The Best Beaches in Aruba

Being that it’s an island full of beaches, how do you decide which beaches in Aruba are the best? From the best beaches to lounge, to the ones to snorkel, to incredible views, and more, I’m sharing the best beaches in Aruba for all of the above.

The touristy beaches are always the most popular and it’s amazing how few people there are once you wander just a little beyond those spots, so don’t be afraid to explore. We spent two days driving up and down the West side of the island simply to go beach hopping and to find the best ones! Aruba has such a changing landscape that it’s fun to see the different beaches. If you’re trying to find the best transportation options in Aruba, head here!

The Main Beaches

Aruba has 3 main beaches where most of the tourists hang out. If you’re staying at one of the high rise hotels such as the Hilton Aruba, you’re likely to hang out along Palm Beach.

The Best Beaches in Aruba

If you’re staying at the low rise hotels, you will probably hang out at Eagle Beach. Both are basically the same although Eagle Beach has more of the famous Divi trees people take pictures under. You’ll find crystal clear water, booths to book excursions, bars, and restaurants.

One thing I loved about Aruba is that I could relax even on the more touristy beaches and not get bothered by people trying to sell me things. People are not walking along the beach forcing their products on you.

The other beach that is popular is Arashi Beach which is at the top of the island. One day we rented snorkels and actually started from Arashi beach and snorkeled our way down the island.

The Best Beach for Snorkeling

My favorite beach for snorkeling, by far, was Malmok beach. Many of the snorkeling excursions go here, and we saw brightly colored fish and even some star fish! I loved the pockets of beaches surrounded by rocks that gave you a certain private feeling.

The Best Beaches in Aruba

Best Overall Beach

Being located on the South of the island, Baby Beach is relaxing with few people and crystal clear waters. There are a few Palapas and huts throughout, plus plenty of shaded trees to rest under. The best part is this is where sea turtles are regularly spotted.

After chilling here, I highly recommend driving past towards the lighthouse for beautiful views of the sea, crashing waves, and the lighthouse where you can almost see the entire island.

The Best Beaches in Aruba

The Best Beach for Kite Surfing in Aruba

Fisherman Huts Beach is right past Palm Beach and is the spot for sand surfing and windsurfing. They have little huts on the beach where you can learn either sport . Plus just a little farther walk down is this cool deserted ship.

The Best Beaches in Aruba

Most Unique Beach

Mangel Halto Beach is not only secluded with the areas of mangrove trees, but it’s a more relaxed beach. We saw about a total of 3 families while here. There are parts of the beach where the mangrove trees grow that are perfect for wading. We also found some fun ladders into the deeper part of the water.


While not really a beach, the Conchi Natural Pool makes for my favorite swim spot. This spot is in the Arikok National Park and the rocks surrounding it make for a swimming spot with tropical fish swimming around. It’s recommended to bring an off-road vehicle to get here, but I saw some guests park at the entrance to the national park and take about a 20-minute walk to get here.

The Best Beaches in Aruba
The Best Beaches in Aruba

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