Gifts for Hard to Shop for Guys

Between birthdays and Christmas’s, shopping for the men in my life has always been a struggle. I ask my husband what he wants and it’s always “I don’t know”. FIFA is always a given, but after that him and I are clueless. When I first met him, when I asked what he liked, he could only name three things “playing soccer, watching soccer, and FIFA.” So I was definitely in for a challenge when it came to finding ideas for him. And don’t get me started on my dad. He’s the guy who already has everything. At first it was a challenge to find gifts for hard to shop for guys, but this ended up being a lot of fun and the guys ended up liking these!

  1. Normal wallets are boring, but this smart wallet from Ekster comes with a built in GPS device to make it virtually impossible to lose plus RFID/NIC blocking cards, and a sleek design.
  2. I actually originally got this bag for myself in a gorgeous aquamarine, but my husband ended up using it so much. This bag is perfect for guys who like to hike and adventure and has been my husband’s go-to bag for every trip.
  3. If you travel with your guy a lot or know someone who has a lot of business flights, he is going to enjoy this travel pillow. It’s so much more compact than a standard travel pillow and provides more support. Husband approved!
  4. Record more memories with your man with this phone photogrip. This is way less obnoxious than a selfie stick and you can set it anywhere for incredible pictures with your man. Another perfect travel-related gift that won’t break the bank!
  5. To go with the photo grip, we got Chief the stylus and clicker tool to be able to take images far away.
  6. Got a Star Wars fan in your life? The BB-8 sphero is a programmable robot with a bunch of cool features including displaying holographs and rolling around your house like BB-8!
  7. Looking for an affordable techie gift? This shower speaker makes a great gift for music lovers.
  8. Since my man already loves soccer in all forms, I thought this mini Foosball table and shot game were perfect!
  9. Another great idea for frequent travelers is a Pandora Premium Account. You can download music and playlists for offline mode. My husband loves to use this on long road trips with spotty signal and plane rides.
  10. Cooking and superheroes go together with this Thor Hammer Tenderizer.
  11. My husband got a GoPro last year and it has been one of his favorite gifts! It’s been great to record our adventure memories like jumping down waterfalls and zip lining.


Last Updated 3 months ago by Jessica Serna | Published: December 28, 2018