Where to Stay in the Dominican Republic: An Overview of the Samana Ecolodge

Choosing where to stay in the Dominican Republic can be a hassle with so many wonderful hotels around. Why not stay at the Samana Ecolodge, a secluded Caribbean resort carefully positioned to provide guests the most remarkable experience? The land is populated with native plants and animals like hummingbirds, owls, and even horses! This ecolodge is completely self-sustaining with solar panels, fresh springs, and even a farm on-site that directly supplies ingredients to their restaurant. If you interest has been peaked, no need to worry about where to stay in the Dominican Republic. The Samana Ecolodge is a no-brainer.

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Experience Nights Unparalleled

When you’re looking for where to stay in the Dominican Republic, each accommodation at the Samana Ecolodge, like the rest of the property, was hand-crafted by the owners and local people using materials native to the region. Sleeping in one of these hand-crafted spaces will give you an experience unlike any other at one of the best hotels in the Dominican Republic. Enjoy soaking in their on-site rock pools surrounded by tropical vegetation and complimentary breakfast!

The Samana Ecolodge has three, two-story bungalows furnished for two with a private, outdoor bathroom. Each jungle bungalow has a swinging bed overlooking their tranquil rock pools just below. Should you need a third sleeping space, perhaps for your little one, the staff can accommodate you.

Looking for a little more space for perhaps your larger family or group of friends? Well, the Mango Suite is perfect! This huge room has high ceilings, a private bathroom, a king size bed, a queen size bed, and sofas that can be used for sleeping at night. The double doors open up the space to allow the Caribbean air in during the day and to help keep the tropical bugs out at night. The deck is spacious and has a small hanging swing.

The Lemon Tree was created with stargazers in mind! There’s a balcony net attached to the raised room where you can enjoy stargazing at any time throughout the night or even sleep under the stars. This space also has a swinging bed overlooking the gardens and shares a bathroom with the Green Tree. Even though the Samana Ecolodge seems almost too amazing to be real, you can trust that this is where you have to stay on your next Caribbean vacation to the Dominican Republic.

The Green Tree, like the Lemon Tree, has a balcony net overlooking the gardens with a personal breakfast bar under the stairs. There’s also a hammock to relax and soak up all the nature that surrounds you.

Where to Stay Dominican Republic Samana Ecolodge

Eat Fresh, Organic Meals

Surround yourself with the nature of one of the best hotels in the Dominican Republic and enjoy soft music, great company and delicious food. Fruits, vegetables and even spices are picked fresh and delivered to the kitchen for the freshest food you’ve ever tasted. Their meats are also locally sourced. Just make sure to place your dinner order before 7pm so you don’t miss out!

Served from 8am to 10 am, breakfast at the Samana Ecolodge consists of your choice of fruits, veggies, eggs, toast, homemade jams, Dominican coffee and/or fresh-squeezed juices. 

Wanting to eat while traveling to or from an adventure? Restaurante Santi boasts hearty portions of chicken, fish and more that are all sure to satisfy. If you’re craving pizza, then look no further than the Pizzeria Fafael and be sure to check out the many restaurants in the nearby city of Arroyo Sabana. 

The Beaches & Tropical Foliage

Whether you love to lay on the beach, or you’re the type who loves a camping trip or a scenic hike; while you’re staying at the Samana Ecolodge, there are several outdoor activities that highlight the natural marvels of the Dominican Republic. Some of these excursions even include food and beverages in the total (and quite affordable) cost.

Where to Stay Dominican Republic Samana Ecolodge

Beach lovers can visit Playa Bonita, Playa El Limon and Playa Moron for sunny days and sandy feet. You can ride horses across the beach, join a group for beachy yoga, or simply enjoy swimming and sunbathing; fish on the beaches, enjoy whale watching on the shores of Samana Bay, or you can even take surfing lessons!

Where to Stay Dominican Republic Samana Ecolodge

For those with a craving for adventure, you can hike to the secret waterfalls nearby the Samana Ecolodge on a private tour where you have the opportunity to try cliff jumping. Not exciting enough? Then try ziplining!

Where to Stay Dominican Republic Samana Ecolodge

An Overview of the Samana Ecolodge: Final Thoughts

The memories you make will last a lifetime on your trip to the Dominican Republic. Sometimes international travel can be intimidating when it comes to planning lodging, but the Samana Ecolodge is guaranteed to exceed all your expectations as one of the best hotels in DR; you’ll definitely want to come back to the Dominican Republic at least one more time before you’ve even checked out of the Samana Ecolodge. Whether relaxing on one of the beaches, exploring the gems and activities of the tropical wilderness nearby, or sharing food with your travel companion(s), you know where to stay in the Dominican Republic for an unforgettable, stress-free trip. 

Where to Stay Dominican Republic Samana Ecolodge
Where to Stay Dominican Republic Samana Ecolodge
Where to Stay Dominican Republic Samana Ecolodge

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