Best Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers They’ll Actually Use

Most wine stores only stock premium wines (or less premium ones), so you can’t usually find wine-related gifts there. Or, you might not know your loved ones’ wine preferences. So, if you don’t want to give the standard gift of wine or a gift card, this is the perfect way to leave a lasting impression. Whether they like white wine, pinot noir, or sparkling wines, this guide has the best wine gifts for the wine lovers in your life.

These great gift ideas are far better than a nice bottle of wine, because they will last for way longer! These range from bath wine holders to cookbooks that recommend wine pairings for an upscale dinner experience at home!

There is one item on this list that doesn’t last for life, but it is a super fun and novel idea (hint: it’s the Cabernet Sauvignon wine-making kit).

So, if you’re ready to find a fun gift for the holidays or that upcoming special occasion without the hours of browsing, let’s dive right in!

Plastic Double Wall Insulated Wine Cooling Cup

Elevate your favorite wine lover’s experience with this set of stemless glasses. They’re designed to achieve the ideal serving temperature better than traditional wine glasses. In turn, they enhance the natural flavors and aromas of your favorite wine!

Merlot Infused Coffee

Give your wine-loving friend this exquisite coffee. Artfully aged in Merlot wine barrels, it imparts a delicate infusion of wine notes that enhance the coffee’s flavor profile.

Ventilated Wine Glass Cover

Experience wine at its finest with this ventilated wine glass cover. It preserves the flavor and aroma of your glass while protecting it from unwanted guests. This way, every sip is as delightful as the first!

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Drink Holder

This set of six heavy-duty drink holder stakes will keep your drink secure and accessible outdoors. It’s especially handy around the fire pit, during outdoor games, or on the patio when space for tables are limited! 

Marble Wine Chiller

Elevate your dinner party with this hand-carved marble wine chiller—one of the best gifts for wine lovers that exudes sophistication. It’s not only eye-catching, but it’s also freezer-safe, making it a cherished essential for any wine enthusiast.

Vegan Leather Wine Purse with Hidden Spout & Dispenser Flask

If you know of wine lovers who like to go to BYOB establishments/events, they’ll love this portable wine carrier! Stylish and fashionable, this accessory both holds and discreetly pours two bottles of wine.

Wine Borosilicate Glass Decanter

Crafted with the discerning wine connoisseur in mind, this is one of the best wine decanters! It effectively filters and aerates your wine while adding a touch of sophistication. It’ll become an exquisite centerpiece for dinner parties and other special occasions!

Outdoor Wine Collapsible Table

This wine table’s clever, collapsible design is the ideal gift for wine enthusiasts who love to sip a glass (or two) outside. Crafted to hold a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, and a snack to nosh on, it ensures a charming and convenient setup for any outdoor dining experience.

Wine-Infused Salts

A novel approach to incorporating the unmistakable flavor of wine to your culinary creations, any wine enthusiast will love the unique essence of Rob Steuk and Family’s infused herb salt. This is one of the most unique wine gifts, and is sure to be a hit, especially if they love to cook!

Insulated Wine Carrier Tote Bag

Ideal for any BYOB occasion, this wine carrier is perfect for effortlessly transporting up to 2 wine bottles while blending seamlessly with your outfit. The tote is also leak proof, insulated, and padded to prevent the bottles from breaking.

Wine Folly: The Master Guide (Magnum Edition)

As the ultimate manual for those looking to learn more about wine, Wine Folly: The Master Guide uses an easy-to-understand method of teaching about wine, even for wine newbies. Now it’s available in an expanded hardcover edition that deserves a place on your coffee table.

Silicone Wine Glass Holder for Bath or Shower

One of the best wine accessories, this wine holder features silicone grips that secures your wine glass to any glossy surface. It’ll feel like you have a personal assistant! It’s perfect for sinking into the bathtub after a long day or spending the day out on the boat without having to worry about accidental spillage.

Wine Food: New Adventures in Drinking & Cooking (A Recipe Book)

For the wine snob, gift this enticing and comprehensive cookbook. It includes 75 diverse wines with recommendations on where and who to purchase them from. What makes it even better is it also includes 75 recipes to pair with them!

Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier

Mike Blaschka meticulously handcrafted this portable tote-table combination using exquisite cherry wood. You can also personalize it with a family name and even a special date. Simply pack your wine drinking essentials before extending the legs to transform the tote into a functional, portable table!

Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover

Nothing is worse than staining your clothes when you’re out and about. This red wine stain remover is the ultimate solution for your favorite (perhaps clumsy) red wine drinkers. Its powerful formula can be used on any fabric or surface. What makes it ever better is it’s cute, made to look just like a mini wine bottle!

Universal Travel Wine Suitcase

This wine bottle suitcase is one of the best gifts for wine lovers who are also frequent flyers.  It is tailor-made for air travel and capable of securely holding up to 12 bottles (750 ml) of wine or spirits. Designed with flexible foam inserts, it easily transforms to accommodate clothes or personal items, ensuring versatility and convenience when you travel.

Sommify: A Blind Wine Tasting Board Game

Elevate your game night with this great addition—a blind, wine-tasting board game. The best part is that you can enjoy your favorite wines while mastering the art of blind-tasting! Before you know, you may be your family’s in-house sommelier!

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine-Making Kit

This wine-making kit is the perfect present for any wine lover. Make your own delectable Napa Valley Cabernet no matter where you are with this comprehensive, all-inclusive kit. You can bet your bottom dollar that this kit will make really good wine! Not to mention, it makes for a great night-in activity for lasting memories in the kitchen.

Luxury Wine Preserver

Savor your wine without worrying about waste—experience the Savino Enthusiast Wine Preservation System. It ensures the remnants of your open bottle of red or white non-sparkling wine fresh for up to 7 days! Not only that, it is also dishwasher safe and made out of BPA free plastic.

Wine Saver Pump Bottle Sealer

Extend the life of your wine up to 10 days with one of the best wine gadgets around! This bottle sealer expertly removes air from the bottle to maintain the wine’s flavors for a prolonged period, ensuring each glass is as delightful as the first.

TableTopics: Friends Conversation Packs

Explore the depths of connection with these conversation starters that range from silly to serious. This is perfect for fostering intimacy and understanding during your next dinner party.

More Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift to complement their love for wine? Here is our selection of wine books, wine decanters, wine accessories, and other wine-themed gifts.

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