Austin Date Ideas: Unique Things To Do For Couples

We all know Austin for being weird so what would be more fitting than some weird date ideas! Here is a list of the best date ideas – quirky things to do in Austin so you’re ready for your next date night. These unique date ideas in Austin will have you feeling like it’s Valentine’s Day, no matter the time of year.

How about exploring the bizarre world of the Museum of Weird or the Cathedral of Junk or why not hop on a boat ride shaped like a giant donut on Lady Bird Lake? There are so many fun, quirky things to choose from that you’re sure to find a better place to spend your quality time! Whatever you choose, Austin has plenty of fun and memorable experiences to offer for your next date night!

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Unique Date Ideas in Austin

See Some Junk 

Have fun walking through a Cathedral of Junk, and not just any old junk. You’ll find all kinds of structures, thrones, and more, all made from one person’s trash!

Play Bingo with Chickens

Chicken Sh*t Bingo at Little Longhorn Saloon is one of the most unique date ideas, and you’ll see people come from all over yelling “Bingo” thanks to a chicken and some poop. It’s one of the best places for a unique date and some friendly competition.

Get Weird on Wednesdays

For some people, Wednesday is for wearing pink, but at Alamo Drafthouse, it’s all about getting weird! Weird Wednesdays sometimes has outrageous movies and can only be explained by experiencing it for yourself.

Visit Starnes Island

An island in Austin? You bet! Why not set sail to Starnes Island on Lake Travis for a day of fun in the sun? It’s a popular area for boats to dock and people to hangout. It makes a great first date spot, because you can say you took your partner to an island, which sounds cool on its own.

a small island with boats on it

Tour a Home

Casa Neverlandia is a unique home in Austin that feels like you’ve entered into a fairy tale. But aside from having a great time, maybe you’ll get some quirky home decor ideas from it too.

Go on a Duck Tour

Sure you can see Austin the normal way, or you can see Austin the weird way. At Austin Duck Adventures, you’ll start off on land and then make your way into the water! It’s the perfect place for a quirky date that you’ll always remember.

See the Museum of Weird

What’s a weirder Austin date idea than visiting the Museum of the Weird? You’ll definitely find some interesting things at this perfect spot.

Let Out Your Inner Kid

The Texas Toy Museum in the heart of downtown Austin is where you’ll find over 20,000 different pieces all the way back from the 1900s. It’s an interesting date that you’ll be talking about in the weeks to come.

Experience Christmas All Year

All the excitement building up to Christmas and then suddenly it’s all over. However, at Lala’s Little Nugget, you can experience that holiday cheer any day of the year without all of that holiday stress.

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See Ghosts with a Limo

Austin Haunted Limo Tours takes you on a ghost tour, but in style. It’s a better way to spend a spooky evening than just walking around. We recommend taking a bottle of wine with you to sip as you tour the haunted buildings.

See Underground Wrestling with a Weird Austin Spin

Party World Rasslin’ at 4th Tap Brewing starts off with wrestling, but turns into something strange as the night goes on! It’s a great place for a fun and unique date night.

Visit a Circus

And a lounge! The Carousel Lounge in East Austin is a circus-themed bar that makes for a romantic evening full of fun. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not even dress to the theme?

Ride a Boat on Lady Bird Lake

Choose from fun boat rides like a giant donut or a boat shaped like a swan, and travel across Lady Bird Lake with Capital Cruises. Don’t forget to snap a picture of the iconic Congress Avenue Bridge!

a boat on the water

Wander through Weird Exhibits

The Museum of Natural & Artificial Ephemerata has all kinds of interesting things to find, from a snow globe collection to a section dedicated to sleep! It’s one of the best date spots for a day date.

Play Games on East Sixth Street

Sure, most people go to 6th for the partying and drinks. However, turn the date into something unexpected with all the fun, games, and strange bars you can find. Play giant video games while people take shots around you or sit on top of a giant jackalope for one of the most unique date night ideas.

Cityscape of Austin, Texas, USA

Go on a Vintage Hunt

Set a budget and maybe a theme and see who can come up with the most unique, most fashionable, or most outrageous ensemble. Austin is full of unique treasures and shops, so take your pick! If you’re brave enough, take whatever you created out as an extra addition to your unique date night.

a row of cars parked on a street

Play Blackjack

Get some friends together for a night at the casino with Capitol Cruise and Austin Party Boat Rentals. This is the perfect place for large groups!

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Learn Glass Blowing

Ghost Pepper Glass has different courses and classes so that you can be a glass blowing expert and take home a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. It’s the perfect choice for an unforgettable first date spot.

Create Something with Felt

It’s amazing all the things that can be created from felt, like a re-creation of your pet and clothing. Living Felt offers classes so you can learn too!

Take Your Pick of Cool Projects

Upstairs Circus is a DIY shop and cocktail bar experience all in one. Plus, they have such a large selection of cool projects that includes home art, jewelry, lifestyle projects, and more.

Make Something From Wood

Woodcraft has all types of cool projects. Begin with something like a wooden star and end up eventually making your own cabinets!

Create Everything Under the Sun

CRAFT really does seem to have a bit of everything, including calligraphy, macrame, pickling, and a walk-in adult’s craft studio with a bunch of cool creations to choose. If you and your partner are creative, you’re sure to have a good time here!

Make Glass Art

Helios has glass fusing classes, and the more date nights you have here, the better you’ll get! Glass-making is a fascinating art that everybody loves, and you’ll be able to boast about it to all your friends!

a hand holding a blue and green round object

Make Leather Goods

At Canoe, you can learn about leather working by making a snazzy leather key chain on this amazing date idea. The great thing is that a key chain can be used by both men and women so it will serve as a reminder of your love for years to come.

Make Home Goods

Austin Craft Lounge has all types of crafts: home decor, chunky knot blankets, shelves, and more. It’s a romantic outing where you can create memories that last a lifetime together.

Learn to Arrange Flowers

The Flower Social hosts floral arrangement classes so you can always have beautiful arrangements at home. Flowers are of course, especially romantic, so it’s the ideal place for a date.

Learn Pottery and Ceramics

Cafe Monet will teach you how to spin pottery or you can paint different types of pre-made pottery at this casual spot. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to have a great time!

Walk-in Art

At the Art Garage, just ten minutes from downtown Austin, you can simply walk in for different art workshops including ceramics, tie dye, canvas painting, mosaics, and metal stamping. Make your own T-shirts, bowls and more for a memory that lasts a lifetime.

Paint Together

Board and Brush has different workshops and drop-in classes for couples who want to paint together. Stuck on ideas of what to paint? Just paint each other, and at the end of the session have fun laughing at the reveal.

Mint & Maple has watercolor and craft workshops, as well as DIY kits so you can find a scenic spot or take your date night home. It’s the perfect place to go as beginners because there really is no pressure to paint anything fancy.

a person painting flowers on paper

Do Some Spray Painting

Color Cartel will take you on a graffiti tour around Austin and then, at the end, you might even get to do a little spray painting of your own! Be sure to take your camera as there will be lots of opportunities for some insta-worthy shots!

a body of water with trees and a sunset

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