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Escape to a world of imagination in these incredible treehouses in New Braunfels TX! With multiple treehouses across Texas with different themes, the Guadalupe River Houses bring that childhood joy of wandering around a treehouse from straight out of a book! Climb to the top through the tunnel or take the stairs, swing under the trees, and hang out at the pool. Plus, this treehouse is family and pet-friendly with so many fun things to do in New Braunfels.

Little Niagara

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A New Braunfels Treehouse: Redwood Tree Haus

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Guadalupe River Houses

When we got to the entrance, we had multiple options to up into our treehouse, which involved taking the winding stairs or climbing up through the rope tunnel for a little extra adventure.

Guadalupe River Houses

Final Thoughts: A Treehouse in New Braunfels TX

There are a lot of cool treehouses in Texas and each one is so unique. We really liked how Redwood Tree Haus in New Braunfels incorporated the look of a real tree, was so family-friendly, and had a giant shared pool (we were the only people there when we booked so we had it all to ourselves). This treehouse was a little bit more rugged and outdoorsy, but it was worth every moment! Not to mention, it’s in New Braunfels and surrounded with so many amazing things to do around town!

Treehouse in New Braunfels
Treehouse in New Braunfels
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