Serenity in Mexico: A Guide To Isla Holbox

If you thought Cancun was paradise, then you will be enthralled with Isla Holbox, a short trip from Cancun that will capture your heart!

A Guide To Isla Holbox

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How to Get to Isla Holbox

One thing that might worry people about visiting Isla Holbox is the issue of getting there. However, it’s actually pretty easy and there are multiple ways based on time and options. It’s about a 2 hour trip total and so worth it for the beautiful island and serenity you experience once you are there! Head here to read how to get to Isla Holbox.

The Beauty Of Isla Holbox

The beauty of this 26 mile island is that while it’s not hard to get to, because it’s not a direct flight, there is so much unspoiled beauty. There are no cars on this island and the clear blue waters are filled with only a few people. Isla Holbox has everything you need for a fun vacation without the crowds. At the time I went, Mystique Blue Holbox was the last resort to open its doors, meaning that Isla Holbox is dedicated to the sustainability of the island and the avoidance of overcrowding.

Paradise in Isla Holbox

We had the pleasure of staying at the boutique Mystique Blue Holbox, an eco-friendly boutique resort right along the beach.

Everything about Mystique Blue was incredible! The infinity pool overlooking the beach, the tropical airy designs of our room just steps away from the pool and beach, and the incredible service that made sure we felt special. The resort only has 38 rooms, meaning you’re more than just a number and the staff aren’t so overwhelmed that they can’t help you out!

A Guide To Isla Holbox
A Guide To Isla Holbox

Isla Holbox is famous for their lobster dishes so we enjoyed the craft lobster quesadillas, lobster pizza, lobster aguachile, and just plain delicious lobster.

Daily we enjoyed lounging on the practically empty beach, while enjoying delicious food, staring into open waters. We weren’t bothered by random vendors coming up to us, and we rejoiced in the tranquility of the ocean and singers that performed daily.

Plus Mystique Blue offers some beautiful activities on the island.

Massage on the Beach

Take in fresh sea breeze and view of the ocean with a massage.

A Guide To Isla Holbox

A Romantic Dinner on the Beach

Enjoy a glass of wine as the sun sets! And yes the sunsets are always this colorful!

A Guide To Isla Holbox
A Guide To Isla Holbox

Things to Do in Isla Holbox

This magical Island is unique for all of the incredible things you can do!

Walk Through Downtown

The town itself is small but full of color. You can find bars serving up drinks on wooden swings, eat your way through Mexican and seafood, and discover local goods. It’s an experience just walking through!

A Guide To Isla Holbox
A Guide To Isla Holbox