A Day in Granada

First off. One day in Granada is not enough. It may seem small, but there’s enough to keep you going for at least two weeks. I’ve never had a dull moment in my 3 1/2 months here. But if you must only be here for 1 day this is what I suggest.

What to do:

Alhambra! Seriously, do this first! If you didn’t actually go inside the Alhambra why did you even go to Granada! The Alhambra is an incredible palace renovated by the Moors as it is known today in the 13th century. Just make sure to get your tickets in advance. I suggest at least a month before. Then set aside 3-4 hours to see the Palace and the Generalife Gardens.





Lunch Time: Couscous, lamb, tagine, oh my! Moroccan food is one of my favorites. Head over to Arraynes for some typical Moroccan food. On your way you’ll be able to walk by some of the markets. And after lunch why not look through them? Like I’ve said, I’ve lived here for months and I always find something cool with all the bright colors and unique and sometimes handmade items. And then after that head to one of the teterias nearby for some Moroccan mint tea.



After with a full belly work it off by heading to the Albaicin. The Albaicin is full of white washed carmens with all their beauty behind those walls. It’s easy to get lost and wander for a while, but if you ever want to get out, just walk downhill. But if you continue to go up you will get a great view of the city and the Alhambra as the sun sets. You can either sit on the ledge at the San Mirador where a lot
of people watch the sunset with music or go a little bit further down where are the restaurants with the same view where you can enjoy a glass of wine.


Finally, end your night walking through Paseo de Los Tristes near Plaza Nueva full of cobblestone pathways and bridges. Stop at a bar and enjoy tapas (free with a drink!). Look at the Alhambra lit up at night and then cancel your plane ticket because you know you need more time in this picturesque city.

Last Updated 6 years ago by Jessica Serna | Published: September 27, 2017