Red Rabbit White Rabbit: The Show I Can’t Talk About

Somehow I came across Red Rabbit, White Rabbit performing at the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas. I was intrigued by it’s Alice In Wonderland-esque name. Looking it up I only learned a few things: there was a new actor that performed the show every night, they read the script right when the show starts, and we are not supposed to know anything about the show before.

Knowing nothing made me want to see Red Rabbit, White Rabbit so much more. The mystery behind the show really got to me. Somehow I held out until the last week before seeing the show and I am so glad I didn’t miss the opportunity.

So how do I write about a show that I can’t talk about? Well, it’s quite hard. How do you review White Rabbit, Red Rabbit without giving anything away? First off I simply have to say, the mystery is too great! It’s like one of those catchy headlines that we so eagerly click on Facebook (except this one actually is worth it).

White Rabbit, Red Rabbit is not your typical theatrical show.  Leave your notions of past performances behind and come with an open mind. The show starts off confusing as the actor weaves a story that they are learning about just at the same time as us. Just like Wonderland you are dragged into a rabbit hole. There were moments where my mind questioned the reality before myself and where my emotions poured out for the actor and wondered why.

When you leave you are forced to think deeply. Finally you understand the show… mostly. The bit of advice that I can leave you with is what to do after the show. Your first assumptions of the show’s meaning will just scratch the surface. You will want to find the playwright and understand why they wrote Red Rabbit, White Rabbit. You may even want to send them an email.

Most of all. Once you have seen the show, send me a message and tell me what happened at the end! I’ll bet we both had very different outcomes. Don’t comment and ruin it for others.

If you are in Dallas, Red Rabbit, White Rabbit is only at the AT&T Performing Arts Center for a few more days. Solve the mystery! Get the ticket. Already missed out on the show? I have a list of all of the best shows going on in DFW this summer.

Last Updated 3 weeks ago by Jessica Serna | Published: June 29, 2018

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