Dallas Art Gallery Hotel: Hall Arts Hotel Review

The Hall Arts Hotel has just opened up in the Dallas Arts District and I have been so excited to check out this art gallery styled hotel just a walk away from all the best shows and performances. One thing I loved about the Hall Arts Hotel was that it provided everything we needed for a staycation. There was no reason to go out. Keep on reading to read all about my Hall Arts Hotel review and our experience.

Hall Arts Hotel Art

As soon as you walk into the Hall Arts Hotel you’re greeted by incredible artwork all around. The crisp and clean architecture is a canvas for the different art hanging around. One of the most stunning pieces that drew my attention was pink and red tambourines hanging from the ceiling. They were filled with speeches by prominent women throughout history. In fact, the Hall Arts Hotel has a major focus on women artists throughout the hotel which was exciting to learn.

The service at the Hall Arts Hotel was incredible. I was never allowed to touch the front door and the staff were so accommodating in every way possible. If we ever needed something, they attended to it promptly.

Plus when we checked in we were given a glass of Hall wine! The Hall Arts Hotel is owned by the Halls of the award winning Napa Valley Hall Vineyards. It was my first time trying the Hall Vineyards wine, but I was hooked! Luckily, you can order more at Ellies, the upstairs restaurant.

Since we already had wine, we decided to take advantage of all the art around and enjoyed a walk through the the halls to view all the different artwork. They have a pamphlet that walks you through all the different art you can see!

Hall Arts Hotel Room

The rooms at the Hall Arts Hotel are absolutely stunning! The entire hotel is themed around the incredible Dallas art scene and the rooms reflect that through the different artwork. They have different themed suites and so we booked the Gallery Suite for one reason… the tub. I’ll get to that soon.

Hall Arts Hotel Review Dallas Arts District Hotel

The room itself was incredible! We had a smart system to monitor the lights and temperature. Two of the walls were made up entirely of floor to ceiling windows that gave us the best sunrise views. And the room provided plenty of space. I love how each artwork over the beds is a different Dallas arts photography piece and there’s a book in each room that has all of the art.

But the best part was definitely the tub with view of the arts district. This might be the best hotel bathtub in all of Dallas! Every night was spent with a glass of Hall wine in hand watching as the sun set and the buildings lit up at night. We even brought rose petals to make it extra romantic.

And not to mention the sink area! I love the little touches like the chair for doing makeup in the morning and the his and her sinks!

Eating at the Hall Arts Hotel

Like I said, there’s no reason to leave the Hall Arts Hotel! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all available at the onsite restaurant, Ellie’s, ran by Chef Eric Dryer who was Oprah Winfrey’s personal chef. I liked to believe I was dining like Oprah the entire time. The food was definitely good enough to believe so. Every night featured an artist performance so we had nightly entertainment and we saw some great performances. What else could you expect from an area so focused on the arts?!

Hall Arts Hotel Review Dallas Arts District Hotel
Hall Arts Hotel Review Dallas Arts District Hotel

During the day Ellie’s is a casual spot to grab a burger covered in their secret sauce. My husband definitely enjoyed that burger!

And dinner is phenomenal. Even if you’re not staying at the Hall Arts Hotel, it’s a great place for dinner or drinks right before a show at the AT&T Performing Arts Center, Meyerson Theater, Moody Theatre, or any of the other wonderful arts and performance venues. Each dish is artfully crafted with full bodied flavors and even a dish that sounds simple like their clove chicken packed with herbs and spices in each bite.

And breakfast was just as delightful. We could view the art pieces from our table while indulging in cinnamon roll waffles and decadent cream french toast! To me a good vacation is all about waking up to a wonderful brunch and we enjoyed every bite and moment at Ellies!

Hall Arts Hotel Gym

Now usually I skip the gyms at hotels. They’re often lacking, but I found that the gym at the Hall Arts Hotel actually rivaled a lot of gyms with how much workout equipment they had. I was excited because I was able to try out the Peloton bikes and basically have a class right there at the hotel. Basically the gym became a part of our staycation because of how much we enjoyed visiting it.

Hall Arts Hotel Review Dallas Arts District Hotel
Hall Arts Hotel Review Dallas Arts District Hotel

Hall Arts Pool

Of course you can’t beat a rooftop pool with views overlooking the entire city! The pool at the Hall Arts Hotel is perfect for a relaxing afternoon of sunbathing with a cocktail in hand!

Hall Arts Hotel Review Dallas Arts District Hotel

Planning a Hall Arts Hotel Vacation

I found that the Hall Arts Hotel made for the perfect vacation/staycation! There’s so much to do in one area so that you never have to leave so my husband and I did the most to create the perfect romantic staycation with things like rose petals, Epsom salts, and other small details that let us focus on spending quality time together.

Hall Arts Hotel: Final Thoughts

There are just so many thoughtful touches that made the Hall Arts Hotel special. I loved the art focus and of course having it right in the Dallas Arts District. We only left the hotel once to walk across the street to catch a great performance. Although I was so happy to know that we also had the option to ride in the Mercedes Benz that would take us in a 5 mile radius.

The service was incredible, the rooms were breathtaking, and I wish I could have that tub with a view every day! The Hall Arts Hotel is a truly unique place to stay.

And who knows who you might come across? Since the Hall Arts Hotel is the only hotel in the Dallas Arts District, it’s the ideal location for all the performers traveling to perform! You could have coffee across from the top violinist in the world, check in besides an internationally acclaimed dance troupe, a famous singer performing at the AT&T center, a Broadway star, and who knows who else! One thing’s for sure. You’re in good company!

Hall Arts Hotel Review Dallas Arts District Hotel
Hall Arts Hotel Review Dallas Arts District Hotel

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  • Jane Dallas
    February 17, 2020

    What fantastic photos of your experience at Dallas Art Gallery Hotel! Been looking for a place where I can relax and rest and this is the gallery hotel is perfect! Thanks for the recommendation.