Gift Ideas For Glitter Lovers: All That Sparkles

Glitter pretty much solves everything and these gift ideas for glitter lovers include the recipe for glitter overload!’

  1. Sparkle with these Liquid Fairy Lights by Petra. I always use these in the corner of my eyes for a subtle glitter effect.
  2. I’m stocking up on all the sequins accessories including this sequins belt.
  3. Emergencies happen, but with this glitter emergency kit you can handle anything in style.
  4. Even on a rainy day you can add some sparkle with this umbrella.
  5. Yep! Definitely need this glitter sunglasses.
  6. What time is it? Glitter time with this glitter watch.
  7. I get so distracted with these glitter phone cases but they are so much fun.
  8. I recently went to a coffee shop where I got to have a glitter latte and that is when I discovered the magic of edible glitter.
  9. Get a fancy manicure with this glitter nail polish.
  10. Drinking water is better when you have a glitter water bottle to drink it from.
  11. One of my all time favorite lipsticks for a glitter lip.
  12. Decorate your home with this sequins pillow.
  13. Glitter rain boots to go with your glitter umbrella.
  14. I bought this glitter Kate Spade purse last year and it is my all time favorite.
  15. Bring some glitter drama to your eyes with this glitter eye shadow.
  16. Add some glitter everywhere with this glitter pot.
  17. Leave a little sparkle wherever you step in these Kate Spade sneakers.


Gift Ideas For Glitter Lovers_ All That Sparkles

Last Updated 6 years ago by Jessica Serna | Published: November 21, 2018