Road Trip Essentials for Adults

Road trips are fun, but they’re long, and anything that can make it more comfortable is a win in my book. After multiple road trips, I’ve been collecting fun and useful items for better road trips.

Road Trip Essentials for Adults
  1. Between snacks and other trash, having a little bag that I can use for trash has been so convenient.
  2. Ever have your check engine light go off while on the road? Not fun! Plus then you have to hopefully find a reputable shop on the road who won’t charge you for something that isn’t an essential. You can use a diagnostic code reader, which is basically what the mechanic shops use to see what the issue is with you car and look up if it’s essential/nonessential as well as look up quotes if it’s something that needs to be taken care of immediately. It’s a huge money saver when it comes to road trips.
  3. Seat heaters are amazing in the winter (or when your husband is hot and you’re cold!).
  4. Another thing I love is having my heated blanket that runs off the car. Anything I can do to stay warm while my husband blasts the AC!
  5. I just feel like a phone holder is a must especially if you use it for GPS, which we regularly use.
  6. One lighter isn’t enough for the phones and electronics we use. Plus when on the road I like to use my laptop which always ends up dying. This car power inverter lets me plug in multiple USB devices and has a regular outlet for things such as laptops and other electronic devices.
  7. I love essential oils and especially during road trips my allergies act up. Rather than using scents, I love this USB powered diffuser for my favorite essential oils!
  8. BONUS: I recently came across this food cooler that also operates as a warmer and love it! Road trips often mean eating cold food, eating out, or using nasty gas station microwaves. With this, you can pack some homemade dishes and keep them warm for your road trip.

Is there something you use for road trips that makes them more comfortable or enjoyable? Share below!

Last Updated 3 weeks ago by Jessica Serna | Published: March 1, 2019