX for Couples

When you inevitably hear someone complain that all there is to do in Dallas is eat or drink, send them our way! Dallas is actually the perfect place for couples! With its variety of things to do, it’ll be weeks before you run out of date ideas! As for active date ideas, there’s something exciting around every corner that will bring you closer together, whether you live here in Dallas or you’re planning a romantic getaway!

In psychology, they say that when your heart races from excitement and there is someone with you, you begin to associate them with the adrenaline high. This means, essentially, a thrilling activity means an immediate win on your next date!

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

See who falls over first with Dallas Paddle at White Rock Lake. What makes this date even better is that a portion of their proceeds benefits Dallas parks!

Or, if you’re extra daring, try paddle board yoga at one of DFW Surf’s many locations. Personally, I can barely stand up on my own two feet, but others might be more coordinated. Maybe you’ll just end up spending the entire date laughing at each other.

Classes are offered for a limited time, but when you join their Surf Club, you can take them year-round! Plus, you’ll enjoy additional benefits, so you can plan multiple dates out on the water!

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Dallas Escape Rooms

This one might even test your relationship a little bit as you go back and forth under pressure to solve clues. You’ll either walk out stronger or realize they’re not the one.

There are a couple of escape rooms in Dallas, each with different themes. A few include Escape the Room Dallas, A Room with a Clue, and Can You Rob a Bank?

Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the most fun and active things to do in Dallas for couples because it is an activity that you can both enjoy together, even if one of you is not very good at it. So, basically, it means spending the whole time with one person desperately clutching the other.

The Galleria Skating Rink is a great place to go ice skating, and during the Holidays, it’s even more magical!


Dallas might be one of the best places to celebrate the holidays

♬ It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year – Andy Williams

Roller Skating

It’s like ice skating but without the ice. Still fun! We’ve decided that rolling around in circles for hours will make for a fun date night in Dallas. But for real, it’s a great idea because you have plenty of time to talk.

Check out Southern Skates Roller Rink or Interskate Roller Rink for another date idea in Dallas.

Axe Throwing

Nothing says I love you like hurling an axe! Luckily, you are throwing it at a target! When we went, we had so much fun laughing at each other, challenging each other, and, overall, learning a new skill together.

Whiskey Hatchet is an axe-throwing establishment and a world-class cocktail bar all in one! Even though they don’t offer food on-site, you are welcome to order food from somewhere nearby and bring it in with you!

This is a great active date idea in Dallas because it’s something you can do together that is both fun and unique!

Trinity Forest Adventure Park

Trinity Forest Adventure Park is a great place to get your heart racing while spending time outdoors with your partner.

This aerial obstacle course features a variety of challenges, including climbing trees, balancing on tight ropes, and navigating through different obstacles. You can choose from a variety of different courses, ranging from easy to difficult. There are also courses that are specifically designed for couples, so you can work together to complete the challenges.

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Swing Dancing

I love that swing dance is still in style, and at Sons of Hermann Hall, you can swing dance the night away. They do dance lessons before they start, so you don’t have to worry if you’ve never danced before. They are great teachers!


Dallas is a great city to explore on two wheels, and there are many family-friendly bike trails to choose from. One highlight is the paved Santa Fe Trail, which connects White Rock Lake to Deep Ellum, Fair Park, and downtown Dallas.

There are also multiple parks in the surrounding area. Other fantastic routes include the Oak Cliff Nature Preserve, Katy Trail, Trinity River Trail, and the Trinity Skyline Trail. Get pedaling and explore the heart of Dallas on two wheels!

Do a little searching, and you might be surprised at all the places you can take a bike!

Play Dodgeball

Go back to school, except without all the dread of cliques and bad lunches. Dallas Dodgeball has open games where you can drop in for a game of dodgeball! The only thing to decide is whether you will be on the same team or play against each other.


For a swinging good date night in Dallas, check out Top Golf, which is similar to a bowling alley but with golf instead. You don’t have to go chasing after the balls after you hit them either, and you can enjoy dinner and drinks at the same time.

Salsa Dancing

Or bachata, or merengue! There are just so many Latin dance styles to learn! Dallas Can Dance is a group that posts regular socials where they start with a group class, and then the rest of the night is for open dancing!

There are also plenty of dance lessons in the area that you can find with just a quick search. Keep your eyes open for Beto & Sons, as they often have free dance classes and socials as well!


Rent a kayak from Dallas Paddle on White Rock Lake and spend the day working out those arms and enjoying the great outdoors.

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Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Lets Roam is an app that offers various, themed activities, including Dallas couple’s scavenger hunts based on your common interests. Pick a topic and embark on this exciting outdoor activity in Dallas!

One of the most popular outdoor places to play this game in Dallas is Klyde Warren Park. People who come to the park are given a list of puzzles and hints that lead them to different places in the park. Each time they figure out a clue, they get points and move closer to their final goal, which is to finish the adventure.

Or, plan a treasure hunt for your date for any time of day on your own time!

Explore Katy Trail

Stretching across Dallas and amounting to 3.5 miles of walking, running, and biking paths, the Katy Trail is a great way to spend quality time outdoors with your partner. Reference the map on their website and stop for lunch along the route before heading back to your starting point. Make it even better and take your furry friend(s)!

Take a Lakeside Stroll

Although Lake Carolyn isn’t in the immediate Dallas area, it makes for a great spot for those seeking active date ideas in Dallas! There are numerous recreational paths, businesses, and different types of landscapes all around it. Top off the beautiful scenery and serenity by stopping at a coffee shop, a local restaurant, or enjoying a gondola ride.

Be sure to find your way to the Mandalay Canals, a quieter area surrounding Lake Carolyn with even more scenery and restaurants. For more Dallas-Fort Worth date ideas, check out our extended DFW date guide!

Play Pickleball

Pickleball, a combination of badminton, tennis, and ping pong, has become a huge hit among people looking for active date ideas in Dallas. It’s a fun and easy sport that people of all ages and abilities can enjoy together.

If you’re looking for a place to play pickleball in Dallas, check out Chicken N Pickle and Courtside Kitchen. These two spots offer both indoor and outdoor pickleball courts, as well as great food and drinks.


Community Beer Co. hosts morning yoga classes inside their brewing facility, followed by complimentary drinks and a behind-the-scenes tour! See their website to purchase tickets, and be sure to bring your own yoga mat.

The Sixth Floor Museum

One of the best places to visit in Dallas, Texas, is the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, where you can learn about one of the most important events in American history in a engaging, unique way. The museum tells the story of the assassination of JFK, as well as his life story and impact. The sixth floor is one of the best parts of the museum, which has been fixed up to look like it did on the day Lee Harvey Oswald committed murder.

Everyone of any age can visit the Sixth Floor Museum and it’s open year-round.

Go Ape Zipline & Adventure Park

Go Ape offers an exhilarating experience for couples seeking a unique and unforgettable adventure. With various obstacle courses and zip lines, you can choose between an “easy” route or a more challenging one, allowing you to tailor the experience to your comfort level.

The sense of accomplishment and bond that comes from conquering obstacles together will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime!

The Perot Museum

If you think museums are just quiet places filled with dusty artifacts, the Perot Museum of Nature will make you think again! It’s a must-visit for couples looking for active date ideas in Dallas. I remembered that I used to hate science class, but you can actually get excited about the learning that goes on at the Perot Museum.

From the mysteries of space to the depths of the earth’s core, the Perot Museum offers a thrilling journey of discovery with their interactive exhibits. Perfect for couples, you can challenge each other in hands-on activities, laugh over quirky science facts, and leave with a shared sense of wonder. Think of it as a date night, but with a fun, educational twist! 

Select months out of the year, the museum will host “Thursdays on Tap,” an adults-only event featuring cocktails, food trucks, and science “experiments.”

Nasher Sculpture Center

Ready to add an artistic twist to your Dallas adventure? The Nasher Sculpture Center is the place to be! This urban oasis showcases masterpieces from renowned sculptors in a serene, beautifully designed space.

There are also countless photo ops, making it one of the best active date ideas in Dallas for couples. So, gear up for an artsy date that’s more adventurous than your typical gallery visit!

Cedar Hill State Park

Cedar Hill State Park provides a refreshing environment for couples looking for both peace and action. There’s nothing like casting fishing lines together, waiting for that tug, and sharing the excitement of the catch, whether you’re a first-time or seasoned angler.

It’s not only about the fish when you’re surrounded by the natural beauty of the park—it’s about the golden sunsets, the soft ripples on the water, and those precious, quiet moments together.

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Watch a Cowboys Game

Going to a Dallas Cowboys game is one of the most exciting things to do when it comes to sporting events in Dallas. This is sure to be an unforgettable experience for everyone, whether they are huge sports fans or just want a fun, high energy date night.

From the pre-game tailgating festivities to the electric atmosphere inside the AT&T Stadium, it’s a rollercoaster of emotions. It is a guaranteed way to add some excitement to your trip to Dallas while spending quality time with your partner. Put on your Cowboys gear and get ready to cheer with all your might!

Indoor Skydiving

If you’re aiming for an active date that’s a little different from the usual, think about indoor skydiving. Dallas has some great spots where you and your date can safely try it out, like iFLY Indoor Skydiving Dallas.

You’ll get to experience the thrill of skydiving without having to jump out of a plane. Instead, you’ll float on a cushion of air in a vertical wind tunnel. Your instructor will be right there with you the whole time, so you’ll both feel safe and relaxed.

Visit a Rage Room

Ever thought of smashing stuff for fun? Enter the Deconstruction Room. It’s the ultimate playground for couples looking to let off some steam.

Imagine going into a room full of things you are free to break and smash. Or, if you want a calmer atmosphere, you can go to the paint room and splatter paint in any way you like!

You can also plan for a similarly fun and active date night in Dallas at Smash ‘n Bash.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a great active date idea in Dallas for couples of all fitness levels. It’s a challenging and rewarding activity that you can do together, and it’s a lot of fun!

Once you gear up and start climbing, it’ll feel like an incredible journey, full of trust and teamwork as one of you acts as the belayer for the other. And reaching the top is not just a physical triumph, but also a sweet victory for your relationship because you worked together to get there! So, if you’re searching for an active date idea that combines adventure and connection, give indoor rock climbing in Dallas a shot!

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Best Active Date Ideas & Things to Do in Dallas: Final Thoughts

The city of Dallas really stands out as a place full of active things to do with your partner, from unique outdoor activities to immersive, urban experiences.

Whether you’re local lovebirds or a couple on a road trip, Dallas is a great place to make memories on any special occasion, or even just ‘cuz! Dive in, explore, and let the adventures of the “Big D” redefine your bond.

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