The Time I Jumped Off A Cliff for Fun

So I’m pretty much a chicken. I like to believe I’m adventurous, but when I think of it, I don’t really know what I’ve done that’s “adventurous”. I don’t even like roller coasters and I’d never go sky-diving. However, in my Spanish class, someone was talking about going paragliding and suddenly everyone decided to join in. I had never thought of doing something like paragliding, but apparently it’s a lot cheaper in Spain compared to the US.

So I thought. Why not. We call the place, sign-up, hike up a mountain, and next thing I know I’m a couple thousand meters up looking over Granada and to the Sierra Nevadas. I don’t know if you’ve ever gone paragliding, but you literally just start running and towards the end of the mountain and then suddenly the air just picks you up and you’re off.

If you want a different way to see Granada I definitely suggest this. Plus our guides were terrific and very friendly.

If you get the chance check out: http://www.andaventur.com

Last Updated 6 years ago by Jessica Serna | Published: September 27, 2017