1920s Styled Luxury Hotel in Fort Worth: Sinclair Fort Worth

Step back into the time of the Great Gatsby with a high-tech twist in the beautiful art deco Hotel Sinclair in the heart of downtown Fort Worth! As soon as you pull up, you’re greeted with the beautiful geometric design and ornate entryway of the Sinclair Hotel, and you know you’re in for an exciting trip.


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And it only gets better as you enter in the lobby filled with beautiful green marble and gorgeous artwork from a wall of cigar boxes, tributes to the history of Fort Worth, and a wall of different photos and other masterpieces. The Sinclair is part of the Autograph collection of Marriott, known for their beautiful designs and boutique hotel-like experiences. Plus, while you’re in Fort Worth, be sure to check our full list of things to do!

Sinclair Fort Worth Review: The Rooms

While the lobby and design of the hotel make you feel like it’s the 1920s, the high tech that comes in every room brings you to the future. As soon as you enter the room, you’ve got a touch screen to control all the lights and windows. They have settings for the morning, romance, nighttime, and more. We definitely had way too much fun simply pressing all the options and seeing how the room changed with each setting.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, the bathroom was the highlight! There are two touch pads here. With one, you can change the lights as well as the colors in the shower (we had a light show of all different colors!) In the shower itself, you use the touch pad to choose from 1 or all 3 of the different types of shower heads, as well as choose the shower temperature you want, down to the degree. Turns out a 109 is my preferred shower temperature.

1920s Styled Luxury Hotel in Fort Worth Sinclair Fort Worth

After you get out of the shower, you have the mirror which plays music and where you can see the albums on the screen in the mirror, all while brushing your teeth.

Are there a lot of great reasons to book a room at the Sinclair? Yes, but even if there weren’t, I would book a night simply for the shower!

Sinclair Fort Worth Review: Rooftop Bar

Another perk of the Sinclair hotel is the rooftop bar! With the Sinclair being right in downtown Fort Worth, you get one of the best views of Fort Worth, all while sipping a craft cocktail. We could easily spend our entire trip up hearing enjoying good conversation and taking in the view.

1920s Styled Luxury Hotel in Fort Worth Sinclair Fort Worth

Sinclair Fort Worth Review: Wicked Butcher

Even if you’re not staying at the Sinclair Fort Worth, you’re going to want to make a trip out to Wicked Butcher, an intimate dinner experience with fine dry aged steaks and gourmet dishes. The décor of the Wicked Butcher is beautiful, and one of my favorite parts is definitely getting to walk in and see all the dry aged steaks laid out!

The food is something else, from the beautifully plated salmon & tuna tartare, to a massive 32 oz dry aged tomahawk and porterhourse, as well as a great selection of seafood like king crab legs. We ended with a divine chocolate souffle! Of course, you can’t miss out on their cocktails. As a mezcal lover, I was in love with their version of a Mezcal old fashioned with chocolate bitters.

Sinclair Fort Worth Review: Final Thoughts

The Sinclair Fort Worth was an absolute memorable hotel that I didn’t want to leave. There was just so much that they offered and such a unique design that I adored. It’s convenient location in Downtown Fort Worth meant we were close to so many different attractions, but our hotel also offered everything we needed if we didn’t want to leave. If you decide to explore Fort Worth, be sure to check out my list of over 100 things to do!

1920s Styled Luxury Hotel in Fort Worth Sinclair Fort Worth
1920s Styled Luxury Hotel in Fort Worth Sinclair Fort Worth
1920s Styled Luxury Hotel in Fort Worth Sinclair Fort Worth

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