Sleep in a Luxurious Treehouse: HoneyTree Fredericksburg, TX

There’s something so magical about staying in a treehouse, being up in the trees, and being close to nature. Fredericksburg already makes for a fun destination with the wine trail and German history. Then add on top of that a cool experience like sleeping in a treehouse, and you have a weekend of fun!

We got to stay at one of the five treehouse rentals at HoneyTree Farms in Fredericksburg, all with a different look and different amenities. The Acorn is one of their newest tree houses, and we found some fun surprises there! You can also use this link for a discount off your booking!

a spiral staircase in a tree house

When we arrived, there were string lights illuminating our way, making it feel magical. As you climb the beautiful winding staircase, it definitely has a treehouse feel. Once you step inside, it’s a combination of modern and natural, with floor-to-ceiling windows, fresh white paint, and wooden architecture including a tree trunk that looks like it’s coming through the floor. Art pieces give it additional character and make it fun.

a bed with a canopy over it
a table and chairs in a room in HoneyTree Farm

There’s a small kitchen complete with sink, small refrigerator, microwave and dishes, everything you need for your stay. The bathroom is beautifully designed with a glass-wall shower and lots of space. There were even some fun board games for those days you just want to stay in and relax. Oh, and the A/C and heat work very well!

The really fun surprises are at the top and bottom of the treehouse. When we got up the next morning, we discovered there was a rooftop terrace with a fun suspended lounging bed, hanging swing, chimenea and seating. It’s a great area for looking out among the trees and enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

Sleep in a treehouse Fredericksburg TX Honey Tree Farm

On the bottom landing, there is a sliding barn-like door that opens into a room with a sunken soaking tub and a swing – great for enjoying a hot bath in the winter! Grab your copy of 50 Texas Trips Under $50 and soak away!

a bathroom with a tub and a wood wall

And that’s just the start of it! There’s are multiple different treehouses with different themes and ways to experience this Fredericksburg treehouse living. Functioning as a delightful treehouse Airbnb in Texas, this destination invites you to return again and again to explore each themed abode. You can keep coming back to Fredericksburg to experience each one!

Another one we enjoyed was the Sapling Treehouse which came with a beautiful bathtub and an open and spacious design.

a kitchen with a microwave and coffee maker
a living room with a blue door and a couch
a bathroom with a tub sink and a window

Luxurious Treehouse: HoneyTree Fredericksburg: Final Thoughts

Experience the ultimate blend of the rustic charm of live oaks, and luxury with the treehouse rentals in Fredericksburg, TX. Overall, the treehouses give you a glamping feel, located peacefully just outside of town, but close enough to get to all of the great things to do in Fredericksburg. While you’re there, be sure to check out all of the other fun things to do in Fredericksburg.

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