Be the Captain of Your Own Ship in TX: A Review of Grandview Treetops

Camping with a tent and a sleeping bag isn’t the only way you can reconnect with yourself and tune into nature in TX. At Grandview Treetops, you can choose from two variations of a traditional treehouse: sleep in your own luxurious captain’s quarters inside the Dawn Treader or the open and stylishly simple Viewpoint, where you can gaze out across the forest from your bed. Grandview Treetops makes your childhood dreams of being the captain of your own ship or sleeping in a treehouse overnight come true while keeping you comfortable and providing unmatched views of the seemingly infinite Texas woods.

The Dawn Treader

Like an illustration out of the pages of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia, the Dawn Treader looks like you’re in the belly of the grandest ship to sale the Seven Seas decorated with darkly stained furniture, studded leather chairs, and a wrought iron chandelier. Billowy white curtains hang beside all the windows and behind the head of the bed to add to the luxury. The kitchenette is tucked into the corner, complete with a beautiful basin sink, an armoire for storage, a mini fridge, a microwave, a coffee maker, and complimentary breakfast items. This brilliant ship in TX includes two decks decorated with fishing nets, a helm, and sails attached to the surrounding trees, making for an abundance of great vantage points.

The Viewpoint

The entirety of this treehouse is decked out in the most beautiful wood. It actually feels like you’re sleeping out in the treehouse you dreamed of having as a kid, but on a sunlit, queen bed that is definitely ten-times more comfortable than the sleeping bag you would’ve used. Large windows are carefully placed in view of the bed so you can watch the sunset through the trees from the comfort of your bed. Not to mention, there’s patio furniture on both of your decks so you’ll have one for sunset and one for dawn. The options are endless.

The kitchenette is geared up with a microwave, coffee maker, a mini fridge, and even breakfast items! There’s also a gas grill and fireplace available.

Captain Your Own Ship TX Review Grandview Treetops

The showers in both treehouses at Grandview Treetops have an appearance of a sauna with a bench seat, a window that looks out into the foliage of the trees just outside, a waterfall showerhead, and minimal overhead lighting that create a mood of relaxation when the sun goes down.

Captain Your Own Ship TX Review Grandview Treetops

Things to Do Near Grandview Treetops

Grandview Treetops is on the same property as a working ranch, providing a balance of seclusion with its 40-acres of walking trails, and fun activities with opportunities to see the farm side of the property upon request. Plan a picnic, build a bonfire, grill up some dinner, watch the sunrise and sunset, or bring games and your current book to take out on the deck. As the captain of your own ship, take advantage of this opportunity to unplug, recharge, and appreciate the expansive woods that surround this unique treehouse.

A Review of Grandview Treetops: Final Thoughts

Grandview Treetops in Grandview TX, a small town about an hour south of Dallas, offers two unique lodging options you won’t find many other places: the Dawn Treader, a treehouse made to look like you are the captain of your own ship in the middle of the TX woods, and the Viewpoint, an elegant treehouse with an abundance of windows and natural light where you can live out your own Tarzan and Jane moments in comfort. Housed on acres of beautifully wooded property, Grandview Treetops is a staycation opportunity of a lifetime.

Captain Your Own Ship TX Review Grandview Treetops
Captain Your Own Ship TX Review Grandview Treetops
Captain Your Own Ship TX Review Grandview Treetops
Captain Your Own Ship TX Review Grandview Treetops

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