Best Gift Ideas for Hikers & Backpackers They’ll Use

It’s that time of year when everyone is looking for Christmas gifts, so if you have hiking friends or family, this list of gifts for hikers and backpackers is perfect for you. Scrolling through this list is an easy way to find the perfect present, whether your loved one is a casual hiker or a hiking enthusiast hiking the Appalachian Trail.

We have compiled a guide to hiking gift ideas, from small items to bigger ones, so you can find Christmas gifts that work for your budget. If you have a family member or friend who loves the great outdoors in the United States, you can be sure that the presents in this gift guide are a good idea.

It doesn’t need to take a long time to find the best gifts for your loved ones. So if you’re ready to find the best gift ideas for your next hike with your fellow hikers, let’s dive right in! 

300 Lumen Headlamp

The lumen headlamp is a great stocking stuffer and provides powerful, hands-free illumination for navigating trails or campsites in low-light conditions. Its brightness and comfortable design ensure a reliable light source, enhancing safety and convenience during outdoor adventures.

Lightweight and Compact Satellite Communicator

The satellite communicator is a great gift for long trips, allowing for two-way messaging and SOS communication worldwide, offering peace of mind and safety during outdoor expeditions. Its capability to share real-time locations with loved ones ensures added security, making it one of the best gifts for hikers, although it is one of the more big-ticket items on this list.

Merino Wool Cushioned Crew Socks

These wool socks provide comfort, warmth, and support during long hikes on challenging terrain and are one of the most thoughtful gifts for your favorite hiker. Their padding offers protection and blister prevention, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for winter hikes no matter if they’re on rugged terrain or not.

Warmer Knit Beanie Hats and Scarves Set

A set of two beanies and two scarves is a great way to keep warm during outdoor adventures in varying weather conditions. With a mix of beanies and scarves, it provides adaptable options for style and functionality on the trails, plus it comes in 3 different colors.

Rechargeable Tiny Mosquito Repeller

This tiny mosquito repeller is a practical gift for an avid hiker, providing portable protection against insects during outdoor excursions. Its compact size and rechargeable feature offer reliable defense against mosquitoes while exploring nature, so you can be sure it will get a lot of use. Consider adding this to your list of gifts for hikers and give the gift of comfort and peace of mind on their next adventure.

Collapsible Canvas Portable Table 

This collapsible table is a great option for a gift as it provides a convenient and lightweight surface for meals or resting during outdoor adventures on hiking trails. Its collapsible design makes it easy to hike with and set up, offering one of the most practical gifts for hikers’ on the trail.

Collapsible Lightweight Adjustable Hiking Poles

The adjustable collapsible hiking pole with anti-slip natural cork grips ensures comfort and stability, adapting to the hiker’s hand to absorb sweat and maintain a dry, cool grip, enhancing support during a long day hike.

34-in-1 Emergency Tactical Survival Gear Kit

The 34-in-1 survival gear kit provides a comprehensive range of essential tools and equipment to tackle outdoor challenges and emergencies. Its multifunctional nature ensures preparedness on the trails, offering peace of mind for hikers exploring different terrains and environments. Although it is not a first aid kit, it does contain a first aid blanket and many more useful accessories.

Survival Paracord Adjustable Bracelet

This bracelet with an SOS LED light, fire starter, compass, and survival whistle is a versatile and compact gift for hikers, offering multiple survival tools in a wearable accessory that can make a huge difference in an emergency.

Rechargeable LED Knitted Beanie

The rechargeable LED knitted beanie combines warmth and illumination in one wearable accessory for outdoor lovers. Its built-in LED lights provide hands-free visibility, keeping the wearer warm and safe during evening hikes or in low-light conditions.

Collapsible Solar Camping Light

This solar camping light is an excellent gift for hikers, offering a portable and eco-friendly lighting solution for outdoor adventures. Its collapsible design and solar-powered function ensure convenient and sustainable illumination while exploring the wilderness.

Monocular Telescope with Smartphone Adapter

Featuring a large field of view spanning 1200 yards, an improved sturdy tripod, and a phone adapter for capturing stunning vistas or wildlife encounters during hiking expeditions, this telescope’s enhanced capabilities and accessories make it an ideal tool for nature enthusiasts to explore and capture the beauty of the outdoors.

Booney Hat

This gift for hikers, made with Omni-Shade materials, provides robust protection by blocking UVA and UVB rays, safeguarding against sunburns and skin damage for prolonged outdoor activities. Its tightly woven construction ensures enduring defense against the full spectrum of sunlight.

How to Survive a Freakin’ Bear Attack: And 127 Other Survival Hacks You’ll Hopefully Never Need

This book is an invaluable resource for outdoor enthusiasts, packed with comprehensive survival guides offering step-by-step strategies for handling diverse and extreme situations. 

Lightweight Portable Double Hammock with 12 ft. Tree Straps

The lightweight double hammock is one of the perfect gifts for hikers looking for a comfortable and portable resting spot during their outdoor excursions. Its durable yet lightweight design provides a relaxing and versatile solution for taking breaks or enjoying scenic views while trekking.

Insulated Can Carrier Tube

This high quality insulated cooler sleeve can hold up to 6 cans of beverages and offers convenient shoulder-carry for effortless portability during quick day hikes. 

Body and Hand Super Warmers

Gift your favorite outdoor enthusiast warmth on the trails with these body and hand warmers! Simply activate by shaking, and within 15-30 minutes, enjoy comforting body heat to keep you cozy during chilly hikes, ensuring a comfortable outdoor adventure.

Straw Water Survival Filtration Portable Gear

This survival gear is a great idea for clean water during outdoor activities and is unlike most water filters. Its portable, lightweight filtering system is perfect for hiking, camping, or any recreational adventure, ensuring safe hydration on the go. The straw filtration fits any water bottle making it one of the best gifts for hikers and backpackers.

Cooler with Deepfreeze Insulation

This zipperless cooler is the perfect gift for hikers, featuring a patented “flip-open” lid for easy access to snacks and beverages. With the ability to keep ice for up to two days and hold up to 16 cans, these useful features make it the ideal companion for longer hikes, ensuring refreshments stay cold throughout the journey.

Sleeping Bag

This lightweight, compact sleeping bag offers comfortable rest without adding bulk to hiking packs so it’s great for multi-day hikes. Its portable design ensures a cozy night’s sleep during outdoor adventures without sacrificing precious space making it perfect for a backpacking trip or hiking trip anywhere.

TableTopics Original

Hiking experiences are fun and now you can take them to the next level with this card game. TableTopics presents 135 thought-provoking questions designed to ignite engaging conversations whenever you wish to break the ice with your fellow nature lovers, fostering the best kinds of interactions and connections among friends and loved ones.

More Gift Ideas

Searching for the perfect gift for the nature-loving hiker? Discover our collection of outdoor gear and accessories that will make their hikes even more memorable.

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