Top 10+ Things to Do in Marshall TX This Weekend

Near the Louisiana border, on the far northeast side of Texas, sits the quaint, historic town of Marshall, TX. There is a plethora of things to do in Marshall Texas, from hanging out in a coffee shop with good vibes to paddling around Caddo Lake, and many more things in between.

Continue reading to learn more about the fun things to do in Marshall TX for your next weekend trip or road trip pit stop!

Grab a Cup of Joe

Joe Pine Coffee is owned and operated by two local families who value every customer’s experience and the quality of coffee that is poured into every cup. With homemade syrups for lattes and handmade pastries, Joe Pine Coffee takes their values of believing every customer is important and their experience is paramount to a whole other level.

Joe Pine Coffee also only uses Texas based coffee roasters, ensuring high quality coffee and a true local experience. Located in the heart of historic downtown Marshall, this place makes a perfect pit stop while exploring the town. 

Get a Bite to Eat in Marshall TX

You might not expect authentic Italian food in a small town in East Texas, but that’s exactly what you’ll find at Pietro’s Pizza. The owner’s family is originally from Italy and brings their traditional recipes as well as ingredients such as olive oil and tomatoes shipped directly from Italy.

They also have the most extensive wine selection in East Texas. Stop in in the mornings as well as for some incredible Italian espresso.

Cajun Tex is a family owned restaurant that serves food with both a Louisiana and Texas flair. From gumbo to BBQ and everywhere in between, you are sure to find a meal that will satisfy your taste buds.  

Dig into Cajun chicken and waffles, gator bites, beignets, a Cajun burger, and so much more!

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Bear Creek Smokehouse sincerely values family and quality when it comes to the operations and production of their smokehouse. As soon as you drive in, you’ll see longhorns roaming around and even have a chance to feed them!

Inside, they have a full shopping area with all sorts of fun finds. This restaurant is filled with rich history and takes pride in serving delicious family-style BBQ. People will make a whole day out of eating the BBQ, feeding longhorns, shopping, and playing some yard games outside. They also host special events and concerts.

The Ginocchio is a fine dining restaurant located in the Ginocchio Hotel, in downtown Marshall. If you are looking for a restaurant to treat yourself to after a fun-filled day, this is the perfect spot.

With their aim for excellence and top notch experience, you are sure to leave the Ginocchio full and content.

Visit a Winery in & Around Marshall TX

Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard & Winery is a beautiful place to enjoy fine wine and a delicious lunch or dinner by reservation. Their tasting room is also available on Fridays and Saturdays. The vineyards are beautiful and perfect for a lovely stroll. You are free to walk-up, hang out, and enjoy the wines, pizza, and charcuterie they have to offer.  

Woman in pink dress strolling through vineyard, surrounded by lush green vines and grape clusters.

Walkers Mill Vineyard, a Latina co-owned winery that specializes in Muscadine grapes, which the owners found wildly growing on property and is a grape that grows particularly well in East TX. You’ll find so many different varities of wines based on the grape, which is perfect for sweet wine lovers.  

Experience History at the Starr Family Home

Join the ranks of history buffs and curious explorers at the Starr Family Home State Historic Site in Marshall, Texas! The prominent Starr family was instrumental in shaping early Texas. They left an enduring legacy with their 1870s-era elegant residence, the centerpiece of this historic site.

Right there, near the best museums in Marshall, is the old mansion they call Maplecroft. It’s like a time machine that takes you straight back to old times. Inside, you’ll find loads of Starr family heirlooms, and we’re talking about the 150-year history of the Starr family!

Once you’re done checking out Maplecroft, make sure to take a slow walk in the gardens. It’s this huge, beautiful space where azaleas, roses, and all sorts of colorful flowers are in full swing. Trust me, you’ll want to see this!

Experience Wonderland of Lights on Christmas Holidays

Imagine Marshall transformed into a sparkling wonderland during Christmas time! If you’ve ever dreamed of being in a Hallmark movie for the holiday season, Marshall’s Wonderland of Lights is the place to be!

From late November to December, this festive tradition brings all the Christmas cheer you could want. Bring the kids to meet Santa at his village! Let them enjoy a ride on a vintage carousel from 1948, and explore cute tiny homes with various activities inside.

Plus, don’t miss out on the live performances by local musicians and church groups at Telegraph Park.

Visit the Old Harrison County Courthouse

The Old Harrison County Courthouse in  Marshall, TX, is quite a sight to behold. It’s got that classic charm, you know? Picture a beautiful red brick building with intricate details! Standing tall and proud in the heart of the downtown area as one of the historic buildings in Marshall.

One of the things that really stands out about the Old Harrison County Courthouse is its architecture. It’s got this majestic dome on top that catches your eye from blocks away. Inside, you’ll find stunning stained glass windows, grand staircases, and elegant courtrooms that make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

Today, while it no longer serves as the main courthouse, it’s still a cherished part of Marshall’s rich history. You can visit it and soak up the rich heritage, maybe even attend one of the events or festivals held there from time to time.

It’s a reminder of where Marshall has been and a testament to the enduring spirit of this Texas town.

See the Fire Ant Festival

Ah, the Fire Ant Festival in Marshall, TX, is a quirky and fun-filled event that’s all about celebrating those little critters we love to hate – fire ants! It’s a real hoot. An annual festival in springtime, folks from all over gather in Marshall to join in the festivities. Picture this, streets lined with colorful booths! The air was filled with the aroma of delicious food, and laughter was echoing all around.

Now, you might be wondering, What exactly goes on at a Fire Ant Festival? Well, there’s a bit of everything! You’ve got your classic carnival rides for the thrill-seekers! Games for the kiddos (and kids at heart), and live music to keep the party going. So, if you’re ever in Marshall around festival time, be sure to swing by the Fire Ant Festival.

It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that’ll leave you with memories to last a lifetime! And maybe a newfound appreciation for those little red ants!

Visit the Piney Park

Imagine, towering pine trees casting dappled sunlight on lush greenery, a gentle breeze rustling through the leaves, and the sweet chirping of birds filling the air. That’s the kind of tranquil setting you’ll find at Piney Park.

It’s not just about the scenery, though. Piney Park is a popular spot for outdoor activities and recreation. Whether you’re into hiking, jogging, or just taking a leisurely stroll, there are trails winding through the park that offer a chance to reconnect with nature and get some exercise.

So, whether you’re a nature lover, an outdoor enthusiast, or just someone looking for a bit of tranquility, Piney Park in Marshall, TX, is definitely worth a visit. Trust me, once you experience its beauty and serenity, you’ll keep coming back for more. Be sure to add this to your list of things to do in Marshall TX list.

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Daytime Activities in Marshall TX

Marshall Graffiti House is a place where people are free to tap into and express their creativity in many different ways. You can spray paint whatever you want on the outside of the walls and add to the community masterpiece.

This is a great place to meet talented local artists and learn about their incredible art pieces.

a building with graffiti on it

Catch a show at Memorial City Hall Performance Center. From plays, to musicals, to concerts, the talent inside the performance center is worth checking out! The events vary based on the day, so make sure to check their website to see who is performing when you’re in town.

Farmer’s Market on the Square is a fun activity to experience and interact with some local people and businesses. The farmer’s market is a great spot to buy produce grown around the area and unique handmade knick-knacks. 

a group of flowers on a table

East Texas Flower Truck is a mobile flower shop that is perfect for bringing some color to your adventure and exploration of Marshall.

Panola Orchard & Gardens located just a little outside of Marshall, provides a variety of fruits and vegetables for customers to handpick. Spend a few hours picking your favorite fruits and vegetables to take home with you and enjoy!

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Head out to Caddo Lake if you are looking to do some outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, canoeing, camping, or boating. Did you know Caddo Lake is the only natural lake in Texas? Whether you make it an overnight camping trip or a day trip, Caddo Lake is worth the visit. 

a body of water with trees and a blue sky

Harrison County Historical Museum is a great stop to learn all about the rich history of Marshall and the rest of Harrison County. This museum is an awesome place to learn about how the area came to be and about the people who built this community.  

Here you can learn about Civil Rights leaders, different prominent leaders, and the Jewish communities that called Marshall home.

a room with a tall candle holder and a display case

Michelson Museum of Art was created to be the home of the masterpieces created by Leo Michelson. Michelson did not want to sell his artwork to a large museum in fear of it being put in storage.

This place was created for the public to appreciate and view his cherished art pieces and includes artwork from around the world. It’s another one of those small town surprises you wouldn’t expect.

Stay at an Airbnb downtown, so you can be near all the festivities and great destinations located in the heart of Marshall. Renting an Airbnb can also give you the opportunity to live more like a local and get the full Marshall, TX experience. 

a bed with a white bedding and a lamp

Top Things to Do in Marshall TX This Weekend: Final Thoughts

With a wide variety of fun things to do in Marshall, TX, this town is absolutely worth a stop, whether it be for the weekend or as a pitstop on a road trip. There is something to do for everyone.

For couples, for families, for groups of friends, or any other mix of people who might find their way to Marshall. See for yourself all the best things to do in Marshall TX, and enjoy all it has to offer!

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