The Best Spots to See Bluebonnets in Texas in 2024

Every year, I go on a mad bluebonnet dash across Texas! As a Texas travel blogger, I know people all over the state are looking to take those coveted pictures of bluebonnets and relish their beauty for the short time they are here. However, as I plan my trips, I always start with a nice little Google search and find myself wildly disappointed.

If you look up where to see bluebonnets in Texas, you will get lists of cities with thousands of roads and parks, which isn’t much help. They just plop you into a city and don’t tell you where to go. Or the lists are regurgitated from years before, and those places no longer produce bluebonnets!  I want to know where to visit Bluebonnets now in 2024, not back in 2015, when all these bot sites seemed to source their info. I remember chasing photo locations for years, learning that after one bad season, they never returned.

So, I set out to write this blog post as an up-to-date list of authentic places to see and take pictures of bluebonnets in Texas, along with locations where you will actually find this state flower of Texas.

a field of purple flowers called Bluebonnets

Texas Bluebonnets Season

We’re particularly excited about 2024 because the early rains are an exciting sign that we will have a blooming bluebonnet season this year.

Yes, the best places to find bluebonnets are in Marble Falls, Brenham, Big Bend, Kingsland, Burnet, Ennis, etc. However, if you want to know where to go when you get to those cities, I am here to help.

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When Is the Best Time to See Bluebonnets in Texas in 2024?

In short, mid-March to mid-April, with some lucky spots still lingering in late April. In May, you’ll find other wildflowers, but not bluebonnets. We think this map is a great resource for showing you the path (general and subject to change).

While watching the reports, we expect to see an early season this year. As of March 8, 2024, I was driving through Burnet and saw bluebonnets out right in front of the famed Bluebonnet Cafe and along the side roads. We also saw many bluebonnets on our drive from Houston to Austin on March 4th. We will expect to see bluebonnets popping up now in the hill country and then see more bluebonnets in North Texas by Dallas in early April.

However, it’s always best to rely on wildflower reports. We highly recommend using these groups to help you find wildflowers in your area and stay more up-to-date than our little legs can!

Best Pages Groups for Finding Bluebonnets in 2024

Texas Bluebonnets and WIldflowers (Facebook)

Texas Wildflowers (Facebook)

Chasing Bluebonnets (Facebook)

Texas Wildflower Reporter (Facebook)

The Texas Wildflower Watch (Instagram) – As of now, it has not been updated for 2024, but you can check the tags.

Texas Travel Series (Instagram) – Our page has a highlight dedicated to bluebonnets. Please tag us in your photos.

Also, bookmark this page and visit regularly, as we will keep it updated! You can also submit your photos by tagging us @texastravelseries, where we have a bluebonnet highlight to help you find bluebonnets in real-time. Additionally, if you find the blooms have withered out and are no longer around, please also send your photos so we can update them accordingly.

A field of Bluebonnets

A Few Things About Bluebonnets

Before we get into seeing bluebonnets, let’s get into some common courtesy and fact-checking. While it is not illegal to pick bluebonnets, you are not allowed to pick anything from government or private property. Therefore, don’t pick it up if it’s not on your land.

Bluebonnets are beautiful wildflowers that capture everyone’s attention with their mesmerizing and soul-soothing sight. However, it’s important to be careful around them. If you, your kid, or your pets accidentally trample them, the flowers will not only be sad and squished for the next person but may also be affected for years to come. Therefore, being mindful and respectful of nature is crucial when enjoying the outdoors.

That’s why many popular places don’t have bluebonnets anymore. Too many people stomped all over them, and they didn’t bloom the following year. Let’s not ruin it for others; don’t stomp on the wildflowers, and watch the little ones who don’t know any better. Let’s be good stewards of our Texas land.

The Best Spots to See Bluebonnets in Texas in 2024

Marble Falls

Located south of Burnet, on Highway 281, Marble Falls is undoubtedly one of the best bluebonnet destinations. The parks actively plant bluebonnets and maintain them so that we can enjoy their beauty. In Marble Falls, you will see lots of bluebonnets on the sides of the roads, as well as glamping and scenic spots. Here are the best (and safest spots to take pictures).

A woman in white dress on a field of Bluebonnets

Bluebonnet Cafe

Bluebonnet Cafe is a famed icon of Marble Falls with its famous pies and all-day breakfast. It’s a busy spot, especially on weekdays, due to the names it attracts, but part of what makes it so iconic are the bluebonnets nestling outside of the restaurant that make it seem like you’re walking into a picture. (Confirmed March 6, 2024).

Bluebonet cafe in Marble Falls

Turkey Bend Recreation Area

We expect Turkey Bend Recreation Area to be another stunner for 2024 and a place you should add to your Texas Bluebonnet Trail Map. The bluebonnets are in their full bloom at this this point, but are looking more sparse than previous years. If you’re looking for the best spot, I recommend heading over to Muleshoe Bend.

Bluebonnet House

What might just be one of the most photographed houses in Texas is known as the Bluebonnet House. This abandoned home from the mid-19th century is situated in a field of beautiful wildflowers and is a popular spot for photography. It’s been a little sparse in previous years, but we’re feeling good about 2024. Having just visited March 30th, it’s not as blanketed as before, but it is still looking stunning.

We recommend visiting this place on a cloudy day or at sunset. It is the best time to take photographs of the house without harsh light messing up the pictures.

Just a friendly reminder – while the bluebonnets may be tempting, please remember not to cross the fence. There are plenty of beautiful bluebonnets that extend beyond the fence line where you can capture stunning photos without trespassing. Let’s all respect the rules and enjoy the beauty of nature responsibly.

Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area – Near Marble Falls

Just under an hour from Austin, Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area in Spicewood, Texas is famous for its spectacular bluebonnet displays along the Colorado River. This park is known for having vast fields of bluebonnets to wander through, thanks to the work of the LCRA parks. It seems that there are bluebonnets as far as the eye can see.

With six miles of trails and plenty of space to stretch around and take photos of the beautiful flowers, we are confident that you will see beautiful bluebonnets in 2024 and for years to come. They are currently at their peak as of March 30th so make sure to visit them while they are looking good, but do check location tags on social media or follow LCRA parks for the update.